Rabbit Woman Jealous

The Rabbit woman is fraught with many mysteries. A soft, feminine person produces quite a favorable impression. She will not argue and defend her case, she prefers to remain silent. At the same time, she is a tough enough person who will always be able to insist on her own. A mysterious smile is her true weapon, which can break even the strongest will.

The external calm animal has a very decisive character. The woman of this sign is capable of creating complex and very elegant intrigues. And her revenge will not be too obvious, how can you suspect this innocent creature in crookedness? She longs for love, strives for a strong marriage, so she will try to keep the man next to her. At the moment of danger, even a timid Rabbit is capable of active action. Jealousy gives a woman courage, she will try to eliminate the opponent from the life of his partner.

How to Make a Rabbit Woman Jealous?

The Rabbit woman dreams of an ideal family, skilfully manages the actions of her chosen one, trying to own his heart alone. Unfortunately, jealousy is too familiar for her feeling, the manifestation of which is not always manage to hold back. The woman’s temperament largely depends on the influence of the elements of the year of birth. Wood Rabbit have a sociable nature, natural in the manifestation of their feelings. From her attentive glance partner’s flirtation will not escape, jealousy will inspire response actions. She is capable of capturing any man, a partner will regret his behavior.

The element of Fire empowers a woman with excessive emotionality. The Fire Rabbit will try to hide her jealousy, but will not be able to resist a retaliatory strike. She begins to intrigue, to spread rumors about her opponent. Her seemingly innocent remarks will force the partner to see clearly. He will be surprised how he could get carried away by such an unworthy woman. Metal Rabbit has prudence and discretion, will prefer not to pay attention to the petty intrigue. The woman of this sign is too confident in her man.

The Water Rabbit is an overly sensitive nature. They prefer not to fight, but will try to achieve the result by cunning. Jealousy of the woman appears very original, she does not blame, but complaints and reproaches. At the same time, she constantly emphasizes her fragility and nobility of the partner. What man would want to deceive a poor woman? Earth Rabbit has a steady psyche. The representative of the sign is hard to get mad, but if this happened, most likely, there will be a separation from the traitor.

How to Deal with a Rabbit Woman Jealous?

Get rid of the jealousy of Rabbit is quite simple, she herself will be happy to avoid scandals and conflicts. At all does not aspire to a brilliant career and leading posts. A woman will be happy if she does not have to work. She immensely respects a man who can adequately equip her way of life. Jealousy and doubts will not touch her, because she is the sovereign master of a cozy home.

Do not expect a representative of the sign of beautiful confessions of love, it is not peculiar to a bright manifestation of feelings. A man should tirelessly shower her with compliments, give presents. She will be glad to unexpectedly sally to your favorite restaurant. Gradually the woman will open to the partner, preferring to bypass awkward moments, for example, forgive easy flirting.

The Rabbit woman appreciates any manifestations of attention. You can please her by inviting close family friends to the evening tea. In a circle of close people Rabbit blooms. With pleasure will go on an unplanned trip to the sea, if the beloved takes all the trouble to organize a trip for himself. She likes family rest, especially since she deserves it.

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