Rat Woman Jealous

A Rat woman stands out with a bright mind and rational thinking. Restrained and tactful person prefers to devote most of the time to her close environment. For the rest of the people, the imperturbable calm of the Rat is fraught with a hidden threat. And she will not clearly demonstrate her grievance, she will not complain, but will simply strike an unexpected blow. At the moment of rage, the woman of this sign behaves aggressively, does not even think of regretting her rival.

The Rat girl prefers to see a reliable man next to her, but she will not be very surprised if finds out about his adultery or infidelity. She is very critical of people, knows all the shortcomings of a partner. Disappointment will not greatly upset the enterprising person, most likely she will try to get the benefit from the current situation. A man will have to give her the best gifts for win forgiveness.

How to Make a Rat Woman Jealous?

Jealousy of the Rat is able to deliver a lot of trouble for the partner. He will not be abandoned, but he will have to beg for forgiveness very long and very convincingly. A destructive feeling can manifest itself in different ways, much depends on the elements of the woman’s year of birth. Fire Rat instantly discover about the betrayal of a partner, she is too smart and observant. Make every effort to restore the beloved to the family with the help of cunning and intrigue. Itself can retaliate in revenge romance with a long-time admirer, she does not know the pangs of conscience.

Earth Rat is practical and legible. She will not show negative emotions at the first opportunity, prefer to develop a plan for further action. The woman of this sign appreciates the family too much to rashly destroy relations, will try to forgive the not faithful partner. Wood Rat is confident in its irresistibility, craves recognition in all spheres of life. A representative of this sign is jealous of a darling to all women, she should be in the first place, even light flirting is not permissible.

Water Rat - a soft, feminine nature, striving for a serious relationship. At the same time, she will jealously follow the chosen one, he should pay attention and love only her. Especially reverent to his spending, the material component for her is very important, the girl of this sign loves comfort and gifts. Metal Rat will not obey and please. She will try to interest the partner so much that he does not have a desire to seek adventures on the side. She can forgive an easy affair, but no more.

How to Deal with a Rat Woman Jealous?

Get rid of the Rat woman jealousy is possible only one way - do not communicate with other women. In other cases, she will certainly find an excuse, because she is under the control of panic fear. The woman of this sign is too afraid to lose her family. The seeming imperturbability of the Rat hides inner anxiety, it is prone to doubt and experience. She can be reassured by the quivering attitude of the darling, when he constantly emphasizes the dignity of her lover.

The Rat girl likes beautiful things, she has excellent taste. However, women tend to be avaricious, it is difficult to fork out to buy designer clothes. But from the beloved she will gladly accept a gift of any price, preferably very expensive. Luxurious outfit is a good investment, because the elegant look of a woman emphasizes the status of a man.

The Rat is an excellent hostess, her house is an ideal example of a cozy family nest. She is happy to do all the necessary work. A man can please her, if sent to the beauty salon for the whole day, and he takes up cleaning the house. Rested woman looks happy and contented, completely forget about bad thoughts. A loved one cares so much about her, what jealousy can be there?

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