Rooster Woman Jealous

Rooster woman is a bright, extraordinary personality, invariably attracts the attention of men. She has a capricious, eccentric character. Do not bother with long meditations, quickly makes decisions. Jealousy is quite stormy, loud scandals - a common thing. The representative of this active and proud sign is not afraid to remain alone, so she sharply stops the unwanted relationships.

In a fit of jealousy, the female Rooster shows her acting talent, in anger she is beautiful. The passionate nature demonstrates rather brightly his experiences, not in her rules of concealing feelings. Her fiance will hear very unflattering words addressed to him. Perhaps, it will be a scandal and sobbing, although the option of physical influence from an irate lady is not ruled out. In any case, the traitor is not to be envied.

How to Make a Rooster Woman Jealous?

The influence of the Rooster sign clearly indicates character traits, but do not underestimate the impact of the elements of the year. Women of the same sign can have absolutely different temperaments. Fire Rooster is the clear leader, does not tolerate competition. She considers herself to be an unrivaled authority in any matter. The jealousy of an impulsive woman can cause anything. Any sign of attention of her chosen one to an extraneous girl can lead to a grandiose scandal. In no case can you question her attractiveness, for Rooster this is a terrible insult.

Earth Rooster tends to surround the home with love and care. Jealousy can cause the desire of a partner to spend time with friends, because a woman expects the constant attention of a man. At the same time, she will not commit rash acts, she will try to understand the situation carefully. The Wood Rooster is similarly prudent. A representative of this sign, though with difficulty, but will be able to hide her feelings, at least, will not be jealous without a reason.

Water Rooster differs sensitivity, suspiciousness. The woman of this sign is not able to control her emotions for a long time, although she tries to remain calm. In a fit of jealousy behaves aggressively, because she constantly suspects a lover of adultery, often without foundation. The Metal Rooster is a fairly balanced person. An energetic woman leads an active life, she does not have time for stupidity. If the partner is convicted of treason, then the time for change has come. The resolute representative of the sign will not hold the treacherous lover.

How to Deal with a Rooster Woman Jealous?

The bright bird influences the character, the representative of the sign has an irascible temper. However, the Rooster can easily change her anger at mercy, it is only necessary to make a couple of compliments. A woman loves to be in the center of attention, loves society. The chosen person should as often as possible get out with her at various events. Dreary home environment quickly bores too active nature.

Rooster woman adores beautiful things, she has a wonderful taste. To dispel a bad mood is capable of an unusual gift in the form of a luxurious outfit or an exquisite piece of furniture. It is suitable for any trinket, the main thing that it was original, no less important is the decoration of the gift. Such signs of attention will make her truly happy and make her forget about jealousy.

Rooster female strives to be a leader, she will uphold her interests to the very end. It is not in her rules to obey a man, so it is worth showing softness and pliability. So simply to make a woman happy, it is only necessary to recognize her undoubted merits. You can accompany your words of love with a luxurious bouquet of her favorite flowers.

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