Snake Woman Jealous

The Snake in the eastern horoscope is a symbol of wisdom. The woman of this sign is distinguished by intelligence and discernment. Always achieves her goal, not disdaining intrigue and cunning. A woman can charm a man at first sight. At the same time, behind the attractive appearance lies a rather tough nature. The Snake is the owner, she will not let the man out of her steel embrace.

Jealousy Snakes will not appear too obvious, a well-educated woman will not go down to scandals and assault. She will try to eliminate the opponent, using sophisticated methods: intrigues, cunning, lies. However, it is worth remembering that the desperate representative of a mysterious sign can sharply cool to a partner. Her love is almost impossible to return, it will go away forever.

How to Make a Snake Woman Jealous?

Make a Snake jealousy is very simple, despite the wisdom, it possesses the touchiness and vulnerability of the child. The nature of a woman largely depends on the dominant element of the birth year. The Fire Snake has a strong will, a cold-blooded person will not forgive even the slightest mistake. A faithful woman awaits full devotion to a life partner, if a loved one was convicted of treason, she will leave without regret. At the same time she will try to take revenge worthy of the man and his rival.

Earth Snake feels need for power. A selfish person wants to rule alone in a relationship. Like all representatives of this sign, it easily disappears. She does not tolerate rivalry, will try to protect the loved one from outside influence, including family. Water Snake is a controversial person. Doubts and experiences are combined with steel will. She has a sharp mind and cunning, so she will weave intrigues against her opponent. Jealousy can cause any action of the partner: a delay at work, flirting with a friend, relaxing with friends.

Metal Snake seeks to choose the right partner for husbands. At the same time she is often mistaken, because she is naive enough in love questions, she prefers to blindly believe her chosen one. Has enough willpower to cope with experiences, will not openly show jealousy. Wood Snake will find a way to tie a partner to her, will not openly express discontent. Will manage to keep a man close, even if he considers himself a fairly free person. The trick - her true weapon, it will do without tantrums and scandals.

How to Deal with a Snake Woman Jealous?

The Snake Woman quite easily recognizes the tricks of her partner, it’s hard to surprise her. However, with her strong character, she needs love and affection. She can not resist compliments and gifts. She loves luxurious things, elegant decorations. With pleasure will visit with the chosen one a thematic exhibition devoted to design.

Unpredictable Snake can suddenly fall into depression if it seems to her that the chosen one is fascinated by another woman. A man must stir it up, get out of this state. Otherwise, she will suffer painfully and poison the life of a partner. It is best to organize an excursion to nature or invite her to a romantic dinner in a cozy restaurant.

The Snake must be constantly busy with something, otherwise thoughts enter into its head, sometimes not the best. The lover must be sensitive to the change in the mood of his beloved. If a woman bored, you can hint to her that it’s time to change the image. Representatives of this sign adore changes in their appearance. She will be happy to visit the stylist and hairdresser. The renewed Snake with a new passion plunges into a relationship, forgetting about jealousy.

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