Tiger Woman Jealous

The Tiger woman has an irrepressible love for life, powerful energy is boiling and boiling in her. She easily copes with affairs of any complexity, does not pass before difficulties. At the same time she acts very gently, does not make unnecessary movements. The man himself will not notice how it will be in her steel arms. Chosen, perhaps, even be happy, because of such a beautiful companion of life he can only dream.

Jealousy of an independent woman is very aggressive. The Tiger is a noble animal, admired by others. Men are attracted to a charming person, she is always surrounded by admirers. It is impossible to imagine that a representative of this sign will tolerate the betrayal of a partner. The woman will not resort to cunning and tricks, but will express her discontent frankly. With ease will refuse the wrong man, she does not lack suitors.

How to Make a Tiger Woman Jealous?

The Tiger’s rage is an indomitable force, it is better not to give the woman occasions for jealousy. The representative of this sign is a bright personality whose character is determined by the elements of the year of birth. The Fire Tiger has a magnetic charisma, men can not resist it. A stormy temper with a vengeance is manifested in a moment of jealousy. A woman demands complete submission, a partner must look and worship her alone. Any deviation from the established rules of the game are perceived as an excuse for parting.

The Earth Tiger is a fairly calm nature. The woman of this sign tries to restrain her emotions, she can close her eyes to easy flirtation, though she will always find an excuse and opportunity to take revenge on her partner. Wood Tiger is a cheerful disposition, an extremely impatient woman is ready with all the passion to indulge in a love relationship. At the same time, she does not forget about self-esteem. Her chosen one is a strong, confident man, she will try to protect him from the influence of other women imperceptibly.

Water Tiger is sure to cause admiration for men. The charming person seems an unearthly being, until her personal interests are touched. In the heat of the fight she will necessarily show its true nature. A soft cat in the blink of an eye will turn into an angry tigress. She is likely to forgive a man, but her rival will be defeated. Metal Tiger has a fairly tough character, while the woman tries to exercise prudence. She manages to restrain her anger while she loves a partner. If the darling disappointed her, does not see the point of continuing the relationship, she will throw out the traitor from her life without regret.

How to Deal with a Tiger Woman Jealous?

Get rid of the Tiger girl jealousy is really difficult, you will have to make considerable efforts. A shrewd woman knows her man too well, easily calculates all his actions and desires. It is better to ask directly what she dreams about, and try to fulfill her desire. The Tiger loves to reign, the representative of this sign will be pleased with the respectful attitude and submission of the partner. She will try not to remember about her jealousy.

A Tiger woman always looks gorgeous, she likes spectacular and catchy outfits. She will not tolerate rivalry in anything, so she must own the best things: outfits, jewelry, car. The gift should be through to the smallest detail, you can present her with a certificate for a parachute jump. The main goal - to cause surprise, there is nothing worse than a bored representative of this sign.

An active and purposeful Tiger woman is a very prosperous business woman. Her professional qualities allow her to successfully conduct business. In no case can you distract her from work, trying to imprison in four walls. Suffering from idleness, a woman will start to drive a man crazy with his claims and jealousy. The partner must help her in the work, the support of the Tiger will be appreciated.

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