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Dragon women are always in the center of attention. They are very attractive and it is impossible not to rest one’s gaze on them, but such characteristic has no connection with their appearance as even the most modest-dressed Dragon will attract more attention than any fashionable woman. An ability to look amazingly in any suit is an inborn quality of Dragon women.

You can recognize a Dragon woman by her fiery gaze, by her skill to dress stylish, by her victory mood and by her readiness for constant struggle. She is not one of these shy creatures who take all the troubles with patience and resignation that destiny prepares for them. She will struggle and fight, come into an active opposition and stand on her way till the end. She has not so much of female nature, but Dragon women are never offended by the lack of man attention and they always choose the most appropriate candidate for them.

Chinese Dragon Woman Love

Contrary to her Snake or Goat sisters, for example, the Dragon woman never seems to allow love to occupy the first place in her priority list. She simply does not live or die for it. As a rule she readily subordinates it to her perpetual quest for glory. If she decides to love a man, it would probably be less for his sake - or for Love’s sake - than for the possibility of increasing the brightness of her aureola.

Her choice of men is principally guided by her innate need to be praised and admired. Sometimes she deliberately gets involved with notoriously worthless males - drunkards, crooks, gangsters, and so on - just to make self-publicity. All this, however, does not necessarily mean that she is incapable of profound, intense, and "true" love. She can, if she stumbles on the right man, show outstanding affection for him and make great sacrifices for his welfare and happiness.

Beautiful and glamorous, the native generally has a large number of unconditional admirers in tow. Another female, less ambitious and vain than she is, would satisfy herself with picking up one of these and settling down with him. Put the Dragon woman, who does not swoon over males, has set her objective "higher" than that.

She is never in a hurry to marry, and in some cases deliberately chooses to remain single for good, because she wants to be desired and courted by all men forever. When she decides to get married, the problem of her choice will not be a small one - her standards are so exacting that the right man for her should resemble a Greek god! Failing to find such a man, she may prefer spinsterhood to a compromise with reality.

She naturally expects every man she passes to succumb to her charm and intelligence and does not understand why occasionally one of her dates can say "no" to her. She also expects her rejected lovers to whine after her so long as they are still alive.

She usually knows a wide variety of bedmates in her youth, and in wedlock does not pretend to be a model of fidelity. She has the reputation of being a man-collector, preferring hunting to being hunted. For this reason some people suspect her of nymphomania. To be fair and just, one should understand her enormous thirst for the absolute.

Her promiscuity, essentially, is not a search for sensual gratifications, but for perfection; her apparent andromania is merely a result of her immense megalomania and her profound love of independence. Sometimes she entertains the mistaken belief that going continually from arms to arms is to live intensely and fully. Of course, she is much more often disillusioned than satisfied in her pursuit.

Fortunately for her, she enjoys a particular state of grace which renders her practically invulnerable to disappointments in love. When an affair is broken, it can be her partner - not she - who will suffer most. And she will be quickly off to a new romance with her heart as a perfect tabula rasa. Unrequited love leaves her sentimentally unruffled, just like water flowing on a duck’s back.

If she is lucky enough to find a man who deserves her highest esteem and who in return adores her unreservedly, the Dragon woman will prove a wonderful mate. She will show herself enormously capable of both giving and receiving love. She will demand a lot, but will give just as much.

If on the contrary she is a victim of bad luck, she may resort to lesbianism as a compensation, in defiance of all possible social taboos. Although generous and loyal to her chosen sisters-lovers, she will nonetheless preserve her independence, to which she clings more and more jealously each day. It will not displease her to play a man’s role in such homosexual relations. Nevertheless, she cannot help feeling that being reduced to love without a phallus is a serious blow to her ego, despite all her claims to the contrary.

The situation is not often so dramatic, however. The average Dragon female generally works out an acceptable solution to her love problems and makes her life normally with a man as most other women. The one involved with her will certainly appreciate her exceptional capacity for love on both the emotional and physical planes. But he will have to handle it with the utmost care, beginning with a clear understanding of her attitude and behavior.

This is a woman with an overwhelming need to be admired and worshipped, to feel that she ever remains to be won. Taken for granted, she will surely retaliate in a way or another - by becoming frigid or simply walking off. However deep her intimacy with her man she always draws a sharp line between romantic submission and out-of-bed dependence; a lamb after nightfall, she becomes at daybreak her usual proud and fiercely independent lioness again and regards any attempt to tame her as a mortal sin.

Her sexual expression needs comfort, ease, consideration, and touch; no question for her to make love on a car backseat or with a man who is not clean-shaven or appears to be in a hurry, for instance. Finally, due to her chronic histrionics, she often deliberately seeks out quarrels even when nothing annoys her - just for the pleasure of spectacular reconciliation!(

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