Goat Woman in Love

Goat woman has verily woman nature as much as she can be. The Goat is capricious and spoilt by attention, sensible and delicate, inconstant, but at the same time she is gentle. She looks charming. This woman has a great skill of using her natural abilities. Nobody doubts in delicacy of her soul, in her ability to pass out because of any unexpected situation, in her fragility and need of being helped and supported. And the Goat gets this help and support and she knows how to be thankful – every man can be a knight next to her.

People help her, teach her, give her advices and she can depend on other people and forget about the fact that her task is to receive a comfortable life, without which she cannot exist. A Goat woman can take a great interest in esoteric studies, it attract her and interest her rich imagination, but she she will never study them seriously – she had too strong craving for comfort and entertainment. This woman has an excellent taste, sense of style, she knows how to look mysterious and attractive. In any company she makes an impression of a real lady.

Chinese Goat Woman Love

The Goat female is certainly the most romantic, the most loving of all women. To her, love is the essence of life, and there is nothing more natural than to love: It would be impossible for her to exist or survive without love. One would waste one’s time and effort in talking to her about feminist claims in general and Women’s Liberation Movement in particular, for she finds all this utterly senseless. There is only one claim she wants to make - that she be allowed to love to her heart’s content, without any hindrance whatsoever.

Since she only lives for love, she could in no way do without men for any length of time. Because of this some people are inclined to view her as an oversexed and nymphomaniacal creature. Actually, these epithets are quite unjust: Her sexuality serves primarily as a means of expression of her soul, and her eroticism verges more on mysticism than on carnality. Nevertheless, her particular conception of, and attitude toward, love does not in the least harm her extreme sensuousness and desirability as a wonderfully voluptuous bed partner.

Men find the Goat female utterly irresistible - she has the exclusive power to thaw even the coldest ones and tends to produce more suitors than she can possibly handle. But while her exquisite, effortless feminity brings enormous joys to members of the opposite sex, it may also prove a cause of their ruin as it all too often makes them lose their heads - there probably exists no more dangerous femme fatale than this woman. One might wonder if Eve and Helen of Troy were not natives of the Goat sign!

In love, more than in all other sectors of her life, the Goat woman shows profound, inextricable contradictions. On one hand, she sincerely longs for an ideal union where she can give the best of herself without any strings attached. Soft, tender, and affectionate, she only asks to be entirely consumed by her passion for the man of her heart, to get lost in him, to enter nirvana through him.

She is more likely than any other female to believe in true love and love’s absolute capacity to bring about true happiness. When she loves, she loves wholeheartedly, so wholeheartedly that the object of her love may feel frightened at her sentimental avalanche. She is also inclined to show an unequal capacity for dedication and self-sacrifice.

But the reverse side of her love behavior could give a foretaste of Hell. First and foremost, she requires comfort and ease, like a gold fish, despite all her protestations to the contrary. She is unlikely to stake her life on anyone who would compel her to pinch pennies, and does not care to conceal her intention to enter a financially advantageous marriage. If he is to keep her love burning brightly, her man should never leave her in need, for poverty is certain to spell disaster.

Her love also needs to be handled with the utmost care which not every male is capable of. A dispassionate look, a brusque gesture, a word uttered at the wrong moment, or some other seemingly harmless trifle could be enough to momify this ball of fire. Since to her the worst ordeal is to feel undesirable, she relentlessly asks to be made to know she is treasured by the man she loves; his failure to give her constant reassurances of his eternal love is likely to be interpreted by her as murderous treachery. It is practically impossible for anyone to chart her mood fluctuations, and a sincere lover would be hopelessly entangled in the game of guessing.

But if this woman more often than not behaves as a sore trial to those who love her, it is principally because of her incurable fickleness. Born with a multiple, insatiable heart, she demands not only quality but also quantity in love. Fidelity is an empty word for her as she sees no point in restricting her natural inclinations. It is indeed rare to see her conduct only one love affair at a time. Marriage is not considered by her as an obstacle to her escapades; in this way she is generally a bad spouse despite her being a fantastic lover. In addition, jealousy is deeply ingrained in her character.

The native enjoys an exceptional state of grace which effectively immunizes her against sorrows in love. When she no longer loves or is no longer loved, she does not feel the situation as traumatic or even painful. From an old love to a new one, she has the amazing ability to preserve her initial capacity for wonder and enjoyment in its entirety.

This subject always more or less fears the responsibilities of a family, especially a large one. Her love for a man, however deep it may be, would stand a slim chance of survival should he make her the mother of a numerous offspring. This, however, does not mean that she is basically a bad mother: She can show herself extremely tender and indulgent with her children, but it would be excessive to demand that she behave in a strictly responsible way on this score.

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