Horse Woman in Love

A Horse woman, according to her horoscope, like to be in the center of attention, listen to compliments and catch admiring looks on her side. With all that she is strong and hard-working, always responsible in every job and task. However, she cannot do the same job for a long time, a Horse woman always get bored quite fast. Besides, she cannot do anything by herself, she likes to work in team.

Horse women are excellent housewives, economical and prudent, they know how to make the house look cozy and comfortable and to do it with the money that they have. Horse women have a good taste and nice manners, which attract the representatives of opposite sex to them. Besides, they are beautiful, graceful and sexy. They are hot and passionate, but they are compatible not with all the menโ€ฆ

Chinese Horse Woman Love

The Horse woman very often experiences strained relations with men on the sentimental plane, and there is not much she can do about it due to her very nature. With her unusual strength of character, her provocative dynamism, uncompromising independence, and aggressive feminism, she inspires awe in many members of the bearded sex, who do not hesitate to call her an "Amazon", "tigress," or "phallic female".

It would be erroneous to say she feels no need of men and can lightheartedly refuse intimate relations with them. But she is too prone to reproach them for rarely being equal to the quality of her dreams, and she can be bitingly critical and sarcastic with a male who falls short of her expectations.

Another serious obstacle to her success in love is her lack of warmth and sensitivity in her relationships with the opposite sex. She is never quite convinced of her feminity, which makes her secretly doubt her merits as a woman. She is cold and aloof almost in spite of herself, with her interest in romance and displays of emotion either fleeting or artificial. If she can at times show some degree of sensuousness, sentimentality is definitely out of her reach, and she is generally more interested in the erotical than emotional aspects of a relationship.

With such handicaps, the typical Horse womanโ€™s love life is rarely a smooth, "normal" one. In her heart of hearts, she does long for a strong-willed and sentimental prince charming who will take her into his arms, protect her, and shower her with his love; but there is every likelihood this will eternally remain an impossible dream. In compensation, she is prone to settle for easier solutions which, however, can seldom give her deep and durable satisfaction. Strong as she is, she often attracts weak-willed, effeminate men whose personalities she crushes and who can only inspire her with a feeling of disdain in the end.

Not rarely does she choose to play the role of a female Maecenas, making her life with a talented but somehow handicapped artist or scientist, and finding her consolation in helping him achieve success and fame. In order to offset her feeling of inadequacy in the realm of love, she sometimes throws herself indiscriminately into tumultuous love affairs, which cannot fail to be ephemeral and leave a bitter taste in their trail. She may also make so impulsive choices that her life is strewn with broken engagements and marriages.

An ideal solution for her would be to share her life with an intelligent and understanding man who is himself very independent and possesses perfect self-assurance. Her fears will melt away and she will become as feminine as the next woman when her man can appreciate her at her real worth without viewing her as a potential rival. To increase their chances, they had better take all necessary measures to avoid any possibility of competition between them.

Once her choice of a partner has been made, how does the Horse woman love? She is like the Vietnamese single-string violin, which is extremely difficult to play but which, at the hand of an expert musician, can yield exquisite melodies. It would need much patience and adroitness to thaw this female and rouse her more animal instincts. But when she has learned the deep sensual implications of physical love, she can surprisingly show her real, softer side and will be as sexy as she is ever going to be; she will not even remain impervious to romance, poetic license, and feminine pleasure in sexual submission.

The man who loves her should never forget the jealous eye she keeps on her personal freedom. In no case is she prepared to sacrifice her liberty of choice for love; her hatred of constraints will be eternal, immutable. She is also extremely touchy about her intimate self and will not tolerate any undue intrusion. Should her partner make a faux pas in these directions, he may find an empty space next to him in bed much sooner than he could have suspected.

This woman can be classified as faithful, probably because she is conscious of her difficulty in seducing men. She will stick to the same man so long as he still shows respect for her and she still retains her absolute faith in him. Unjustified jealousy is not a part of her comportment.

It is never easy for her to opt for the conformist way of life and settle down in conventional marriage. But once she has decided to take this road, she can be relied upon to follow through by behaving as a good spouse and an excellent mother. However, she will have to experience extremely painful moments when she tries to conciliate everything - her love, her homemaking duties, her professional career, her love of independence and adventure. She may need to mobilize all her energy and even seek support in religion in order to stifle the feelings of revolt that seethe in her heart from time to time.

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