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The female Ox is often so self-sufficient and strong-minded, that flights of passion do not sway her simple way of thinking. The female Ox does consider love and sex an important aspect of life, but does not find lovemaking a motivating need in life. The girl Ox is a very private person in general, keeping only her friends and family close. She will prefer to keep to herself and stay at home rather than seek out social situations. If she does witness something that goes against her beliefs however, the female Ox will quickly become outspoken and let everyone around her know exactly how she feels.

The Ox woman is a simple person, generally modest, and loves to talk. Those around her may grow tired of her constant speech. Despite being one who constantly has something to say, when pressed to speak her mind on views of a given subject, the Ox woman may have a hard time expressing herself.

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Contrary to most other women, the Ox woman does not really need men and can be quite happy without them. For this reason some may be led into believing that she harbors hostility or indifference to members of the stronger sex, or is downright prudish. Neither view is corroborated by reality. Her apparent lack of interest in male-female pursuits does not result from any coolness on her part - although she is generally a late starter in sex - but from her natural self-sufficiency in other areas and her disdain for the follies of passion. She considers love and sex an important - but not the dominant - part of life and denies them an exaggerated significance.

This highly conservative woman also refuses to separate love from marriage and believes the latter senseless without children. It is why unwed mothers horrify her and why she is keen on getting married quite young and having numerous offspring. Do not talk to her about contraceptive pills, free unions or the Womenโ€™s Liberation Movement; your words will have every chance to fall on deaf ears since she views all this as pointless.

Once she has settled down, her family constitutes the very texture and purpose of her life. Should she lose her husband for one reason or another, she would almost never think of marrying again, and would prefer remaining faithful to the memory of her past union and devoting herself entirely to the welfare of her children.

Any man married to a native of the Ox may consider himself lucky. She is a model of unwavering conjugal fidelity worthy of Penelope, the Greek heroine who rejected all her suitors over long years and reserved herself for her husband Odysseus. She never gives her man reason to suspect, even though he may not be himself irreproachable on this score. She is quite willing to wait on him hand and foot, and keep him well fed, well clothed, well taken care of.

Convinced that a womanโ€™s place is in the home, she can feel at peace with herself only when circumstances allow her to stay indoors. But she means to run her home like a general on the battlefield - with unchallenged authority, strictness and maximum efficiency. Insisting on wearing the trousers, she may clash seriously with her husband if he is strong-willed and wants to assert his role as the leader; but she is the delight of a man who has a weak character and who wishes to see his needs be well catered for.

This woman is the one who shows determination to keep her men to herself once she has caught them and who knows best how to achieve her objective. The most important feature of her stratagem is to content their hearts by contenting their stomachs. Even though they may be charmed away, their desertion is generally temporary, and she has every reason to be confident that the straying sheep will in the end return to the fold.

She never accepts divorce with a light heart and always tries to avoid it by all possible ways. Sometimes she deliberately chooses to remain attached to a man while her union with him has ceased to have any meaning at all. Her tenacity is dictated first by her unwillingness to part with what she has passionately constructed, and second by the horrifying prospect of having to acknowledge her marital failure. She will rationalize her stance by thinking that a separation can traumatize her children and warp their personalities - which is partly true.

This is a sexually aware woman, with a strong appetite and a straightforward approach. She has the ability to match the most basic male. Certain men, however, may find that her lovemaking leaves something to be desired. Unimaginative in bed, she is amused by intricacies and romantic frills. On the other hand, she exhibits a keen sense of decency and prefers to confine strictly to the bedroom all that is related to sex; it would be a serious error to mistake her particular brand of modesty for indifference or frigidity.

This wonderful housewife is also an over-possessive mother. Affectionate and devoted beyond reproach, she nevertheless exercises constant supervision and control over her children, often placing before them impossible targets and denying them the right to question her orders or have a private life of their own.

She does all this with the best intentions in the world, and it never comes to her mind that her children may resent her attitude or have any reason to do so. As a consequence, she often has problems with her "little ones" when they are still under her roof - she tries to keep them there as long as possible. But in general they all will come to appreciate her when they are married and have children themselves. She is often pampered in old age by her progeny for whose welfare she labored with so much generosity and dedication over long years.

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