Pig Woman in Love

Women of Chinese Zodiac Pig sign are impulsive and emotional. They have mild amenable nature, but they are stubborn enough. Pig women are friendly, communicative and open, but only with those who are nice and pleasant to them. They are polite in official way to others, but they nor argue, neither prove their correctness, they prefer to keep silent. They are learnt to compromise, not because of their weakness, but because of their strength.

Pig women don’t need to prove someone something and that’s why don’t get involved into conflicts. These people don’t bear screams, fights and disputes and do their best to try to avoid it. Pig women know how to take care of household, making their house a better place to live, quite often they invent different rituals and family holidays, they adore spending time with children. These women are perfect wives and mothers as they have time to do everything with joy and pleasure.

Chinese Pig Woman Love

Despite her seething sentimentality, the Pig female is almost never a love aggressor. To her, man should eternally be the hunter, and woman the hunted; the current feminist trend does not seem capable of affecting her stand on this score. It is not in her habit to go out looking for love - she simply waits until it comes to her. Her strategy resembles that of a mollusk waiting for food to enter its shell, or, more accurately, that of the spider, for her patient passivity is most of the time quite catching.

Her problem is usually not trapping a man - the Pig maiden rarely finds herself in want of assiduous suitors - but managing not to get entangled in the cobweb of her own making. Normally incapable of resisting a man’s advances, she seldom escapes the terrible dilemma of choosing a pretender at the exclusion of the others; her quandary is further complicated since she projects her own extreme sensitiveness, convincing herself that her refusal would be felt by the discarded as a lethal blow. She is generally expected to undergo a lot of self-inflicted heartwrenching before settling down for good with a man.

It would be hard to find someone as deeply romantic and intensely sentimental as the Pig female. Love is a prime requirement for the native as she readily deludes herself into believing that it is all that counts in life. As a maiden she viscerally yearns for the prince charming; and whatever the vicissitudes of her life she can never totally renounce her youthful romantic dreams. Once in love with some man, she cannot help trembling at the sound of his voice, vibrating at the scent of his hair, or surging with emotion at the thought of him; she only lives by him and for him; her dearest wish is to merge into him ever more and more completely.

With her stupendous sensitivity and all-out way of loving, this nature can seldom get over disappointments gracefully. It is even doubtful whether she is ever able to be quite back on her feet after a love misadventure. Men should be most careful in dealing with her, never taking her sentiments lightly, lest they break her heart irreparably.

Every Pig woman suffers more or less acutely from the Oedipus complex. It is not a mere coincidence if she doggedly, though perhaps unconsciously, looks for the image of her father in any man she may have designs on. Her preference clearly goes to mature men - those much older than herself. While leaving the paternal hearth always proves a terrible ordeal for her, she invariably expects the man of her life to behave as a father to her. She will rely on him for all decisions, even though they may concern her vital choices or her whole destiny, and demand protection and tenderness from him.

In order to achieve her objectives she will not hesitate to adopt a childish comportment - by appearing utterly helpless, resorting to sentimental blackmail, indulging in mild temper tantrums, or displaying masochistic tendencies. Her mate will need much clearsightedness to understand the mechanism of her behavior; he must also be patient enough to bear and even condone her attitude. But his efforts in this direction will assuredly be rewarded far beyond his expectations.

This is a woman whose love has an exceptional quality. She makes a most loving spouse because she is gentle, accommodating, self-effacing, warm, and deeply affectionate. She would not stop to think twice before deciding to abandon her professional career for the sake of her man. And there is no ground for doubting her fidelity.

The typical Pig female is always ready to bring sexual bliss to her mate, although she rarely demands it for herself. However difficult he may be, he would never have to complain about her performance in bed. Her greatest pleasure is to give pleasure of the highest quality, not to receive it. Any man who has enjoyed her embraces would find his subsequent intimacies with other women rather insipid. Perhaps for this reason she is seldom abandoned or betrayed.

At one time or another in their common life the Pig woman is likely to demand her mate to take one or more of her own in-laws under their roof. This the man should refuse categorically despite all her pathetic entreaties if he wants to save their union from disaster. Her relations with the intruder or intruders would be too neurotically close to allow for normal coexistence between the spouses. This bit of advice is not so easy to follow as it seems, for the Pig woman knows how to be persuasive.

The average Pig female appears as a model materfamilias. Consumed with maternal instincts, she finds her utmost happiness in devoting herself to the welfare of her children - sometimes to the detriment of her husband, who may vaguely feel jealous of his own offspring. She is an excellent mother who always acts as a friend to her little ones, never as a strict disciplinarian. She handles them wisely, does not spoil them, remains attentive to all their needs, and help them develop their best traits. A lamb though she is, she may become a terrible wolf when it comes to defending her children.

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