Rabbit Woman in Love

A Rabbit woman is created to be a hostess of home salon. She knows how to welcome guests, entertain them with interesting discussions, fascinate with pleasant manners and refined melancholy. A Rabbit woman looks thoughtful, delicate and deeply experienced in cultural and art issues. Even though all her actions are well-planed before, her speech is prepared and her appearance is chosen perfectly.

Her taste is accurate, and her intuition never brigs her down. An impression that she wants to make has nothing in common with the real one she actually makes. The only thing at which a Rabbit woman is not so good is maternity. She looks more like a friend of her kids, not like a mother. This woman is quite patient in a question of having children, she is not striving to become a mother as soon as possible.

Chinese Rabbit Woman Love

The Rabbit woman fears nothing more than ending up an old maid. While she does have a romantic attitude toward love, she looks for marriage, which offers her the emotional security and companionship she badly needs. No affair with her could last if it did not provide the prospect of matrimony.

Even as an adolescent, she instinctively knows how to charm men, how to use appropriate stratagems to catch them. But she always goes about her trapping business with much tact and discretion, never giving her prospective preys the impression that she tries to force their hands. Once married, she generally loses all interest in flirting or hovering around.

The Rabbit woman has clear-cut views on what "true love" should be and sets up definite criteria for her marriage. To her, love must be something ethereal, composed mainly of pure sentiment and reason, never dominated by blind passion or sex. She cannot love a man who has not won her respect. However much she cares about her prince charming, it will be almost impossible for him to make her knees go weak or her sense of discrimination falter, for, as we know, this is not an overly emotional or unduly affectionate female.

Even though her condition in life may be one of the most modest, she will never entertain the idea of marriage for advancement in rank, prestige, or material status. The man with whom she is involved on a permanent basis should allow her to retain the illusion that she has lost nothing of her privacy, dignity, and independence of thought. She would be happier alone than sharing her life with a man who attempts to dominate her or seeks total communication with her.

She makes an admirable spouse in the sense that she is sweet, attentive, always ready to serve her husbandโ€™s interests and contribute to his professional success while willing to stay in the background. She proves to be an intelligent companion whose advice is invaluable. There could hardly be any better interior woman than the Rabbit woman: Enjoying home life, she makes her house a beautiful and harmonious haven, cooks delicious dishes, knits exquisite garments for everyone under her roof. Frail-looking though she is, she never lacks forces to do all her multiple household chores.

Calm and considerate, she knows how to phrase her complaints without hurting her man. Even if she has every reason to be jealous, she will go about airing her grievances in the most diplomatic way. As already pointed out, this woman is the epitome of conjugal fidelity - just like her Rat sister, though for quite different reasons. Men would be well-advised not to try to seduce a married Rabbit female, for all their efforts would be fruitless.

No one is perfect, of course, and the Rabbit woman is not an exception. While she is a first-rate wife, she makes a rather poor lover. Though rarely a victim of frigidity, she is hardly ever passionate, and her sex drive leaves much to be desired. She seems to view love as only something of secondary importance in life and lovemaking as an activity of limited significance. Despite her natural gentleness and considerateness, her approach to sex is cool, detached, lacking spontaneity and variety.

One of the reasons for her reticence may be that she fears to lose her own identity in too deep an involvement. There is always an aura of purity, reservedness, and overdone delicacy about her desires. Even if she made a conscious effort to surrender herself without holding anything back, her mind would refuse to be fully committed to sensual abandon. Her response to her manโ€™s advances may leave him with a vague feeling that she does not care much about him. He should know, however, that she actually welcomes his embraces, but that she does it in her own way, which is cold and aloof.

Less mistrustful and a little more inclined to confidences than the masculine half of the sign, she is nonetheless a long way from being an uninhibited woman. It is vital that she be with an exceptionally indulgent and understanding man, otherwise her marriage would ineluctably go bankrupt because of the repeated periods of sexual frustration she may cause her partner to endure.

It is equally important for the married Rabbit woman not to confine herself exclusively to her home life and settle down in quiet routine. She must provide sufficient room for outside activities, for variety, surprises of many kinds, moderate whims, unexcessive disputes, controlled follies, and other things in the same vein. For too much moral perfection and reasonableness are apt to deal deadly blows to the initially happiest unions. It is even in her interest to be jealous of her husband from time to time, even though she believes this to be under her dignity, since, as Ovid remarked, "Love that is fed by jealousy dies hard".

Strangely enough, this woman, who loves children in general, is not too keen on having little angels under her roof. Her maternal instinct never goes beyond the embryonic state, or may even be entirely non-existent as some astrologers pretend. If she begets children, it is more a matter of accident or social convenience than of real love of them.

She will scrupulously fulfill her duty as a mother, catering for her offspringโ€™s material and educational needs, but cannot force herself to be genuinely interested in them. The communication between her and her children always lacks some warmth and intimacy. Things however tend to improve somewhat as she advances in age; the state of grandmother sometimes brings about a complete reversal of her attitude.

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