Rat Woman in Love

A Rat woman is an energetic and powerful person, who knows how to estimate all her actions in advance. She perfectly knows how to make the right impression to achieve her goal. Rational thinking is one of her main features even if she makes impression of a romantic person. Sexual energy is well-developed characteristics of a Rat woman.

This woman is an perfect bride, as well as an excellent housewife and good mother. Anyway, the Rat looks like that and put all her efforts to be like that. She values a lot family, is striving for material welfare and saving money. However, a Rat woman cannot handle being under control and if she wants, she can escape from anyone who makes her unhappy.

Chinese Rat Woman Love

As already intimated, there exists nothing the Rat woman fears more than loneliness. Unable to be self-sufficient emotionally and perfectly conscious of her inadequacy in the friendship sphere, she is one of those women who simply cannot do without men. It would be useless to talk to her about "male chauvinism" or try to convince her of the necessity to join in the Women’s Liberation Movement. Her interest in all feminist claims is less than lukewarm.

It seems that the greatest favor this subject could demand from life - or from God or Buddha or Allah - is to be allowed to live in the shadow of a man who would let himself be loved even more than he loves her. As can be guessed, only the legal married state can satisfy her, affairs and flirtations always leaving her with a feeling of dissatisfaction and insecurity. To her, love is meaningless if it does not lead to marriage.

Unfortunately, if it is difficult for her to make friends, it is even more difficult for her to find a willing man and settle down with him, perhaps because she sets up too high standards for him, perhaps also because she scares men away with her blatant determination to catch one of them. Her obsession with marriage can sometimes prove too much of a strain that it compels her to steal her best friend’s husband or boy friend if circumstances allow it.

Despite all their efforts and stratagems, not all Rat women succeed in getting into matrimony; an important number of them are hopeless spinsters, and some develop distinctly lesbian tendencies. For want of a "normal" life, these frustrated women may choose to lock themselves up in their ivory towers and lavish their affection on pets - cats, dogs, birds, and even snakes - or on orphans to whom they behave admirably as mothers, sisters and friends.

Once married, the Rat woman clings to her matrimony as to a lifebuoy, refusing to think of divorce even though she may be ill-treated or deceived. Her secret motto appears to be, "It’s better to be in hell with a man than in paradise without". She rationalizes her comportment by convincing herself that a separation would be detrimental to her children. Whatever the atmosphere which surrounds her married life, her husband can be almost certain of her fidelity. It is only when involved with a man of her own sign that she tends to shed her usual cautiousness and become as incorrigible a flirt as he is; this fact is mentioned but not fully explained in Chinese astrology.

But This woman is by no means easy to live with as a wife. Unless her man is one whom she holds in very high esteem - in which case she may prove an admirable spouse - she is little prepared to forego her caprices, thus making a mess of the couple’s life. It is in marriage that her childishness comes the most conspicuously to the fore of her nature. She also has a definite opinion on each subject and will refuse to budge an inch. Her husband’s protestations are likely to fall on deaf ears - if he ever succeeds in lodging a protest, for she is most talkative and prone to swamp him with her words!

For all her flaws, she is unquestionably a marvelous mother. Her children can readily find in her an understanding friend and even a conniving chum. She respects their personalities, never trying to impose her own views or standards on them. She also does her best to awaken their talents and intelligence. Motherhood seems to be able to give her the best feeling of satisfaction and security.

When it comes to lovemaking, the Rat-born female does not leave much to be desired. Sex is something she considers quite natural and has no misgivings about it. She is sensual, capable of surrendering herself body and soul into each experience, especially when she feels totally protected. She likes variety, but infrequently takes the lead in this direction as her imagination is somewhat limited. Her appetite is subject to mild fluctuations and calls for an understanding attitude on the part of her partner.

Despite her claims to the contrary, the native of the Rat sign always wishes secretly to be dominated by a possessive and authoritative man. She obscurely feels secure when under the aegis of such a man - when her hidden masochistic streak can exercise itself. It seems as though she believed unconsciously that by suffering she has the best chance of keeping him to herself.

In the last analysis, this character has an enormous need of affection. To love and to be loved are as vital to her as to breathe. Without a person to cherish and who cherishes her in return, she would be exactly like an addict in want of dope. It is only through love that she can fulfill herself and be happy.

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