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According to Chinese horoscope, Rooster women are open-minded, trustful and sincere, and it attracts men’s attention to them. They are enthusiastic and being on emotional wave, they are inclined to exaggerate everything. Trying to make an impression, they start to boast impetuously that becomes a reason of disappointment in them. But we have to give them credit for the fact that they don’t give up and go for new search.

Rooster woman is a very active and energetic person, she doesn’t like to rest without doing anything. She is always in movement and always find a work that deserves her diligence. Rooster women are quite creative in their interests and opinions, you will never get bored with them, and they adore being in company with other women but only if they will be radiant among them.

Chinese Rooster Woman Love

The main features of the Rooster woman’s love and sex behavior are her sadistic propensity, her strong will, her intense passion, and her unqualified possessiveness. While this woman needs a male who would be in a position to dominate and tame her or at least to oppose her - the Rooster male could be such a man - she often attracts weak males. When involved with her on an intimate basis, a yes-man cannot but awaken or intensify all of her most undesirable characteristics, thus bringing unhappiness to both parties.

She is likely to despise and terrorize him; she will be delighted to find his faults and expose them to those around; she will use him as a scapegoat to justify all the excesses she may commit. For this reason, people sometimes call her a "praying mantis," and the unfortunate man is believed to die shortly unless he can break away in time. Not rarely are sexually unbalanced males attracted to her, too. In such a case there will be no limit to her sexual deviations and perversions which could eventually bring about her downfall.

In her heart of hearts this woman needs a male as much as other women do. She feels that she would be better off with a foolish man than with no man at all. She sincerely believes that, once settled down with the right man, she can be reasonably happy. Yet, by the force of her self-destructive mechanism, she always manages subconsciously to prevent her secret wish from getting fulfilled. In the first place, it is hard for her to fall in love, probably because, among other things, she refuses to play the role of a starry-eyed maiden who is willing to become a "love object," as she would put it; her feminism is certainly responsible in part for the situation.

When she has decided to love someone, he must return her love and offer tangible tokens of his affection; if he fails to do this right in the beginning, then his chances will be lost: She will dislike him completely and drop him without hesitation. In her quest for love she may be so determined and direct that she frightens her very target away. Lastly, only to a man who have won her love and respect will she be prepared to show her softer and more sentimental side.

In such conditions there is no wonder why she tends to get married relatively late if she ever does - one could be sure never to see a teenage Rooster bride! When desperate for affection she may decide to make unwomanly advances or sleep with almost anyone.

The negative urges that incline the male half of the sign toward homosexuality also exist in the Rooster female. Lesbianism is therefore fairly current among female natives, so much so that many astrologers view everyone of them as potentially liable to this perversion. The sexual revolution and the feminist movement are making it easier for lesbian Roosters to indulge in this form of sexual expression.

The typical Rooster, male or female, is born with a very strong sex drive, exactly as is the case with the Buffalo. But while the latter resorts to sex as a wonderfully natural way to express himself or herself and enjoys it immensely, the former reacts in a more complicated, less satisfactory manner: Because of his or her sadistic and self-destructive impulses, he or she is constantly tempted to use sex as a means of aggression or to turn to perversions as a favorite pastime. It is particularly difficult for the Rooster woman to live her overflowing sexuality in a "normal," healthy way as society offers less opportunities to her than to her male counterpart.

How, then, is the Rooster woman’s comportment in bed? While regular sex life proves very important to her from both the physical and psychological point of view, it is hard for her to express her desires when lying alongside her partner. Although she can force herself to meet him more than halfway in erotic performance, her aggressiveness is rarely able to mask her lack of a strongly felt desire to be one with him: There is always something, undefinable but no less actual, that stands in her way to real spontaneity. She would wish that imagination and romanticism do most of the work for her in bed; but it is the kind of wish only a psychiatrist or an exceptionally understanding and patient partner would help to fulfill.

As a mate she can be relied upon to show perfect loyalty, as far as her relations with members of the opposite sex are concerned. But this loyalty has its own price which may appear too high to some men. She will insist that his faithfulness match hers to perfection, and will be uncompromising on this score. On the other hand, her jealousy and possessiveness, which constitute an inseparable part of her personality, are all-consuming. It will not be long before her man realizes that no matter how much reassurance of love he gives her, it will never be enough, for there is no limit to her suspiciousness. And if ever he betrays her, the retaliation will be rapid and cruel.

It is generally believed this woman makes a good mother. Astrologers attribute this belief to the fact that she is endowed with a conspicuous maternal instinct, for she behaves as a she-wolf who fiercely defends her offspring. But some details work against her reputation: She is never very enthusiastic about the idea of having children; she expects too much from her little ones, often forcing them to achieve impossible goals; she can be something of a tyrant, unremittingly imposing her will on her defenseless children.

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