Snake Woman in Love

The Snake woman is often incredibly beautiful, no matter what type of appearance she has. She knows it and uses this advantage in life. She always has a taste of style in everything - in clothes, accessorize and perfumes. This woman knows how to act, how to use her natural attraction and how to mix all her talents and skills.

These ladies are always are in the center of attention, they always attract other people and has a lot of lovers. Itโ€™s difficult to win these woman because they have a lot of requirements.

Chinese Snake Woman Love

The Snake woman is a femme fatale par excellence: Men are irresistibly attracted to this angel of feminity, this sex symbol, unaware or oblivious of what lie in wait for them. There is an unmistakable air of voluptuousness about her which makes them lose their heads. She always has a large crowd of unconditional admirers in tow and never encounters the problem of finding a lover or spouse. What these men do not know is that she herself needs a man in order to function smoothly - she simply cannot do without males, and the prospect of loneliness terrifies her more than anything else.

However she may appear or pretend to be, she believes in her heart of hearts that to love and be loved are the most vital business in life. To her, a woman without love would better be dead. Because she attaches paramount importance to love, the native sometimes undergoes a complete reversal of personality when she pledges her heart to a man - an event which can always surprise but is quite logical.

How does she love? With intensity, passion, and romanticism. Anything less than that would be incongruous with her behavior. Her capacity for love is so great, and she demands to be loved in return with as much wholeheartedness and etherealness. With every fiber of her being she will refuse tepidness and mediocrity. Those men who have designs on this female should be perfectly conscious of her insistence on the good quality of their love.

And how does she make love? Her rule is to follow no rule, to let her sweeping and spontaneous desires guide her. The simplicity of her approach to physical intimacy has something so blissful, so heavenly that those who have shared it with her would find their subsequent fusion with any other woman rather insipid and boring. She can by turns be a ball of fire or indulge in prolonged sex games according to the dictates of her instinct and the desires of her partner. She is also willing to play a somewhat passive role, allowing her mate to dominate her and feel happy. But nothing is more apt to turn her off than prosaism, coarseness, or inconsiderateness.

Men who want to enjoy her ineffable favors often have to pay a high price for them. To love her almost always means to be in for a rough time, for she has the reputation of being a sore trial to her spouse and admirers alike. Possessive she certainly is and has no cause to be envious of other women on this score; while her fidelity is less than guaranteed, she refuses to make allowances for her loversโ€™ escapades, except when it is a Snake or Horse man.

Jealous she also is, and to the point of throwing caustic acid on her rivalsโ€™ faces. Her vanity is as harrowing as her coquetry and capriciousness. She wants all her men to perpetually offer her proofs, verbal and otherwise, of their unconditional love; she wants them to die for her, not only figuratively but sometimes even literally, and incites them to commit the worst follies to satisfy her desires and whims. But they can never be sure to content her and receive a reward proportional to their trails and efforts.

There always coexist in the Snake woman two conflicting natures - a diehard bourgeois, conformist and uncompromisingly concerned with a her own comfort; and a wonderful lover to whom quality and quantity are equally important. This Venus is no misogamist at all, not because she believes in the social or moral virtues of marriage - she harbors serious misgivings about the possibility of happiness for a lifetime - but because it can afford her material security and comfort, which are as vital to her as the air she breathes.

Love for love, yes; but matrimony is entered by her mostly for gains in wealth, rank, prestige, or social advancement. She never bothers to conceal her design to marry for money - to bind her destiny with an Onassis - in order to satisfy her love of ease and luxury. It is why she can be for the men of her life a cause for ruin. It is also why as soon as her husband disappears she is in a hurry to look for a new one, preferably a richer or more influential one than the former.

There could be nothing more foolish than to take her fidelity for granted. No matter how deeply her love goes for her mate, its stability always remains open to question. She can be faithful so long as she deems it worth the candle - so long as she still believes him useful to her in a way or another - and may work hard to make a success of her union. But if and when he falls below her expectations, then her adulterous instinct immediately wakes up in her. Besides, she sincerely does not view promiscuity as an evil and never feels any qualms about indulging in unfaithfulness.

But despite her propensity for philandering, she is seldom ready to accept divorce for fear of insecurity, loss of face, and loneliness. She frequently declares that her children are all to her life. She may honestly believe her own allegation, but it is totally unfounded as she is infinitely more a lover than a mother.

There is not the faintest trace of maternal instinct in her personality. She is afraid of childbearing, which causes harm to her fine figure and hurts her aesthetic sense. She abhors babies, who know nothing else than crying and messing around. Her relationship with her children can become somewhat normal when these reach adulthood and are on their own.

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