Tiger Woman in Love

A Tiger woman is incredibly fascinating. She has a strong personality. This woman appreciates resolution and self-confidence in men. The representatives of the Tiger are usually successful business-women and managers of big corporations. They have an ability to give orders and commands to people. Women of this kind feels the environment good, they easily can see what kind of person is in front of them and what kind of advice they need. Like the representatives of the stronger sex, Tiger women are not interested in money, but their economic conditions are pretty good.

In love a Tiger woman likes to have adventures and thrilling experiences. It brings an interesting and intensive life to her. The representatives of his sign are passionate and fervent, they are capable of deep love and they deserve a respectful attitude. If a partner of a Tiger woman cheats on her, she will have to break up with him even though she really loves him. It is impossible to make her forgive. If she feels the fidelity and loyalty of her partner, she will appreciate it.

Chinese Tiger Woman Love

If the Tiger woman can know brilliant victories in the professional area, her strong will and pronounced feminist penchant cause her tremendous difficulties when it comes to matters of the heart. Men do not find her feminine and touching enough. She frightens would-be suitors away although physically she is not unattractive. She needs men as eagerly as other women do, not so much for sentimental or sexual reasons but because the idea of being undesirable she finds unbearable.

Sometimes she feels overwhelmed by her loneliness, and then she rings up men and asks them to take her out, or even goes hunting for them instead of waiting for them to come along as tradition wants it. In this way she earns the unjustified and unjustifiable reputation of being a nymphomaniac.

Proud and energetic she certainly is. But this does not stop her longing secretly for an exceptionally strong and directive man who would be in a position to dominate and tame her - although she takes the utmost care not to admit it to others and especially to herself. Unfortunately, there exists hardly one man of that caliber in a thousand, and she is much more likely to be disappointed than successful in her quest.

On the contrary, with her unusual strength of character, she often attracts weak and effeminate men, who adore her, pamper her, but who at the same time give her the opportunity to be dictatorial and overbearing; she cannot but disdain them privately if not overtly, and feels dissatisfied and miserable in the process.

She can perhaps find a satisfactory solution in sharing her life with a man whom she admires unlimitedly for one reason or another - he may be a talented artist, poet, writer, scientist, statesman, sportsman, and so on. Once satisfied with her choice, this woman can prove an admirable lover, admirable spouse, admirable materfamilias, prepared to do everything in her power for the happiness of her husband and children.

Given her particularities, the native frequently has to content herself with a man below her standards. But in no case should she settle down with a strong-willed man who does not command her total respect or admiration; a violation of this rule would have disastrous consequences, making her home become a permanent battlefield and her life a perpetual agony.

Everyday life with This woman is by no means easy, except when she really respects or admires her man. She is often purposefully maniacal, hard to please, unmindful of her husband’s face; she also insists on running the whole family show all by herself, although there can be no doubt about her efficiency as a homemaker and hostess.

As is the case with the male Tiger, any attempt to bring her to reason by using force or argument would be of no avail since it would only enhance her stubbornness. An appropriate dose of impassiveness and phlegm could give better results than three violent disputes. Another good way to manage her would be to respect her freedom as scrupulously as possible - she abhors jealousy and possessiveness - for it is vital to her to feel that her life belongs to her entirely and that she does not have to account to anyone for her actions.

It is not always easy to handle her feminism. Her militancy is exercised not only in society but also in her private life. She is ready to do almost anything to prove to the whole world and her men that she is a completely liberated woman - and to do it in a shattering, thundering, sensational and provocative manner. She is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to rail at and humiliate members of the opposite sex.

Her fidelity in love and marriage is doubtful, not because she is basically inconstant or andromaniacal, but simply because it is one of her means to sneer at the sexist society through her lovers and husbands. Another of her means is to choose lesbianism deliberately, excluding all men from her individual life. Of course, there is no room for questioning her sincerity or the appropriateness of her stance; it is only her ways of enforcing her feminist views that could give rise to criticism.

More often than not, however, the Tiger woman does take love seriously and allow herself to be vulnerable in this direction. Courtship is a very important ritual in her eyes, for to her it is proof that men do not resist her, that she is after all as desirable as any other woman. When she decides to love, she loves with impetuosity and ardor, and expects her partner to respond with equal intensity; she simply cannot put up with lukewarmness or routine.

This does not necessarily mean that she is very demonstrative, allowing her heart to run alone. There is always in her something that prevents total abandon - it is perhaps her pride, the toughness of her character, her unconscious refusal to be feminine, or her unwillingness to resort to romantic submission.

Unlike most other women, the Tiger-born female is perfectly able to draw a sharp line between love and sex, and woe betide those of her partners who are mistaken on this score. She is extremely active in bed, not at all afraid to take the lead. Her sexual expression is direct and intense; she does not concern herself with coquettish, tricks, and the romantic, gentlemanly approach only amuses her. The man who succeeds in dragging this Tigress into his bed may never have to regret it, and his subsequent relations with other women may seem dull to him.

She is able to give him a foretaste of Paradise, although there is persistently something selfish and shallow about her lovemaking. But he had better be lustful and hardy; his failure to keep abreast of her stormy sex drive would change her into a ruthless man-eater. On the other hand, she may from time to time refuse to make love for no apparent reason, and then there is absolutely no way to coax her out of her lair.

Maternal instinct is almost totally alien to her psychological makeup. If she begets children, it is primarily a matter of convenience or accident rather than out of love for them. She is interested in her offspring only inasmuch as someone else takes care of their material needs and as they are beautiful and intelligent. But she is generally on excellent terms with them from their adolescence onwards.

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