Dog Woman in Marriage

If you are looking for a good and faithful friend for life, you should pay attention to the girls born in the year of the Dog. The representative of this sign combines the best human traits, she is compassionate, humane and responsible. Friendship and duty are her vital values. The Dog-Woman can look cold and hard, but it’s just a deceptive mask. In fact, she worries about everyone who is in need, she is not indifferent to the fate of mankind. The Dog gladly joins the volunteer organizations to contribute to a good cause.

Dog-Girl from a young age shows wisdom, improves, works hard on her education. Look for it not in a nightclub, but in a library or at some charity event. This lady can be too serious and even boring. But it seems only to those who could not see her rich spiritual world. The Dog has a great kind heart, which is not so easy to conquer. But if this happens, she will never give up and will not betray.

What Type of Man Does Dog Woman Like?

The man of her dreams possesses classical qualities - nobility, reliability, high intellect and strong will. However, first of all the Dog-Girl appreciates decency. She is very afflicted by immoral and dishonest acts of close people. For the sake of a loved one, this girl is capable of anything. This is not an eccentric fatal woman, not a careerist and feminist, but a sensitive and modest keeper of the family hearth.

A Dog woman terribly afraid of loneliness, so can long tolerate a man who is not worthy of it. It is difficult to correct the mistakes of youth. If she is attached to someone - it’s for a long time. The relationship breaks the Dog painfully and dramatically. Many men abuse this and do not appreciate its fidelity and generosity. Dogs often have psychological complexes, so you always need to take the initiative into your own hands. Make an acquaintance neatly, without excessive pressure.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

This girl is ready to tolerate your shortcomings, she often runs away from problems, so as not to injure the psyche once again. But this does not mean that the relationship with her will be cloudless. The Dog is inclined to dramatize everything and worry without a reason. Most of her fears are contrived, and the guy needs to convince his troubled girl. She constantly needs comfort, compassion, support. Never talk to her harshly or unceremoniously. Her vulnerable soul will long heal after offensive words.

How to Propose Her a Marriage

Here you can do without originality and bizarre ideas. Offer her a marriage in a quiet place, left alone with the bride. The Dog is unpleasant all demonstrative and pompous, so do not make a declaration of love in a loud show. She likes a walk in nature, for example, in a forest full of snowdrops. You can make an offer on the shore of a quiet river, run a paper ball over the water, or make another nice surprise. The Dog appreciates the simplicity and sincerity, she does not need loud words and broad gestures.

Typical Mistakes of Boys

So, you can not behave pompously and demonstratively, engage in narcissism or boast. Another mistake in the relationship with the Dog-Girl - is to prove your love, to do stupid actions. She did not need intrigue and delicate games. The Dog perceives everything literally, cunning and hypocrisy offend her pure soul. Do not rush with intimacy. The Dog gets used to a partner for a long time, and it is only a decent man who can entrust his body.

The Most Important Thing!

The foundation of your relationship should be a strong friendship. Only complete trust will ensure a long and strong alliance with the Dog-Girl. Never leave questions, do not shut yourself in, do not hide facts from past life, or from the present. Your beloved should know everything about you without embellishment. Otherwise, the relationship with it will bring you a bunch of problems. The dog does not attack openly, but it suffers and worries, and this is reflected in her mood, in communicating with a partner.

Dog Woman Personality in Marriage

This is one of the best parties for marital relations. The Dog is cautious and wise, it does not rash acts and measures it seven times before cutting it off. The spouse does not need to worry about her faithfulness. As a rule, the Dog is monogamous. This is a typical monogamous person. She delicately feels the mood of her husband, is ready to help at any moment, but she herself needs support. Betrayal for a Dog is a terrible tragedy that leaves a mark on life.

In marriage, a Dog female reveals such valuable qualities as compliance, humility, understanding and patience. But all this she requires from her husband. Often non-ideal husbands disappoint very picky female dogs. Women of this sign should learn to see people in a real light, and not idealize and expect from them the impossible. Men rarely throw such women, but living with them can be very difficult. Suffering, the Dog falls into a prolonged depression, to torment itself and the household with far-fetched anxieties.

Dog Woman as a Housewife

Such a wife is ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of a family nest. She cares about the family disinterestedly, does not require her husband’s attention or expensive gifts. The Dog works from morning till night to make her home cozy, and her relatives fed. Of course, women of this sign can be overcome by apathy and laziness, and sometimes - anger and aggression. But most of the time the Dog shows kindness and endurance. She is ready to endure any difficulties, just to save the family fortress.

Dog Woman as a Mother

This woman’s love for children is immense. However, her pedagogical side is poorly developed. Often a Dog brings up a child in an old-fashioned way, trying to protect him from the whole world. Even in adulthood, she continues to help children financially, but in return requires complete obedience and accountability for their actions. The Dog should give the child more freedom, do not constrain his prejudices, do not be driven into the standard framework. After all, excessive care can make children only a disservice.

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