Dragon Woman in Marriage

This woman can amaze you with arrogance and coldness, charisma and charisma, sexuality and almost hypnotic appeal. Dragon Girl is ice and flame. It can be loved or hated, but no one will remain indifferent. From the fabulous patron of the representative of this sign inherited some mystical features - inner strength and looseness, craving for freedom and creativity, as well as rebellion and reluctance to bind any obligations.

A typical Dragon girl loves to flirt and fall in love with a strong sex. But she does not plan to ruin someone’s life. Her life is turbulent and colorful, and hobbies are fleeting. The dragon has many admirers until old age. She likes to surround herself with male friends, but not to mock the unfortunate. She really enjoys their company. Do not be surprised if after the parting the obstinate beauty as if nothing had happened will offer communication and friendship.

What Type of Man Does Dragon Woman Like?

This lady is a bird of high flight, therefore draws attention to the same purposeful, strong and bright men. To conquer the heart of the Dragoness, you need to be the best of the best, to be almost superman. If you do not plan to achieve something great in politics, sports or art, you and such a girl do not follow the path! The Dragon Woman very idealizes the potential partner, expects from the gentleman of prompt personal growth and constant self-improvement. Seeing that the chosen one is standing still, does not develop and does not justify her great expectations, the Dragon-boy disappears, leaving behind only bitter ashes.

Dragon girl rarely marries in her youth. Most women of this sign conclude late marriages, and some even prefer solitary life altogether. The dragon does not suffer from complexes about appearance, it is proud of its popularity and can perfectly do without a man. It seems that this woman is not capable of love at all. But this is not so. Her love is special, she is able to inspire only the winners and triumphs. For a successful brilliant man, such a wife will be a real treasure.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

The Dragon Woman does not belong to anyone. Even loving, she zealously protects her personal space. In the kaleidoscope of her adventures and love intrigues, an ordinary and mediocre man will simply get lost. Therefore, try to stand out from the crowd, every day prove that you are worthy of her attention and love.

How to Propose Her a Marriage

Connect fantasy and creative thinking. Buy an original ringlet, invite your loved one for a romantic dinner. Before that, it’s better to take her to a concert or other interesting event, so that your girl’s inner world opens up and becomes full of vivid emotions. The proposal itself should not look pathetic and humiliating. Pink nurse, for example, "I’m ready to die for you, I’m nothing without you…" will lead to disappointment and refusal. Let the bride see before herself a confident man who loves her, but at the same time has a sense of dignity.

Typical Mistakes of Boys

The most annoying mistake chosen by the Dragoness is jealousy. By this you demonstrate a proprietary position, and the Dragon woman does not intend to obey anyone. To keep her location, you need to keep the brand yourself, and not to disperse the fans or to fall asleep with reproaches. The second big mistake is to try to dominate. With a woman-dragon, you can only talk on equal terms. She is generous and always forgives, if to make her step towards.

The Most Important Thing!

To get such a girl into a wife, it is not necessary to be a president or an Olympic champion. It’s enough to show her that you have a purpose in life, that you want to develop and discover new opportunities. Be sure, the Dragon woman will help you and support as much as she has the strength and enthusiasm. She will bring you closer to the ideal, after which the men will envy you, and you will be proud of yourself and your wife-clever.

Dragon Woman Personality in Marriage

Girls of this sign often view marriage as a means to establish themselves in society and achieve personal goals. Not meeting the ideal, they get married by calculation. A husband needs to be prepared for the fact that his life will be rivals. Spouse-Dragon changes infrequently, but constantly tests the nerves of his companion. Many problems can be avoided, if you often talk with her heart-to-heart. Be as open as possible and the wife will answer you the same.

In marriage, a female dragon can show it’s not the best qualities. To get what she wants, she resorts to manipulation and even blackmail. Resentment in her soul accumulates gradually. It can restrain anger for weeks, but when it breaks out, it literally destroys everyone around. Summoning the mistrust of the Dragon, you will get a cold protracted war, which is fraught with a sudden nuclear explosion.

Dragon Woman as a Housewife

She is a great connoisseur of beauty, has an impeccable taste. He does not tolerate when the house is dirty and there is no order, but removes only in case of emergency. For example, she can wash the floors once a week, but do wet cleaning every day - no, no! In life there are more important things! The Dragon Woman is by nature aesthete, so she cares to have the most beautiful environment in the house, and the chic roses blossomed on the flowerbed. She is rather generous, gives gifts to relatives and friends, invites to visit. But she does not need to trust big money, she really likes to spend it!

Dragon Woman as a Mother

Children for the Dragon are not an end in themselves. But if she has a child, she will love him and bring up worthily. The Dragon Mother is proud of her children, but often demands too much from them. Her child must necessarily be an excellent student, a school activist, visit sports and theatrical circles, and when she grows up, become a superhero or super beauty. The methods of bringing up the Dragon are quite humane. But it is necessary to pay more attention to the interests of the child himself, to listen to his desires and preferences.

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