Horse Woman in Marriage

The Woman-Horse is a great fashionista and activist. She is very sociable, full of energy, optimism and a thirst for new emotions. Its distinctive features are friendliness and sociability. She does not hesitate to get in touch with men and take initiative in relationships. But the main disadvantage of this sign is impermanence. Stability makes boredom on the Horse, it needs to be constantly in motion, change itself and change the situation. Today, she can fall head over heels, and tomorrow go headlong into a new hobby and forget to adore an adored man.

A Woman-Horse is a creative person, for whom it is important to be constantly in a state of falling in love. She quickly gets addicted to a new man, work, friends. The horse easily enters into a relationship, but quickly cools to the object of love. On the part of such a girl may seem frivolous, but she will be an excellent friend and companion, will always give a helping hand. Marriage a woman-horse takes more seriously than men of this sign. And yet she fools the bridegroom for a long time, until she agrees to become his wife.

What Type of Man Does Horse Woman Like?

This girl loves active and open guys, ready for adventure and travel. She likes journalists, public figures, as well as people of art. The horse must be constantly entertained and surprised. Although she has enough of her own energy, she does not mind taking her from the same sociable and interesting men. Relationships with goodies and "botanists" will not last long. The Girl-Horse agrees to forgive the cavalier for many shortcomings, if only he would load her every day with positive and not give him boredom.

Some representatives of this sign tend to idealize the partner. Their feelings are very violent, and often after a dizzying passion comes a painful disappointment. But the Girl-Horse does not grieve for long. There are so many men around her that loneliness does not threaten such a young lady. Thinking about marriage, the Horse connects the analytical mind and weighs all the pros and cons. She wants to make a worthy choice, hesitates for a long time, but often her doubts are caused by the banal inconstancy of nature.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

The woman of this sign is the most freedom-loving and disobedient. She is merciful, kind and flexible, but will not tolerate moral violence. A man will not be able to fool her or tame him. If you want to win the heart of the Horse, do not limit its freedom, appreciate its dignity and talents, give only positive. A man who complicates relations, constantly finds fault and makes problems from scratch, is doomed to failure.

How to Propose Her a Marriage

You can make an offer in some unusual place, for example, near the Egyptian pyramid or at the top of the mountain. Let it be a complete surprise. Give the girl an unforgettable journey, walk the ruins of an ancient castle. Tell a romantic or heroic story before you give your favorite ringlet. In a word, show as much imagination as possible. A horse is a special woman, you can not take it with trivial methods.

Typical Mistakes of Boys

The horse has a very changeable mood. The Cavalier needs patience and learning how to take it calmly. Such a girl can not be adjusted to her, so re-education is an erroneous tactic. Accept the Horse as it is. In this woman there are certain goals, talents and personal qualities that need to be respected. She will not run after the man or look into his eyes, opening her mouth like a stupid doll. Her love is not blind, but the intellect is too high to be manipulated by the male.

The Most Important Thing!

Want to hold such a woman - work on yourself, improve. Become a friend and adherent for her. A Horse Girl will not connect fate with someone who has other views and an alien worldview. In other words, you must look in one direction. Taking care of a woman-horse, start with friendship. Most girls of this sign appreciate it even more than love.

Horse Woman Personality in Marriage

Mature representatives of this sign are more difficult to achieve harmony in family relationships than to young horses. A female horse in a marriage can behave as if she does not owe anything to her husband and is generally free of marriage bonds. This happens when the husband moves away and becomes indifferent. If he shows selfishness and misunderstanding, the breakdown of relationships is a matter of time. The horse does not intend to tolerate anyone who limits its creativity, prevents it from developing and dreaming.

Of course, the wife and horse can be suppressed and closed at home. But then she will become sullen and broken, can get sick and even die. The monotonous life is not locked up for her. The horse is not jealous, but in the shower painfully experiences the husbandโ€™s bad behavior. She will lack special efforts to abandon an unworthy husband. She was used to talking about everything frankly. Be sincere and open, and then your life together will turn into an endless holiday.

Horse Woman as a Housewife

A typical Horse maintains cleanliness and comfort in the house, but only in order to provide the necessary level of household convenience. Keep the family hearth is not among its interests. A horse likes to tinker around in the kitchen to try a new recipe or bake an original cake. But usually she cooks food for a few days, so as not to waste time on "empty" fuss near the stove. In her life there are more interesting things - communication with friends, new acquaintances, travel.

Horse Woman as a Mother

This woman seldom screams at children. She is a calm, affectionate and accommodating mother. To bring up the child is suitable creatively. Absolutely does not accept old and rigid methods of education. Her children become independent sooner. In the mother they see a friend and adviser, not a strict teacher. The horse will get along with any, even the most difficult child. This yearโ€™s women are excellent teachers and psychologists. In communication with the childrenโ€™s collective they have no equal.

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