Monkey Woman in Marriage

This beauty can not be overlooked in the crowd. She is playful, playful and brave, with ease will get the conversation with the man he likes. People are attracted by her openness and optimism, the ability to joke over themselves and over others. But, having learned the Monkey closer, you will necessarily come across straightness and even aggression. She loves to criticize, but does not take remarks at all. To argue with such a girl is useless. Either recognize its superiority, or change the subject.

The Monkey Woman is surrounded by friends and admirers. She is very smart and talented, but she lacks tact and delicacy. He is a straightforward and honest man. However, the paradox is that the Monkey often speaks ambiguously, and others may not understand her words. She is not cunning enough, she is such a "monkey" nature. The girl of this sign is pretty clever and can get any gentleman. In the conquest of the stronger sex for her, all means are good.

What Type of Man Does Monkey Woman Like?

In matters of marriage and family, the Monkey is not frivolous. Even in her youth, she dreams of creating a new cell of society and creating cute kids. It happens that young monkeys marry, guided only by emotions, and thereby make a mistake. To marry women of this sign is desirable at a psychologically mature age, otherwise frustration can not be avoided. Monkey always has a huge choice of cavaliers and twirls them as he wants.

To please such a girl, a thick wallet is not enough. She is not on the way with gray and mediocre men who are depressed and complain about fate. Relations with a Monkey woman are very complex. This is an emotional and direct woman who does not hide her feelings. Of course, and she may like a cute little shy girl. She will entertain and amuse him, but at one point she will get tired of it.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

The key to the heart of Monkeys is variety and luxury. Do not let her get bored, surprise and pamper the girl every day. A Monkey can cling tightly to the one he chose, but her patience does not last forever. In dealing with such a woman you will need endurance and wisdom. She’s a quick-tempered character, but she’s pretty predictable. You can foresee what your girl will take offense, and what will please her. Try to avoid disputes and clarify the relationship. Resign yourself to the fact that you will in many ways yield to their restless girlfriend.

How to Propose Her a Marriage

In this case, not enough banal romantic dinner and a cute ringlet. Arrange the bride’s fascinating journey or hiking trip. You can give the treasured ring in some extreme conditions. Thus, you will hint that her life after the wedding will not become boring and monotonous, but, conversely, filled with new, even more vivid colors.

Typical Mistakes of Boys

Naturally, all men want to feel their superiority, but in relations with the girls of this sign, you have to deviate from the rules. In such an alliance "in fashion" will be a woman. If you try to break its principles, you lose your beloved. The monkey is not used to tolerating oppression and nagging. You can only communicate with her on equal terms. Remember that she does not want to humiliate you on purpose. Monkey respects and appreciates his friends, cherishes loved ones, but in his own way. Forgive her sometimes unbearable and defiant behavior, and then the Monkey will become your reliable companion of life.

The Most Important Thing!

This girl completely does not accept criticism, and also wants to be praised constantly. Love for flattery is its weak point, but it can be used as a means of conquest. The monkey is very offended if the guy does not notice her, even small ones, but victories. Be sure to compliment her if you see her wearing a new dress. Do not forget to repeat how clever she is with you. Often be interested in the affairs and successes of the beloved. Praise is necessary to her, like air.

Monkey Woman Personality in Marriage

If you take all the words of your beloved literally, your life will not seem like sugar. Learn to calmly treat her unexpected antics. The Monkey has no purpose to spoil relations or annoy her husband. The anxiety and impermanence of her character is explained by the fact that the Monkey is too energetic and can not sit still. Instead of arguing and re-educating your spouse, try to channel this energy into a useful channel. Find your wife an interesting hobby, for example horse riding.

In a marriage, a Monkey woman is very jealous and resentful, but she is not inclined to revenge. If such a woman divorces her husband, he quickly finds him a replacement from his numerous admirers. She can not stand being alone. But the personal imperfections such as tactlessness, capriciousness and self-esteem Monkey transfer and a new marriage. Often representatives of this sign marry several times, and the first is the most unfortunate.

Monkey Woman as a Housewife

A typical representative of this sign is a careerist who loves to be in the spotlight. But many Monkeys can sacrifice work for the sake of the family and children. Of these women are excellent housewives. The Monkey does not imagine that there may be need and boredom in her house. She furnishes the dwelling special, with moderate luxury and good taste. Monkey is practical and economical, but sometimes it allows itself to spend a large sum on outfits or decor for a house. She likes to eat and enjoys cooking. Therefore, the husband and children will never be hungry.

Monkey Woman as a Mother

Maternal instinct in the Monkeys is well-developed. Representatives of this sign love to babysit, to indulge their gifts and sweets. Often, the Monkey puts the upbringing and well-being of the child first, but tries to grow from it the most accurate copy of himself. Such a mother wants to see in children what she could not achieve herself. Such an approach does not always benefit the child, because first of all you need to be interested in his own vision of his future.

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