Ox Woman in Marriage

If you are looking for the perfect woman for marriage, you should pay attention to the girls born in the year of the Ox. Representatives of this eastern sign are reserved and calm, kind and flexible. They do not dream of a prince on a white horse and do not hang in the clouds. Their choice falls on the earthly real men with a good soul and a clear conscience. A Ox female may look a bit dull compared to the coquette of other signs, but her company is warm and pleasant. She rarely arranges hysteria and tragicomedy. It seems that wisdom is given to her at birth.

The Ox woman sometimes seems like a simpleton, but she is far from stupid. To win her heart is not easy, this girl is almost indifferent to compliments, because she does not look at words, but at deeds. Do not look for her in nightclubs or on attractions. Favorite places of the Ox girl - library, park, museum. She prefers intellectual work, to study well, although in marriage she will easily sacrifice a career for her husband and children. A guy does not have to worry that a loved one will change him with a best friend or run away with a foreigner to warm lands.

What Type of Man Does Ox Woman Like?

To describe the ideal of this lady, you do not need to invent exquisite words. Her man must be courageous, responsible, reliable, compassionate. But the paradox of such women is that they often come across weak husbands. Since the Ox woman is very serious about marriage, it is difficult for her to leave her weak-willed husband. She is more likely to take the reins in her own hands.

A woman of this sign is demanding, but not conflicting. She is better to say nothing than a bunch of utter nonsense. Gossip and sensitive issues are avoided. In her youth, the Ox woman also needs romance and girlish chats, like all ordinary girls. But at a young age she shows more wisdom and seriousness than her contemporaries. Conclusion: the Ox woman is interested in well-educated smart guys. With slackers and mama’s little boys, she rarely contacts.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

This girl subconsciously evaluates each guy, whether he is suitable for living together or not. She does not need ridiculous and loud deeds, even if they are committed in the name of love. Under normal circumstances, the Ox woman is struck by an amazing calmness and endurance. But do not abuse this, because she has a hidden explosive temperament. The Ox-Girl can endure for a long time, and then pour on you all the insult and bitterness. The biggest blow for her is treason. After this, it is almost impossible to restore her trust.

How to Propose Her a Marriage

These girls have traditional views on relationships, so you can not dry your head, how to make her an offer. A classic script with a ring and a declaration of love is perfectly suitable. You can treble your favorite walk in nature, near a river or the sea. This atmosphere is very like girls of this type. Your bride will prefer a white ball gown, not fashionable novelties. It would be nice to discuss the details of the wedding in advance, ask her opinion about spending money and ceremony organization. Remember that the Ox is a very practical woman and approaches everything from a rational point of view.

Typical Mistakes of Boys

A girl born this year is unacceptable to lie. She knows her own worth and will not let herself be fooled. Be frank with her, do not disdain and do not shrink. Many guys, knowing the unpretentious nature of the Ox girl, believe that she does not need much attention. It is not true! She needs care, sympathy, gifts. But such a woman does not like sudden changes and surprises. Do not keep it in the dark if you have conceived an important decision.

The Most Important Thing!

In relations with women of this sign the most important thing is trust and honesty. She remembers the insults for a long time and is prone to revenge. Experiencing her patience is extremely dangerous. The Ox-Girl will give you loyalty and devotion, but in return requires maximum dedication. Love is sacred to her, sexual intimacy even more so. A female Ox does not exchange for small coins. She keeps herself for the only one who will be worthy to know her soul and body.

Ox Woman Personality in Marriage

In the family life, the Ox-wife is sensitive and sympathetic, avoids disputes and conflicts. After small quarrels goes to reconciliation first, always feels when the spouse needs to be reassured or cheered. She rarely shows her feelings, but any careless word can hurt her pure feminine nature. For women of the sign of Ox, self-realization and work are not important. All the forces she directs to take care of the family nest. This is an example of an exemplary wife and mother.

If she remains without a husband, then she does not lose heart, does not fall into apathy and idleness. The Ox woman will pull the family around, take care of the children, make money and keep the house clean. It would seem that she can do without a man at all. But any, even the most powerful woman, is created to be the keeper of the family hearth and the loving wife of a true breadwinner. Only in marriage can she show her best qualities.

Ox Woman as a Housewife

It does not make it difficult to prepare a dinner of several dishes, complementing it with a delicious dessert. The Ox Woman is an unbeatable housewife. She does not like to go to visit guests, but she willingly accepts them herself. She is generous and hospitable, needs warm communication with relatives. This is a typical homebody. City noise, she prefers a small quiet house in the village. If there is a dacha, most of the time the Ox-hostess will be there. She loves beautiful nature and rustic pacification.

Ox Woman as a Mother

Absence of offspring is a personal tragedy for women of this sign. They are ready to devote their whole lives to children, but they wait for reciprocal devotion. Such a child is very attached to the mother, considered with her opinion even in adulthood. Sometimes in the care of children, the Ox shows excessive care. Her children grow up a long time and do not want to leave the warm nest. Mother Ox can advise less control over children, give them the right to their own opinion and life choices.

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