Pig Woman in Marriage

The Pig sign completes the zodiacal cycle of the eastern calendar, so it combines all the positive and all negative features of the preceding signs. Therefore, a typical representative of this symbol can be praised to infinity. It has people of pleasant appearance and complaisant peace-loving character. The Pig Woman is sweet and kind, kind and cheerful. It can become an ideal companion for almost any man.

Sometimes this girl is naive and gullible, which is used by dishonorable gentlemen. In the nature of a female Pig, there is something childish, it is easy to offend, but it is not touching. With her bright smile and disinterested deeds, she makes the world a better place. It is not inherent in insidiousness and cunning, it does not speak with riddles and hints. The Pig Girl hates gossip, arguments and conflicts. This lady has an innate diplomatic talent, which makes her not only a valuable employee at any job, but also a wise wife.

What Type of Man Does Pig Woman Like?

A representative of this sign is waiting for the perfect man, but if the prince does not come, he forgives the shortcomings and the ordinary guy. Such a girl trusts the inner instinct and chooses a partner instinctively. She is not looking for superheroes and does not require anything special from the cavaliers. The second half of the Pig is a man "in his place": serious, reliable, capable of providing a family. At the beginning of the acquaintance, the Pig girl looks at the guy as the future father of her children. Therefore, even innocent missteps in behavior may not be beneficial to a potential candidate for husbands.

The Pig-Woman loves smart men, because she herself is quite educated and well-read. True, her knowledge is usually superficial, she is not inclined to philosophize and delve into eternal topics. However, the ancient Chinese prophesied to the Pig-Woman a rather easy life. She is not inclined to complicate things and do ten problems with one. Pig is easy to communicate, will always support and help with valuable advice. With her there will be no Mexican passions, but stability in relations is assured.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

Try to become what the Pig girl wants to see you. The image of a romantic and noble knight, about which she dreams from childhood, may well suit a modern guy. Observe the simple rules of etiquette - give the girl a hand when she goes out of the transport, help to take off her coat in the restaurant. The Pig Woman appreciates chivalry and attention. The vulgar, mean and rude men have no chance to win her heart.

How to Propose Her a Marriage

Girls of this sign adhere to the traditions in the relationship, therefore simple and even old-fashioned techniques are suitable for courtship. Do not make an offer too quickly, it should not be for the girl a complete surprise. She must get used to knowing you better. But this should not be delayed. The fact that a Pig woman can think too long and analyze your candidacy. Often she does not understand whether she is ready for marriage or not. Prove her reliability and loyalty and then you do not have to persuade your loved one to go with you to the crown.

Typical Mistakes of Boys

The Pig woman wants to be a friend and adviser to the man, but it is unlikely to play the role of a beautiful accessory. Not respecting her as a person, a man runs the risk of losing the location of such a valuable friend. A female Pig is modest in behavior, she has no desire to shine in society and to prove her advantage to a stronger sex. However, it does not endure when it is trampled upon. It is very painful to take treason. The girl of this sign knows her own worth and does not agree to be the second.

The Most Important Thing!

A female Pig is not so white and fluffy, so it may seem. Her patience and kindness has a limit. She is ready to make concessions, but expects a compromise from the man. It will not tolerate frivolous, windy and hypocritical partners. Mature representatives of this sign clearly know what they want from life and are able to develop an ideal strategy for communicating with men. The Woman-Pig does not agree with the fleeting romance and senseless adventures. In her understanding, all relationships must inevitably end in marriage.

Pig Woman Personality in Marriage

Singles among the people of this year are rare. They need a family and their own house "a full cup". In a woman, a Pig woman is boring and predictable, she will not fool you with her whims and contrived problems. In intimate life, the Pig shows a strong temperament, but content with one partner. Treason for such a woman is an extreme step. Usually she remains faithful and honorable until she is overcome by despair.

Pigs disgust quarrels and the very word "divorce". But if it happens that the woman-pig leaves her husband, she will long and carefully seek his replacement, so as not to make a mistake again. Love for her is sacred and unblemished. For her sake, she is ready to change and adjust to her husband. Mature ladies-pigs are more guided by the mind than by the heart. But at any age, representatives of this sign are ready to give the second half the warmth of their feelings. Marriage without love is impossible for them.

Pig Woman as a Housewife

Women of this sign are excellent housewives. They literally read the desires of the household, known by heart their culinary preferences. For the hostess-pig it is not difficult to prepare a dinner from several dishes and complete it with a fragrant dessert. In the household, it is quite practical, although not devoid of aesthetic taste. Pig creates a home as comfortable as possible. For such a woman, the house is a quiet harbor where one can hide from the cruel world.

Pig Woman as a Mother

With the role of the mother she copes perfectly. This woman will never put her career above the interests of the family. Thanks to her pedagogical talent, she is able to instill the best human traits in her child. In return, the mother-pig does not expect unquestioning obedience, the children themselves are drawn to it and are very revered at old age. Despite the shortcomings inherent in each of us, the Woman-Pig is a model of the mother, the wife and just a good person with a capital letter.

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