Rabbit Woman in Marriage

The Rabbit Woman is a tender, kind and mysterious creature. This sign of Chinese horoscope is difficult to describe, because it has many nuances and contradictions. Girls born this year, differ grace and beauty, grace and good taste. Sometimes they may seem dry and indifferent, but their restrained behavior is caused by innate modesty. The Rabbit Girl is the same as the animal of the same name. She can smile and flirt, although the soul is afraid of the pressure and roughness of men.

Approach to such a young lady should be carefully, observing the delicacy and rules of decency. She is just naive in appearance, in fact, the Rabbit woman carefully analyzes her knights, afraid to fall for the bait of an experienced ladiesโ€™ man or a calculating rogue. Girls of this sign will not hang around the neck of the first person they meet, although they can get married quite early. As soon as Rabbit realizes that she has met her man, she will gladly go with him to the crown. Why pull if you love?

What Type of Man Does Rabbit Woman Like?

The ideal of such a girl is a real prince on a white horse. In his youth, all representatives of the Rabbit sign dream of a fabulous overseas bridegroom. However, when they grow up, they realize that princes do not exist, and often marry by calculation. In husbands, the Rabbit woman chooses a strong, courageous and confident man who can fully provide for the family. Such a girl wants to be weak and defenseless, so she needs a defender, not a weakling, who himself needs custody.

A female Rabbit instinctively reaches out to real men, but does not tolerate rudeness, rudeness and deceit. Even in adulthood, she remains a sweet child, who wants to nurse and pamper. In the depths of the soul, the girl Rabbit is very emotional and temperamental. This is its paradox. Often, passions are seething inside her, but she is embarrassed to show it. To admit loving a typical Rabbit is also extremely difficult. If you know a little time, and your girlfriend already says "I love you!", Think about whether she does not cunning?

Behavior of the Sweetheart

So, do not scare the furry beauty. Be sensitive and attentive, give flowers and gifts. No matter how much they cost, the Rabbit girl appreciates the attention. All your words and deeds must come from a pure heart. Rabbits have a wonderful intuition, they feel pretense and falsehood. Do not try to interpret the behavior of a loved one in terms of logic. The Rabbit Girl loves to be capricious, to play a simple girl. But she has a sense of dignity and will not let him trample down!

How to Propose Her a Marriage

Often the girls of this sign idealize men and relationships in general. You need to create a fabulous atmosphere for the bride, make a special offer. Rabbit has a romantic and secretive nature, so she prefers solitude, not a noisy audience. Such important events the girl-rabbit perceives as a kind of ritual. Her feelings for her are sacred and all that touches them must be covered with a halo of mystery. Invite her to marry without outside eyes, sincerely and beautifully. Do not make big surprises. A Rabbit Woman is very sensitive at such moments.

Typical Mistakes of Boys

Do not leave the girl without attention for a long time. For the representative of this sign it is important the physical presence of a beloved man and his willingness to help at any moment. The Rabbit Woman expects frankness and honesty from you. Uncertainty scares her and makes you think about the correctness of her choice. The girl-rabbit must be cherished and cherished constantly. It is like a delicate fragile flower that needs watering and grooming.

The Most Important Thing!

In the relationship, the female Rabbit adheres to the traditions. Her heart can win a determined and reliable man. Even madly in love, she does not get acquainted with the first, but only waits, when the guy will notice her. At the beginning of the relationship, the girl Rabbit tries to understand the purity of the thoughts of the gentleman, does not hasten to open to him. This woman combines intelligence, cunning and femininity, and her strength is her weakness.

Rabbit Woman Personality in Marriage

Rabbits are not alone in life. They need a large friendly family and a cozy home. A female Rabbit in a marriage behaves roughly and discreetly. Stability and prosperity are its priorities. She will not tolerate a man beside her, unable to earn money and provide a family. Rabbit-Wife can smooth out any family conflict, so she often acts as a conciliator in disputes between relatives.

Marriage to a woman of this sign is usually classic and patriarchal. The spouse does not show his emancipation, does not take responsibility for himself. She is prudent, flexible and caring. For men, strong signs are just a godsend! They are ready to carry it in their arms. A Rabbit Woman is able to protect herself, but does so only in case of extreme need. She does not overshadow her husband, but requires respect for her personality.

Rabbit Woman as a Housewife

A typical Rabbit wife is an educated but not working lady. She without hesitation agrees to sit at home and keep the family hearth. Being a calm and secure housewife for her is a very tempting prospect. Rarely what a female rabbit becomes a careerist. Some representatives of this eastern sign work for pleasure or creative realization. But a typical Bunny is an excellent example of a spouse and mistress. She is neat and clean, knows how to cook well. The husband of such a wife will always be full and satisfied.

Rabbit Woman as a Mother

Despite the many positive qualities, it has one significant disadvantage. The maternal instinct of the female rabbit is not very developed. This is because in the soul she herself remains a child and wants to be the center of attention. The rabbit does not mind getting kids, but will not put the child first. At first Rabbit loves herself, then her husband, and afterwards takes care of the children. Perhaps such a model of thinking is useful in some ways and can bring harmony to family relations.

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