Rat Woman in Marriage

Charming, irresistible, seductive - all this can be said about the Rat woman. She has an innate charm so easily makes people sympathy, without any special effort. The Rat was used to fighting for a place under the Sun. This applies to the attention of the opposite sex. She is not ashamed of frank conversations, is not afraid of rivals and is always confident of her victory. A Rat is a fatal woman, who easily conquers men’s hearts. Sometimes she breaks couples just for fun. Her quirky mind is capable of the most sophisticated intrigues. Having met such a girl once, you can not forget her any more.

Since the sign of the Rat is considered strong and masculine, it gives women the typical features of men - iron will, purposefulness and steadfastness. Such ladies are self-sufficient and independent, but still they do not stand alone. The Rat is always surrounded by gentlemen, admirers and just friends, who are pleased with her interesting society. She loves giving false hopes to men, catching in their nets, and then throwing them away. Her tactic of seduction is varied. Today she pretends to be a small defenseless mouse, and tomorrow she will become a dangerous predator.

What Type of Man Does Rat Woman Like?

The woman of this sign is a fashionista and a socialite. She seeks her victims in crowded places, at bright events and loud parties. The requirements for men are very high. The Rat is not interested in the dull "right" guys, it hunts the same quick and confident as herself. Taming a bad Rat is not easy, it is only a smart and patient guy who can do it. She loves the game on her nerves and all sorts of female tricks.

Despite the firm inner core and strong-willed character, the woman of this sign sometimes wants to be weak and needs a reliable male shoulder. A Rat is looking for a man stronger than she. Before embarking on the assault of this fortress, it is worthwhile to adequately assess its capabilities, and even better today is to start working on yourself. A Rat is intelligent and will always appreciate a man. Many representatives of this sign do not believe in love at all, but only until they fall in love themselves.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

You can not buy such a girl with sweets and a banal compliment. Although it is not necessary to immediately throw the world to her feet or climb to the sky behind an asterisk. It is enough to be an erudite interesting interlocutor, to be friends with humor and to love an active way of life. A Rat is not a home girl. More often go out with her in people, visit theaters, museums, go on hikes. As for gifts, the Rat does not so much want expensive purchases, as original. Approach the gift creatively, present it so that the beloved will remember for a long time.

How to Propose Her a Marriage

Here you need an original approach. The wedding ring should not be simple. Let it decorate pebbles or patterns, and the shape will be unusual. When offering your hand and heart, do not use excessive pressure, do not rush. A Rat values his freedom. You must describe the marriage in a way that is beneficial to her. Let her not think that a wedding with you will automatically cease to be a normal life. A Rat is one of those girls who can escape from the crown at the last minute. So do not scare her away!

Typical Mistakes of Boys

Many guys take the behavior of Rats close to heart. Their sociability and looseness often cause jealousy of the gentlemen. Remember, the Rat does not try to offend you intentionally. She needs to communicate with the opposite sex and even easy flirting. If you want the girl not to see anyone but you, you are in the wrong place. Deal with her many fans and admirers, because if she loves you, she will not exchange for the first person she met.

The Most Important Thing!

A Rat can not endure routine and tediousness. Another of its weak points is the rejection of criticism. She herself does not mind making people’s comments, demonstrating a subtle tone, but she can not be criticized! The Rat already knows her shortcomings and struggles with them. You will not discover anything new. Instead of reproach, praise your chosen one, make her a quality unusual compliment. Notice not only the external appeal, but also personal dignity. In return, the beloved will give you gratitude and understanding.

Rat Woman Personality in Marriage

The family for the Rat is one of its clear life goals. First, she can not be lonely, and secondly, marriage can ensure prosperity and status in society. Mature unmarried representatives of this sign are dangerous. They can take away other people’s husbands, break up relationships and families. Seeing the goal, the Rat does not disdain means. Nevertheless, in the family life, this woman becomes a good wife.

Rat wife has time to everything - to build a career, shine in society, love her husband and raise children. Her apartment is clean and cozy, despite the fact that she does not spend much time at home. A Rat throughout the life of a married life gives her husband grounds for jealousy. Do not arrange her scenes with Shakespeare’s passions, it’s better to turn it into a spicy game and thereby diversify the relationship.

Rat Woman as a Housewife

Women born this year are usually excellent housewives with culinary talent. The Rat does not do anything special to please family members. Dishes are delicious from one of her touches. She does not save on relatives, does not spare money for food and gifts. The Rat is convinced that in her house there should be all the best, because in the soul this is a true aristocrat.

Rat Woman as a Mother

Rats have a perfectly developed maternal instinct. They do not worship the soul in children. A child in such a family grows happy and provided, but sometimes he complains about the mother’s lack of attention. The Rat devotes much time to work and social life, so it is sometimes necessary to revise the values and talk more with the children. Such a mother is able to find a common language with a teenager, and even more so an adult child. She does not press on him, gives freedom of choice and does not limit his independence. Therefore, serious conflicts with children in her are rare.

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