Rooster Woman in Marriage

This woman can not be called too gentle and pleasant lady. It is purposeful and straightforward, independent and proud. The female Rooster has a bright, stylish appearance, she follows fashionable novelties, carefully chooses a wardrobe and loves to spend hours spinning in front of a mirror. Before her spell it’s hard to resist, and even harder to catch the changing mood and the train of thought. This is the most inconsistent sign from the entire eastern horoscope. The Rooster woman often changes externally, but her character is rarely changed.

Roosters are both extroverts and closed hermits. In the second case, it is extremely difficult for a girl to find a life partner, because she believes that all men are unworthy of her. The "shtick" of the Rooster is to brag, criticizing others. The girl of this sign loves once again to emphasize her dignity against the background of other people’s shortcomings. If she does not work on her character, it will be very difficult for her to get along with someone. At first glance, the Rooster is cheerful and sociable, but as soon as a dispute arises she will conclude all rivals and prove her case in any way.

What Type of Man Does Rooster Woman Like?

This girl pays attention to the most "selective" and prominent representatives of the stronger sex. It is difficult to please her, you never know what kind of surprise you can expect from Rooster in a skirt. Her ideal is a high-class, interesting and handsome guy, but not a stubborn egoist. To win the favor of such a woman is possible with the help of expensive gifts and public privileges, which she can use. The girl-Rooster should be surprised with refinement and charm, led to the best restaurants.

Although a lady of this type looks at handsome men and macho, she agrees to marry a man who is weaker than her. Many female Roosters subconsciously attract losers and quietly to command them. It is difficult to leave from it, because the iron will of this woman compels us to humble ourselves and unquestioningly obey. In this case, the husband is waiting for the fate of henpecked, and the wife becomes the full head of the family.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

If the Rooster woman does not want to work on her harmful character, try to give in to her, at least sometimes. She always expresses her opinion, even when she is not asked. Learn to take it calmly, say that you respect the views of your beloved, but ask to respect yours too. After making sure that you have a solid inner core and your clear position, the nimble bird will get tired of "fumbling" and will love you as you are. In serious things you need to remain yourself, not to lose courage. Otherwise, you will fall into the Rooster’s eyes, and she will begin to peck you even more.

How to Propose Her a Marriage

Rooster likes everything bright and catchy. Buy a ring with precious stones, you can of sapphires or rubies. But most of all the bride will be pleased with diamonds. They are certainly the best friends of such girls! The Rooster Woman loves to show off and demonstrate her life in public. Therefore, it would not be a mistake to offer her on stage or in a crowded place, so that this joyful event had more witnesses. Emphasize this moment with an expensive valuable gift. If shine and pathos can spoil relations with girls of other signs, then playful Rooster, he will only benefit.

Typical Mistakes of Boys

This girl loves to talk and exchange energy. Her long monologues tire men, but her beloved will have to accept and learn to listen. Let the young lady-Rooster speak out, pour out the soul, understand that her problems are not indifferent to you. Ignore and coldness will only widen the chasm between you. If you want to give a comment, do it as gently and tactfully. Understand that the Rooster girl is an artistic nature, and this annoying rhetoric is part of her complex but fantastic image.

The Most Important Thing!

Rooster woman is a very emotional nature. In relations with her, the main patience and desire to compromise. Diplomacy is clearly not her element, so you have to smooth out the conflicts. Always take the first step towards reconciliation, apologize, even if you are right one hundred percent. Be interesting and different. The Rooster wants to have a whole harem of men in her lover’s face. Become a support for her, and a vest that she can cry, and "free ears".

Rooster Woman Personality in Marriage

This lady used to be everywhere first and the family is no exception. Flexibility is not its priority. The duties of the conciliator and diplomat should be taken by the husband, otherwise scandals and tantrums will be the constant companions of a joint life. Because of the temperamental nature of the female Rooster in marriage shows itself not in the best light. She always says what she thinks, not realizing that this can hurt the household. To an obstinate wife was once "sawing" her husband and criticizing her relatives, you need to take her in an exciting business, for example, buy a subscription to a gym or dance clubs.

To reduce the number of unpleasant situations to a minimum, often bring your spouse to people, visit public places. Her element - the social life. In the crowd, the female Rooster gets the necessary energy and will less often arrange for you home disassembly. Remember that Rooster fuss because of lack of fresh impressions, so your task is to provide them with a wife regularly.p>

Rooster Woman as a Housewife

Women of this sign are good housewives and keeper of the family hearth. But the Rooster’s husbands often play a second role. This alignment does not benefit family relations. The Rooster-woman used to rely only on herself. She does not wait until someone fixes the tap or hammers a nail for the picture. He is well versed in technology, he is able to manage with garden tools. But the Rooster woman’s home decorates with a purely feminine refined taste. She has a chic and glittery home.

Rooster Woman as a Mother

She feels with all her heart for the children, takes care of them in every possible way. But the relationship with the child in the Rooster-mother is not quite smooth. She wants to control everything, does not respect her personal space, she imposes her views. As a result, the mother-Rooster faces the protest and ingratitude of the child. She needs to work hard on herself, learn patience and tact, respect someone else’s opinion. This is the only way to establish relationships with children and become their authority.

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