Snake Woman in Marriage

The Snake Woman is the most mysterious of all the representatives of the eastern horoscope. She is beautiful, refined and well-mannered, loves art and intellectual conversations. The snake avoids noisy companies, where primitive people with low values gather. This is a true aristocrat. She always elegantly and stylishly dresses, watches herself, because she wants to like others (especially men). But Snake is not just a smart coquette, she wants to rule over souls. Usually men fall into her captivity discreetly.

The inner world of the snake woman is very complex and confusing. She prefers stability and comfort to adventures. He does not like changes, but in the life of every Snake there are times when one wants to "lose skin", be reborn and start everything from scratch. This also applies to personal life. Leaving, the woman of this sign burns all bridges, does not turn back and does not return. She is very vindictive and sometimes even evil. Either the Snake will become for you a devoted friend and lover, or a deadly enemy.

What Type of Man Does Snake Woman Like?

Such a woman does not like losers, miser and cads. She is ready to accept the courtship of only cultured, smart and elegant chevaliers. To the marriage Snake is very responsible, long evaluates and analyzes the chosen one. Choosing a man, she is guided more by sober mind than heart. The Snake Woman is not one who falls in love without memory and dies with her beloved on the edge of the world. First of all, she looks at intellect and education, and then - on the size of the purse.

Financial stability is important to the Snake as well as spiritual comfort. The ideal of her fiance is an easy-going, loyal and wealthy man. Frivolity and impermanence frighten off such a girl. She is very serious about the relationship at an early age. The sign of the Snake represents wisdom, patience, calmness and stability. Girls of this sign become beautiful wives - caring, understanding and devoted.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

First of all, the Snake values a person in a man. She likes talking about literature, art, political events. If you doubt what to give to your beloved, stop your choice on an interesting book or an antique gizmo. Such a surprise will be to her liking. It is unlikely that you will be able to adduce a Snake woman to nightclubs. You rarely see her near the bar. Take the girl to a concert of classical music, to the theater or to the ballet. Thus, she will feel a kindred spirit.

How to Propose Her a Marriage

Create an atmosphere of sophistication and charm. Do not make loud statements, do not turn recognition into a pretentious speech. Relationships are sacred for the Snake. Surround this event with a halo of mystery. Supplement the ring with a beautiful memorable gift. It can be a book of poems about love, a small picture or an elegant statuette. The Woman-Snake simply adores such "sacred" subjects. But even being confident in her choice, she can not answer right away. In her every act is a great mystery.

Typical Mistakes of Boys

In order not to alienate this mysterious lady, do not try to make her obedient girl. The Snake is well aware of its role as a woman and keeper of the family hearth. She will prove it, as soon as she ties herself by the bonds of marriage. In the meantime, she has the right to cute whims and personal space. The Snake can not be manipulated, its almost mystical intuition helps to recognize lies and self-interest. Do not criticize the chosen one on trifles and patiently treat her remarks. Trying to crush or outbid the Snake, you risk losing it forever.

The Most Important Thing!

Do not give her the slightest reason for jealousy. The snake is vindictive, offending and betraying it again, you not only miss a terrific woman, but also make a dangerous enemy. She knows how to be sensitive, kind and selfless, but only for those who have proved their loyalty and honesty. It is difficult to win such a woman, but it is much easier to keep it. The only thing she never forgives is treason.

Snake Woman Personality in Marriage

In marriage, the snake woman manifests herself as an exemplary husband and wise counselor. She is monogamous and ready to love one man all her life. The snake needs communication with a strong sex, but it is limited only by business and friendly contacts. She keeps her spiritual virginity, but she can change for revenge or in a fit of despair. The spouse should take the first steps to reconciliation, even if the wife is wrong. A snake can not always admit his guilt, and if he does this, he carefully conceals, suffering in silence.

The woman of this sign is a jealous owner. If for the spouse it is not in the first place, claims and discontent can not be avoided. The snake is jealous of him for work, for friends and even for relatives. Do not take this to heart, but you can not ignore it. Respond to such requests gently and calmly, do not teach and do not punish your wife with indifference. The key to the heart of Snakes is a frank confidential conversation. There are cases when it is better to remain silent or to translate the conversation into a joke. Many Snakes have sadistic inclinations, and their quibbles are peculiar manifestations of love.

Snake Woman as a Housewife

It is difficult to find a better mistress than a representative of this sign. In her kitchen, always clean and tidy, and in the living room - fresh flowers. The snake turns the house into a small museum, pulls together various handicrafts and old accessories. She is very economical, she can be entrusted with the entire family budget. The snake bypasses all the shops to find out where it’s cheaper. Nevertheless, all of its purchases are quality and useful. The snake agrees to become a housewife and take care of her beloved husband.

Snake Woman as a Mother

People of this sign do not particularly like children, but they treat their people with care and trepidation. Often, the Snake conservative methods of education, it accustoms the child to seriousness since childhood, scolds him for innocent pranks and mistakes. In return, the Snake awaits obedience and gratitude, but often gets the opposite effect. In old age, women born this year, even more attached to children and trying to control their lives. The snake sometimes needs to revise its values in order to keep up with the times and not be left alone in the declining years.

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