Tiger Woman in Marriage

A bright, beautiful, energetic Tiger woman is the dream of any gentleman. It is similar to the predator of the same name - the clever and graceful owner of the jungle. Her external appeal is combined with a purposefulness and a subtle insightful mind. A Tiger woman always achieves what she wants, both in work and in love. So many stubborn hearts she won at the front of love! You can not resist such a woman. This brave warrior and hunter for the hearts, but her soul is not devoid of romance and sentimentality.

Men are eager to unravel her great mystery of femininity, behind which lies passion and sensuality, magic of temptation and violent erotic fantasy. But the Tiger woman is not in a hurry to let the men come too close. She plays with them, beckoning to a sweet and dangerous captivity, coquetting, giving false hopes. Beauties of this sign follow appearance, protect their beauty and youth, so they are surrounded by admirers until old age. A Tigress woman loves a male society, but often enjoys loneliness.

What Type of Man Does Tiger Woman Like?

"Ordinary" and quiet man is not her type. This girl can give heart only to a strong and successful man, will inspire him to even greater achievements. She makes novels with different types of guys, but only for the sake of excitement and play. Only the best, talented and charismatic gentlemen can hope for the hand and heart of an unruly young lady. Tigris likes purebred representatives of her predatory species. She needs a man with the same rich imagination and creative imagination.

This beauty is difficult to surprise. Girl Tiger early starts a personal life and at a fairly young age has a lot of experience in this field. She saw many lovers and heard a lot of love sighs. To win the favor of a pretty predator, you need to be special and upscale. Often Tigress demands from the gentlemen more than they are able to achieve. Disappointed, she leaves without saying a word and leaving the poor fellow with a broken heart.

Behavior of the Sweetheart

You can not put pressure on your loved one, try to change it and retrain it. If there is a choice for a Tiger girl - freedom or a man, she will always choose the first. Tigress will not long grieve, do not have time and you blink, as at the feet of your ex is already a new gentleman. With the Tigress you should talk on equal terms, do not expect from her submission. Such women do not adapt themselves to men, but, on the contrary, expect compromises from their side. Give the girl maximum attention, admire her, give flowers and gifts. Otherwise, the Tigress will run away from you very quickly.

How to Propose Her a Marriage

It will take a lot of imagination. It would be nice to take part in the relevant TV project and invite her to become a wife in public. If you prefer to make this event more modest, arrange an unforgettable romantic dinner in the very best restaurant. Prepare the girl a surprise in the form of an original bottle of wine, order her a song with live sound. Let her feel like a queen. You can find beautiful poetry or read a confession in prose. Tigress will appreciate your fresh ideas. When making an offer to her, you should stand out prominently among other men who claimed her heart.

Typical Mistakes of Boys

The Tigress woman does not carry losers and mumbles. In her presence, you can not give slack. In any situation, remain a real man. Girl Tiger does not tolerate cowardice and indecisiveness. If you do not put her shoulder at the right time, she will throw out unreliable companion from life without regret. Give her complete freedom, do not annoy her with pretensions and jealousy. She will always communicate and flirt with other men, but if her feelings are deep, she will never overstep the bounds of what is permissible.

The Most Important Thing!

The key to the heart of the Tigress is adventure and luxury. Give her fascinating travel and extreme emotions. Monotony and routine kill it. Closing a Tiger woman in a cage, even if golden, you will not receive gratitude and humility, but make your life unbearable. Sooner or later this royal cat will escape from the conjugal captivity, and you will get what you deserve! Love her, adore her, exalt her above everyone. For this Tigress will be devoted to you with all her heart.

Tiger Woman Personality in Marriage

Tigress needs a reliable companion of life and a strong family. Despite the impudent nature, the representative of this sign cherishes the family and beloved man. But she needs a lot of personal space to be able to "hunt" for other men. This can manifest itself in flirting, jokes and hints, but the Tiger wife knows how to be faithful. If she gets a jealous husband, such an alliance will not last long. Any reproaches about behavior Tigress perceives as an encroachment on freedom. The spouse is obliged to understand and forgive her lovely pranks.

Feelings of a Tiger-woman resemble passionate tango, and not a calm "slow". Be prepared for mood swings of the wife, to her sudden bizarre ideas. From time to time, she feels the need to reload relationships, revive them with sentimental games. Try to look at his wife as an actress. Appreciate her skillful play and unusual roles.

Tiger Woman as a Housewife

She loves when the house is clean and comfortable, but will not devote herself to family life. Therefore, the husband will have to take on some domestic obligations. In general, the Tigress is a good housewife, she cooks deliciously, and knows how to create a cozy home. However, you must acquire for her irreplaceable helpers - a dishwasher, a food processor, a vacuum cleaner for wet cleaning. Remember that your spouse is an actress and an aristocrat. Her talents should not devour life.

Tiger Woman as a Mother

Tigress is a wonderful mother. She does not accept strict methods of education. Her children receive an excellent education. Mother Tiger is doing everything possible to develop their talents and abilities. It does not prevent them from being determined in life, taking independent steps, making mistakes and learning from their mistakes. Usually, Tigers have one or two children, but they try to give them a happy childhood and a decent future.

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