Monkey Woman

Monkey women are very enthusiastic about sex, approaching it often and openly. The female Monkey requires her lovemaking to be kept exciting or she will get bored quickly. Monkey women are known to become overly infatuated with new partners, becoming utterly engrossed in a new relationship.

Wildly unpredictable, the Monkey woman can cause a great deal of disruption in people’s lives with her frequent mood swings. When properly entertained however the female Monkey can be a very charming and loveable person to be around. It should be noted that she would feel as if it is everyone else’s responsibility to keep her entertained at all times. While the female Monkey will require constant attention, the Monkey woman prefers to be left alone in privacy and isolation for her own personal retreat.

Women born under this sign of the Chinese zodiac generally go against societal norms and feel they have a need to live out an idiosyncratic existence that follows the beat of their own drums. This can cause great difficulties in life, as they do not have a tendency to go with flow of others.

Monkey Woman – Personality and Characteristics

The Monkey woman is even a worse bundle of contradictions and inconsistencies than the male half of the sign. She has numerous faces, each of them possessing its own counterpart, which can be more, less, or equally perceptible. Some people believe she is elusive and devious; in fact, ambiguity and paradoxicality are the more proper words to apply to her case.

One may find her at the same time intelligent and gullible, childlike and blase, malleable and headstrong, generous and mean, magnanimous and petty, subject to sudden impulses and showing extraordinary strength of purpose, devoted to her friends and harsh with her dearest ones, defending ideas of equity and committing injustices, expressing her opinions with courage and absorbing those of others, gentle and having hysterical fits of anger, tender and aggressive, romantic and earthy, methodical and careless, serious-minded and happy-go-lucky, orderly and inclined to anarchy.

In sum, there exists in her a perpetual conflict between the mind and the heart: This is an essentially cerebral creature who lets herself be guided exclusively by her sentiments; consequently her ideas are most of the time in flagrant contradiction with her deeds. Her greatest problem in life, it seems, should consist of striking a good balance between her intellectual requirements and her affectivity – of becoming neither too emotional nor too cerebral. There is no doubt she has the potential of achieving success in this direction, thereby coming to be a most remarkable and charming individual.

The Monkey woman voluntarily poses as an all-out insurgent. Always engrossed in reform ideas of every description, she takes part with gusto in protests of every kind. Unconventional in thought and manner, she delights in blasting all forms of conformism, sometimes going as far as advocating or practicing abortion. Because many people, annoyed by her various crusades, view her as an object of spite, a light touch of persecution complex can easily be detected in her. For all her provocative nonconformism, she does show some inclination toward looking up to really worthy people and respecting their viewpoints.

To this female, the past is definitely past, and there is no point in crying over spilt milk or regretting golden days. Even the present interests her only moderately. The future alone can hold thrill for her. It is why she feels an insatiable thirst for change and novelty, an unfailing love of inventions and discoveries. She gets tired of everything once she has drawn all the fun and excitement from it.

Her originality moves in the superlative more often than that of her male counterpart. It easily becomes eccentricity and craziness, at least in the eyes of the common run of people. She does things the way it pleases her, never bothering about how others may react to it or do them. “Feminity” does not mean much to her as she deliberately chooses to think, talk, and act like a typical man; besides, she seems to be hardly conscious of the differences between men and women, probably because she values others in terms of their intellectual capacities, not of their sex. A relentless individualist, she loves to shock people out of their countenance.

There is no question of doubting the Monkey female’s intellectual acumen. She has nothing to envy the finest men on this score. Graced with outstanding powers of observation and discrimination, she is able to solve the most difficult problems with amazing ease; she also proves an excellent judge of human nature, imbued as she is with a great deal of common sense. She can visualize the future so far ahead that her ideas often seem utterly incongruous at the time she conceives them; but they generally turn out to be quite relevant. A curious mind and a voracious reader, she knows how to ask intelligent questions and appreciate things at their true value.

Usually, she is very tolerant of other people’s ideas, giving everyone his chances to expose his views. She can be wonderfully detached regarding criticisms and cheerfully willing to acknowledge her shortcomings. Yet, it is not quite easy for her to alter her opinions – having the courage of her convictions, she will not budge an inch when she believes she is right. In any case, she can never abide stupidity in those around her – she does not mind being involved with all kinds of people, but not with fools.

Exactly like her astrological brother, she believes firmly in the possibility of a better world, in man’s capacity for improvement. An idealist out to ameliorate mankind’s lot, she sometimes works with a real missionary’s zeal. Her fighting optimism helps her cope effectively with most difficulties and disappointments.

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