Monkey Female and Dragon Male

The Monkey Woman is irresistibly drawn to him. Dragon Man admires her intelligence. She makes him feel like he is king of the world and he can rely on her support and advice. They make a wonderful couple in most respects. The Dragon and the Monkey make quite an interesting, fun, and exciting match sexually, when dating, and even as friends. Both signs are extremely high in energy and enjoy social environments, often leaving their home to explore new cities, bars, restaurants, and other social events or venues they both find intriguing and interesting.

Both signs enjoy pursuing their own personal pleasures, although it is possible to work well with one another if they have similar outlooks on life and goals or plans to accomplish. According to the Chinese Zodiac and Chinese compatibility neither of these signs enjoy holding grudges or arguing, and would prefer to speak their minds and rid the problems they encounter immediately, moving on thereafter.

Dragons and Monkeys in Chinese astrology often find themselves physically attracted to each other, but also mentally and emotionally satisfied in most sexual or non-sexual relationships. The house of a Dragon and a Monkey may be unorganized and messy, as the pair is rarely at home and prefers to spend their time out of the house and with friends and family members.

It is important for Dragon and Monkey signs to consider all risks being taken when they are forming a business together. Because of the nature of the Dragon and the Monkey, business can cause issues with money and with the relationship in general, also affecting their sex life, if all of the decisions made for the business are made hastily.

Monkey Female & Dragon Male Compatibility

You are an ideal couple that adds radiance and beauty to each other. Both of you are very rational, romantic and good at communication. You will build up a warm and harmonious family and advance shoulder to shoulder. The male dragon is enthusiastic and resolute with exceptional abilities, while the female monkey is shrewd, clever and charming. You are attracted by each other.

What is most likely to bring the Dragon and Monkey together in love is a mutual belief in the principle of dynamism. Both are highly active personalities and like to be in the thick of the hurly-burly of life. Had each been paired with a more passive sign like the Rabbit or the Pig, there may have been a major mismatch of personalities and occasional arguments about goals and interests.

The Dragon and Monkey on the other hand both share a get-up-and-go attitude to life though there is an important difference between what attracts the Dragon and the Monkey most - while the former is driven towards large ventures and big responsibilities, the latter’s interests are more versatile in nature. Together though they will keep each other stimulated by engaging in various new pursuits and experiences. This couple’s life is likely to be fast-paced, because they have so many things to do, so many experiences to enjoy and goals to accomplish.

Yet another factor which could work to bring them closer is a common love of socializing. The Dragon is in his/her element when surrounded by a large group of friends and followers and this is hardly surprising since people are naturally attracted to this charismatic and courageous personality. Though in a different way, Monkey too is a master of the social situation, impressing people with their ingenuity, knowing the right things to say to the right people and on the whole, giving full expression to their far-ranging wit and sophistication. Thus the Dragon-Monkey pair will spend many a pleasant evening, wining and dining with friends and like-minded people – engaged in heated debates or firing up lucrative plans and projects.

In the personal sphere, neither the Dragon nor the Monkey is fastidious in nature. Unlike the Rooster or even the Goat, this couple will not be so interested in carrying out the boring chores of domesticity. Though the Dragon would ideally wish to come back to a neat and lovely home, he/she does not have the patience or knack to work for it. The Monkey as it is loves a nice mess. What is important is that this domestic arrangement bothers neither partner - both are comfortable with the way things are at home – indeed they would much rather spend time wandering outside, visiting friends and relatives and pursuing new interests rather than stuck indoors, cleaning and dusting.

Monkey Female and Dragon Male Love Match

The Dragon is drawn to the Monkey’s charisma and the Monkey admires the Dragon’s leadership. They are both ambitious and career minded, making them a wonderful couple. Together, they will explore and lead a very exciting life. This is an ideal match, both romantically and mentally.

Both are more than willing to work hand in hand for a lasting and successful relationship. Both are positive, aggressive, and ambitious and at the same time very observant. The Monkey is skilful and intelligent, while the Dragon is energetic and has great willpower. Both will make full use of their attributes to complement each other. The Monkey’s love for challenges has the support of the Dragon throughout. This amazing pair will pamper one another, work harmoniously and have great understanding with each other.

The biggest obstacle to a compatible Dragon and Monkey relationship is likely to be their highly egoistic natures. The downside of the Dragon’s assertiveness is a tendency to arrogance. They typically think that they know best and others would do well to follow their example. The Dragon has very definite opinions and has never heard of things like putting yourself in someone else’s shoes.

On the other hand, because of their varied experience and expertise, the Monkey gains the natural confidence of being a know-it-all - No matter what anybody says, the Monkey thinks he/she knows better. It is this sense of a superior ability that creates a dent in Monkey’s social popularity but is more likely to rankle an equally egoistic partner like the Dragon. In case the Dragon and Monkey have opposing views on an issue, neither is likely to give way. Each will naturally assume that the other should back down and when faced with an intractable partner, there may be more than a few fireworks good for the relationship.

Yet another similarity in traits which could bode ill for Dragon-Monkey compatibility is a common tendency to take risks, whether in life or work. The Dragon is well known in the Chinese zodiac system as the sign which does not hesitate to go out there and throw the dice – and considering the Dragon’s natural affinity to Lady Luck, more often than not it comes out as the winner. The Monkey too likes to live on the edge; the world of the safe and predictable where a sign like the Ox or Rabbit might feel at home – is not for the Monkey.

In fact it is because of this adventurous streak that the Monkey gathers so much experience and expertise in life but which also makes him/her prone to straying in a relationship. So the problem with risk-taking is that it leaves one vulnerable to loss, on more than one level. Thus a home or business made of Dragon and Monkey partners may be less than secure and open to misfortune in case the couple does not temper their impulsive behaviors with more caution.

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