Monkey Female and Monkey Male

Two Monkeys together will not demand any loyalty from the other officially. They like their freedom. Each will support the other in their career or anything else they wish to pursue. They are terrific companions for each other. Chinese Monkey and Monkey are passionate. They are charming. They have a great time together. They both love to go out. They also share a great intellect. They can discuss topics forever and swap witty remarks with the best.

Monkey signs in Shengxiao go well with one another, especially due to their fun-loving and free-spirited personalities and outlooks on life. Monkeys tend to enjoy the company of other Monkeys in Chinese astrology, as they are social creatures and prefer to be around others who do not demand commitment or loyalty from them, even when they date and are involved in sexual relationships. Instead, Monkeys prefer to have a fun time exploring the world, and love to do so together according to the Chinese horoscope.

Because Monkeys enjoy attention and the limelight, they may argue or have disputes over various business decisions or even big decisions in life they share together, such as purchasing a new home, moving to a new location, or obtaining a job. In most cases, Monkeys are extremely supportive of one another and enjoy making each other happy by supporting their partner’s own interests, hobbies and life pursuits in the Chinese zodiac.

Monkey Female & Monkey Male Compatibility

You share much in common. To have a harmonious family, you have to try to banish your egotism and jealousy. Facing difficulties, you should be impersonal and rational. You can live a happy and blissful life together if you pay attention to be frank and often communicate with each other.

While it is easy to be attracted to this vivacious and energetic personality and even to fall in love with the Monkey, it is quite difficult to be in a relationship with them. Quite difficult for any other sign, that is. This is because the Monkey is best situated to understand and appreciate each other. One of the most fundamental traits they share is a love of new places, people and interests.

They will be happy to go for a movie today and then bob-sledding tomorrow. They thrive on variety and are constantly on the lookout for newer experiences; while this approach to life may have been seen as frivolous and superficial to a partner like the Ox or Rooster, in case of a Monkey-Monkey couple, each will keep the other engaged in a wide variety of experiences and pursuits.

Together with this love of variety comes an abundance of energy. They can easily flit from one interest to another and don many hats as a professional, sports enthusiast, artist, lover, friend, salesperson or hobby companion. In case of a Monkey-Monkey couple, one will join in eagerly if the other suggests a short weekend vacation at a day’s notice unlike an Ox partner who would have been appalled at a rash and impulsive proposal or perhaps a Rabbit partner who would have felt dizzy trying to keep up pace with all this rushing about.

Then again the Monkey thrives in a world of ideas, exchanging information and opinions in conversation and exceedingly curious to know about people and places. In fact their verbal skills is one of the foremost attributes of this sign and a Monkey is quite capable of using this to impress, sell, negotiate and even manipulate should the need arise. This is one of the main reasons why Monkey partners are ideal for each other.

The Monkey are not so much attracted by sensual passions or emotional connections when looking for a partner; they need someone to stimulate their quicksilver curiosity and challenge their nimble minds; and who better placed to do that than another Monkey. Intellectual companionship is what they are actually looking for in all their experimentations with relationships.

Monkey Female and Monkey Male Love Match

This pair could be long lasting as long as jealousy does not appear for both. They are both equally as intelligent, but their intelligence is rather street-smart than book-smart. If both can share rather than fight, they can achieve much more together. Cooperation is the key in this combination if both want this to work. As they are both identical, they can live harmoniously so long as they do not fight over petty issues and remain loyal during hardship.

The Monkey may at times get jealous over their partners flirtatious ways, however it may be of no surprise that they both have similar practices! They may individually express selfish characteristics, but it is only an extension of their scheme-y ways, and they mean no harm by it.

Playful and intelligent, you will see a Monkey pair either extremely successful or the total opposite. They are by nature go-getters and will not stop when they set their minds to something. However, what if their wants are the total opposite – will they part ways?

Charming, a Monkey couple should devote as much time and energy into their relationship as they do tending to themselves individually. That boyish charm, or girlish attraction, will not last forever. If 2 Monkeys were to find each other captivating and hence pair up, they should work on it.

However there are some hiccups that a Monkey couple can expect in their way. Foremost among these is a lack of commitment in the long run. For all their nimble and resourceful minds, the Monkey has an extremely short attention span. The speed with which they are attracted to new interests and ventures is only matched with the alacrity they are able to disengage themselves from their current object of attention and move on to another.

While this is exactly why Monkeys can best understand each other, it could also make for extremely temporal relationships. Once the desire for novelty is satisfied, a Monkey partner might be raring to move on, unless there is something compelling enough to hold him/her back. As long as neither is looking for a long-term relationship this temporality is fine, but then with love one never knows when it begins to demand much more.

Even when two Monkey partners are reasonably loyal to one another, their relationship may suffer from the negative consequences of their unpredictable and changeable natures. Thus there will be a lack of trust in day-to-day affairs. One will never know when the other might decide to come back with a home theater system while out on a simple shopping errand or extend a night-out with the guys to a weekend out-of-town trip. In this way, the Monkey’s innate impetuosity might more than once spill over to a dangerous impulsiveness which will make it difficult for either to depend on each other. While this might not seem such an issue when the two are simply dating, it could turn out to be a major hurdle in case both are sharing a house and a life which brings with it a routine to stick to.

Finally it is in the nature of the Monkey to take the upper hand in any situation – personal or social. Thus two individuals of this same sign may often find themselves locked in a battle of wills, with each bent on having his/her way in the relationship. The Monkey has a high sense of superiority but unlike another egoistic sign like the Dragon, is more likely to take recourse to surreptitious and manipulative means to have his/her own way.

Largely for this reason, the Monkey is known to be the trickster of the Chinese zodiac - thus in a Monkey-Monkey pairing, there is always likely to be a game of one-upmanship, but then again this may also keep the element of challenge and romantic interest alive and kicking.

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