Monkey Female and Ox Male

Monkey Woman and Ox Man will have their head-on collisions in terms of misunderstandings and fights, they hardly ever come to the point of breaking off. All said and done, they have a friendly enemy relationship.

Monkey and Ox signs in are not often ideal when trying to be lovers when dating or pursuing a sexual relationship, but can work well as good friends if they are truly understanding to one another’s personality, interests, and outlooks on life according to the Chinese zodiac. The Ox enjoys harmony and peace at all times, avoiding arguments and conflict that causes stress and anxiety at all costs.

However, the Monkey may be able to benefit the Ox’s life by "spicing up" his or her social life by introducing new friends, locations and venues, and even interests. However, if the Monkey is overbearing to the Ox, the Ox will often retreat and stop communicating altogether with the Monkey.

Monkey Female & Ox Male Compatibility

You have common eagerness for a successful career and wealth accumulating, but you don’t have a consistent way to achieve it. Your opinions always differ, and you can’t convince the other. The male ox is realistic, simple and cautious, and the female monkey is intelligent and good at communication, forward and even somewhat bohemian. The female monkey often doesn’t respect the male ox’s decision, and even scoffs at his hard-earned achievement sometimes, which makes the male ox irritated and quick-tempered.

The initial spark between the Ox and Monkey partners is likely to be a clear case of “opposites attract”. The quicksilver, effervescent and sparking sociability of the Monkey will more often than not floor the stolid and practical Ox. Despite the latter’s natural reserve, the Monkey will quickly help the Ox to open up with considerable conversational skills and once the former gets going, the latter will be gratified to find that behind that fluid tongue lies a mind brimming with curiosity and brilliant ideas. Thus though the imagination may not be an Ox’s strong point, they have sense enough to recognize intellectual brilliance where they see it. Thus the Monkey will appeal to the Ox precisely because of his/her quick mind and intelligent curiosity more than his/her verbal dexterity and social charm.

Then again both the Ox and Monkey possess a healthy sexual nature which can be a strong point in keeping the partners with each other. The Monkey especially can be delightfully provocative in new relationships as well as be trusted to keep the fire of passion burning in long term ones while the Ox is sure to lend a degree of commitment and belonging to the relationship.

However whether the Ox-Monkey relationship will be a success will depend upon the ability of the respective partners to use their differences to support rather than detract each other. The varied resourcefulness of the Monkey - which seems so incompatible to the Ox’s determined nature - can at times be a boon in the relationship; since the Ox is known for their stubbornness, the flexibility of a Monkey partner can do wonders to ease a particularly sticky situation. Likewise the Ox can offer stability to the relationship and ground it in practical success as well everyday routine.

If the two are to make a success of their relationship, each will have to imbibe a little of the other’s positive qualities. Once the Ox learns to be less serious and more open to change, he/she might find that being in love also means having fun. The Monkey on the other hand can absorb the values of permanence and consistency in a relationship with an Ox partner and realize that commitment is not such a bad thing after all.

Monkey Female and Ox Male Love Match

These two may seem too contradictory in character to have a successful relationship, but strangely enough, they can complement each other. Both love success and money, yet both are different in the directions and methods they use to get what they want. The Ox is attracted to the Monkey’s intelligence while the Monkey feels grounded by the Ox’s stability.

However, these two partners can sometimes be too arrogant and dynamic to live together happily. While the Monkey is an extrovert, who stands out naturally in a crowd, the Ox is an introvert and discreet. The Monkey partner is authoritative and may consider his Ox partner lacklustre and unimaginative.

Although both sides of the relationship have superb positive attributes, very seldom have they the chance to display them. Even though the Ox is often oppressed by the Monkey, the Ox will not easily bow down when pointing out the Monkey’s flaws and negativities. Both sides of the game have to possess great control to achieve a mutual understanding.

Despite their initial attraction, the Ox and Monkey might find it difficult to keep the spark glowing once the initial flames of passion have subsided. The Ox might not resent the large social circle of his/her Monkey partner as much as the fact that the latter needs to go out regularly to meet other friends and admirers. The Ox likes nothing better than to relax in their own home, surrounded by material comforts and probably with a hot casserole ready in the oven. A Monkey partner on the other hand thrives on social interactions, verbal exchange and a continuous change in scene. This basic difference might prove to a hurdle in an Ox-Monkey match in the long run.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle to their romantic compatibility is posed by the Ox’s preference for long-term committed relationship while it is difficult for the Monkey to be tied down completely. The latter sign has acquired a reputation of being fickle and prone to cheating on their partners. It is simply that their hugely inquisitive minds need external stimuli in order to feel alive and this is best provided by meeting new people, communicating with them and trying out new experiences.

This sometimes does take the form of brief flings but it is not true that Monkeys are entirely incapable of serious relationships. They just need to be reassured of their personal freedom to be able to commit themselves in a relationship. Unfortunately this is often difficult for an Ox to understand who being staunchly loyal themselves expect the same degree of commitment from their partners and when this is not willingly given, can often turn out to be jealous and possessive.

Then again both the Ox and Monkey have rather strong convictions, even though they may be expressed in different ways. While the Ox is content to lay low for most of the time, when faced with opposition, he/she can be quite stubborn in their views and actions. Likewise the Monkey too can be quite infuriating because of a large ego. One consequence of its dabbling into varied fields of knowledge and experience is that the Monkey gains the natural confidence of being a know-it-all; his/her words and ideas could smack of a sense of superiority that is unlikely to go down well with the Ox.

In the end if the Ox-Monkey match is to be a success, the key word to their personal dynamics will have to be adjustment. Once the two make allowances for each other’s personality traits, the relationship will benefit from the energy and flexibility of the Monkey as well as the solidity and responsibility of the Ox.

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