Ox Woman

A distinct difference in the woman Ox is their general lack of need for the opposite sex. The female Ox is often so self-sufficient and strong-minded, that flights of passion do not sway her simple way of thinking. The female Ox does consider love and sex an important aspect of life, but does not find lovemaking a motivating need in life.

The girl Ox is a very private person in general, keeping only her friends and family close. She will prefer to keep to herself and stay at home rather than seek out social situations. If she does witness something that goes against her beliefs however, the female Ox will quickly become outspoken and let everyone around her know exactly how she feels.

The Ox woman is a simple person, generally modest, and loves to talk. Those around her may grow tired of her constant speech. Despite being one who constantly has something to say, when pressed to speak her mind on views of a given subject, the Ox woman may have a hard time expressing herself.

Ox Woman – Personality and Characteristics

The Buffalo woman shares some fine qualities with the man of the sign. Like him she is noted for her simplicity, sincerity, straightforwardness and benevolence; one could hardly find even a faint streak of guile or malice in her. Her comportment is modest and unassuming. She is generally gay, cheerful, outgoing, happy to live in this world and totally indifferent to metaphysical concerns. But unlike her brother of the sign, who is usually sparing of words, she shows a distinct inclination to be a chatterbox; her loquacity is well-known and sometimes irritating to those around her. Despite her floods of words, she often feels clumsy when it comes to express her views on some subject.

She has a well-developed sense of humor and is capable of making fun of herself and of any circumstances she may happen to find herself in; it is here that she differs sensibly from her male counterpart, who usually takes himself a bit too seriously, and tends to stress the dark side of things. She is also less mistrustful, more expansive than he. In short, it would not be exaggerated to say she is rather easy to live with.

Her feminity she considers something quite natural, and does not understand why other women could wish to be males or have an inferiority complex about their own sex. She looks on feminist claims of equality with men as sheer nonsense, believing sincerely that the two sexes are not comparable and that anyway it is as fine to be a woman as a man. Although she feels in no way inferior to members of the stronger sex, she generally does not want to compete with them in society and prefers, as far as circumstances permit it, to stay indoors and assume a full-time domestic role.

She exists for home more than for anything else. No household or family task seems beneath her; domestic chores of all description always give her great satisfactions. She runs her house with remarkable precision and efficiency, and has a reputation for her sense of order and economy. She delights in playing hostess, to the greatest joy of all her guests. An excellent cook, she has a particular gift for making surprisingly palatable dishes with quite ordinary ingredients. But this woman refuses to play second fiddle to anyone in her own home; she must wear the trousers and be in the position of command – or she will die!

Another of her passions is the family in the largest sense of the word; it represents to her eyes what is the most sacred on earth. She is capable of everything for those whom she loves and always gives them the best of herself. It is not rare that she is well loved and even venerated by members of her family circle. Unfortunately death spares nobody, and the lost of each loved one is uniformly felt by her as a great tragedy; this excessive reaction may have the effect of rendering her moody and melancholic from around the age of fifty onwards.

Whatever may happen to her apart from bereavement, this subject is always prepared to accept without complaint. Her stoicism and resignation really deserve the admiration of all. Despite her strength of character and solidity of purpose, she is rarely in revolt against fate or the course of events. On the other hand, her interest in revolutions and reforms is less than tepid as she feels sufficiently satisfied with the present state of things and does not see any need for a change.

The past – especially the remote past – has a particular appeal to her; it is as though in her eyes the golden age were behind us, not before. She has a deep interest in history, anthropology, archeology, dead languages – in sum, everything related to bygone days fascinates her. In the same vein, she always feels some nostalgia for her childhood and adolescence, which she readily surrounds with a magnificent aura and to which she remains attached forever. She also often complains of what she views as “the general decadence of the younger generation.”

She clings to the tenets of her upbringing with all imaginable tenacity and rigidity. Only the values and principles she knew in her tender years seem to her worthwhile, and she looks with suspicion on anything contrary to her habits and ingrained standards. To her, only in the conservative and conventional way of proceeding through life can one find one’s salvation. The native of the Buffalo has a solid reputation for being an extremely hard worker. Nothing seems to her more ruinous than inactivity. She openly despises the idle, the lazy, and all those who do not have to work in order to live.

Underlying her love of work is perhaps her deep-seated horror of want and financial debt. In any case, she does everything in her power to attain and preserve her material security. If circumstances do not permit her to be self-sufficient, she may resort to venality – for instance, to make a mercenary marriage – without a particular complex or sense of culpability. Moreover, she lets herself be easily impressed by outward manifestations of wealth. One may reproach her for her undue attachment to material possessions, but it must be acknowledged that affluence gives her a wonderful feeling of well-being.

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