Ox Female and Pig Male

The Ox woman and Pig man are quite a charming couple according to Chinese astrology, as the Pig adores spoiling the Ox woman with affection and gifts. Because the Ox woman is stable and the Pig man is a hard worker, they can live in quite the harmonious environment together once committed.

The Ox and the Pig work well together in the Chinese zodiac, especially if the pair are in love or romantically linked and dating or pursuing a sexual relationship. The two signs are sensual and work well with one another when spending time one-on-one having "date nights", lounging around the house, and even napping the day away together. The signs, although both hard workers, are not lazy, but enjoy each another’s company and often find themselves craving a calm and happy lifestyle complete with sizzling sensuality and at times, luxury.

Ox Female & Pig Male Compatibility

You are really gone on each other, but you need a long mutual accommodation period to make your relationship better due to your different life experiences. The male pig is steady, open-minded, conscientious and responsible, and the female ox is gentle, cultivated, diligent and systematic. The male pig often gets angry because of the female ox’s excessive devotion to work and conservative life style, while the female ox hopes the male pig could bring her more material luxury.

The male Pig is a social butterfly, as odd as that image may seem, and enjoys stepping out once in a while. But everyone that steps out must inevitably step back in, and that’s where the female Ox applies her skills. She will craft a home environment that will make even the most hedonistic of Pigs want to stay home as often as possible, and his happiness will be her happiness.

In return she will be willing to shine on his arm for special occasions. She will also rein in his tendencies to scatter money like raindrops at the slightest prompting, and may rid him of several unwanted friends in the process. These two Signs will come to grow fond of their little differences, and will grow old together in complacent joy.

One of the most important factors bringing about romantic compatibility between the Ox and Pig is a common love of a simple life and homely pleasures. Both are peace-loving people; the Ox and Pig like nothing better than to share a life free from stress and the distractions of the external world. Neither is highly sociable – while the Ox may prefer to hang out with only few familiar friends and family, the Pig is shy and reticent by nature. Both are perfectly happy avoiding the limelight and will rarely look outwards – in a physical as well social sense – for recreation and leisure. In this sense, the Ox and Pig are well-matched since with a highly gregarious partner, there would have been a possibility of conflict over going out and staying in. Both the Ox and Pig would much rather be with each other and pursue other quiet interests instead of a hectic evening in noisy company.

And yet this is not to imply that the Ox-Pig love match would be apt for a monastic living. Far from it, in fact; both signs have strong sensual appetites and are fond of the good life. Thus the Ox and Pig pair are likely to indulge each other with good food, fine wines and other lovely things that the world has to offer. Indeed one of the biggest factors working in favor of Ox-Pig compatibility is a healthy sexual appetite. Both are passionate lovers and their love life is likely to be highly charged.

However what appears to work best for this pair is the ability of each partner to complement the other. While the Ox man would be gratified by the kind and loving nature of his Pig partner, the latter in turn would benefit from the emotional and material security provided by the male Ox. For his part, the male Pig will be more than happy to allow her the upper hand in the relationship and the female Ox will respond by being loyal and devoted till the very end. Thus once the two signs dig deep into their natures to support each other, they will find their relationship not a conventional compatibility but an oasis of love, affection and harmony.

Ox Female and Pig Male Love Match

This couple will push each other to succeed and improve. The Ox behaves well and focuses very much on the Ox’s goals. The Pig trusts, understands, and will support the hardworking Ox partner. The Pig’s sensual and self-sacrificing nature will be great in encouragement to make him less adamant and uncommunicative.

In this union, the sensibility of the Ox may clash with the Pig’s love of fine things. The affectionate Pig’s generosity will be mistaken as extravagance by the more frugal Ox, whilst the hard-working Ox may prove too much for the Pig to handle. Both approach work from different perspectives, with the fun-loving Pig working to ensure his leisure time, and the serious Ox working to ensure job satisfaction. In the end, the self-discipline of the Ox and the joviality of the Pig may prove too much for this match.

The biggest hurdle that an Ox and Pig match needs to overcome in their relationship is one of different temperaments. While the Ox is grounded in a practical and realistic view of life, the Pig is often driven by emotional compulsions. The Ox man might find his Pig girlfriend or wife too removed from the basic realities of life; in fact to a practical guy like her introspective and shy nature might seem dangerously close to a kind of escapism.

In fact the Ox may even be irritated at the Pig’s incredulous streak and the way he/she is often taken advantage of by the unscrupulous. The female Pig on the other hand might find her Ox partner unable to understand and respond to her deep powers of intuition and her desire to help others. At times the Pig may even be hurt by the insensitive attitude of her partner not so much because the Ox has a scathing tongue but because she may be extra sensitive in her feelings.

Yet another source of trouble for this pair could lie in a common streak of obstinacy. Despite having a pliable and kind demeanor, the Pig can be one of the most stubborn of the animal signs in the Chinese zodiac. They have a fixed quality which is unique in this astrological system so that once the Pig decides that this is what he/she is going to do – no matter how fool-hardy or difficult the course of action is – they will simply not be deviated from their intentions.

Likewise the Ox is well-known for his/her obstinacy which emerges from a deeply-felt resistance to change; the Ox likes the way things are and always have been and if he/she has to adopt or adapt to something new, there better be a very good, material reason for it. In the event that the Ox and Pig see things differently, each is likely to dig in its heels and refuse to budge – this may eventually prove damaging to the relationship.

In the end, the secret to a compatible relationship between the two lies in each being able to support the other without getting their individual biases in the way. Once they do this, the Ox will find in their Pig lover an extremely adaptable partner who is often willing to take their egoistical bouts in stride. The Pig will on the other hand find a supportive partner in his/her Ox who is more than ready to offer material security and a life-long promise of love and loyalty.

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