Ox Female and Rabbit Male

The Ox and the Rabbit are extremely compatible and they are two of the kindest and most generous souls that are included within the entire Chinese zodiac. Although the two signs often have trouble communicating emotions and feelings (due to shyness and being timid), once the pair has grown comfortable with one another, it is possible to have an ideal relationship with optimal communication according to Chinese astrology.

The Rabbit and the Ox enjoy staying at home and enjoy a quiet and peaceful connection together, sometimes at a very intense sexual connection, depending on the emotional bond between the two. The signs prefer to be cozy and comfortable at home rather than spending time out in loud environments or indulging in social events and affairs.

Rabbits and Ox signs depend on family and friends for support and comfort and enjoy spending time with them in their own homes (Rather than going out to gather). Rabbits and Ox signs also have the opportunity to work together as business partners, oftentimes with the Rabbits following the steady lead of the Ox sign. Ox’s think out plans thoroughly and steadily before making any decisions with business, which can help with the success that is earned. Although the Ox is a steady worker and is often the leader of the pair, the Ox’s kind and gentle nature is ideal for the Rabbit’s kind soul, allowing the Rabbit to feel loved and respected at all times by the Ox.

Ox Female & Rabbit Male Compatibility

You are a couple that requires mutual trust and encouragement. Your disagreements are due to your personality difference. The only binder between you is your joint efforts for love. The male rabbit is gentle, wise, merciful and open-minded. While the female ox is realistic and reserved, and likes to stick to convention and to live a conventional life.

These two Signs are made for each other, as both are decidedly the marrying kind and will gleefully escort each other straight to the nearest altar. The male Rabbit is very much a creature of routine, and the solid and dependable female Ox will confirm him in his view of a regular reality. She will be more than happy to handle the household accounts, and in all respects keep their conjoined lives running like a Swiss watch.

True, the two may end up in a bit of a rut, especially in bed after hours, but neither Sign is exactly what one might call a creature of novelty, and these two see reassurance where others might discern the ugly specter of monotony. The two can rely on each other, and that alone trumps any number of fancy declarations of intent for them.

One of the most promising areas in this aspect is their mutual love of peace and avoidance of conflict. The Ox is a peace-loving sign and is usually content to let others be as long he/she is left to enjoy his/her own pleasures. This trait is well symbolized by the actual animal who is perfectly happy to sit chewing flowers in a field and will not bother anybody as long he is not being poked and prodded. The Rabbit is in fact even more geared to avoiding unpleasantness and attracted to balance in life. Stress and conflict of any kind is absolutely abhorrent to them and they will sometimes go to great lengths to ensure that harmony and peace reigns. In this way both signs have enough patience and consideration not to do anything rash which is why their relationship has every chance of success in the long run.

Then again both the Ox and Rabbit share a love for the finer things of life and this acts as a great point of attraction since they will find in each other a companion with good taste and discriminating choice. The Ox is particularly attracted to creature comforts - both the male and female of the zodiac sign likes to be indulged since their earthy nature is flattered by all the delights of the senses. Therefore a perfect evening for him would most probably mean a spread of good food and wine, excellent music and the sight of sparkling crystal dinnerware.

This love for the good life also means that they are very proud of their table and that their social lives would be centered on hosting friends and family. This suits the Rabbit fine who is noted for his/her popularity in their social circle. The Rabbit possesses an intrinsic ability to get along with all kinds of people and have an almost uncanny knack of putting people they meet at ease. Also one of the most important principles in a Rabbit’s life is that of beauty and harmony which is why they like their homes to be filled with pleasantly decorated, something that the house-proud Ox partner is sure to be take pleasure in.

As much as the Ox and Rabbit share many personality traits, a compatible love match can also be based on the way they can complement each other. One of the most difficult aspects of Ox as a partner is his/her obstinacy – while another egoistic sign like the Dragon or even the Monkey may find it difficult to accept the Ox’s inflexible position on certain issues, the Rabbit is more likely to cope on account of its meekness and diplomacy. On the face of it the Rabbit will calmly defer to his/her Ox’s partner opinions thus avoiding a conflict of egos but at the same time the Rabbit will be able to convince the Ox to come around by means of his/her quietly persuasive skills.

Lovemaking will be a pleasant experience for both, though containing none of the fierce intensity of the Snake lover or the emotional depth of the Pig partner. To their lovemaking, the Rabbit will bring romance and delicacy while the Ox will provide a passionate sensuality.

Ox Female and Rabbit Male Love Match

The reliable Ox will find the friendly Rabbit attractive and vice versa. The Rabbit and Ox pair is another set of opposite personalities. However, the plus side is that the negativities of one partner are complemented by the positive traits of the other partner. The Rabbit likes to relax and will make sure the Ox does not work too hard. The Ox can have a big ego but the Rabbit’s diplomatic nature always ensures that the Ox’s feelings are not hurt.

One of the main differences in personality is the issue on sensitivity. The Rabbit is sentimental, gentle and much attuned to other people’s feelings, while the Ox lacks the sensitivity to understand and appreciate the Rabbit’s personality. The Ox needs to learn to be more tactful and not criticize the Rabbit too blatantly and hurt the Rabbit’s feelings. On the other hand, the Rabbit can be self-centered and desirous by nature, while the Ox is disciplined, realistic and virtuous.

Dear bulldozing Ox, if you don’t agree with what the Rabbit is doing, please don’t push the Rabbit too much. She may just hop away! Although this relationship may be difficult to maintain, if they truly care to make things work, this union will last for a long time.

However over time, over time the Ox partner might find that his/her company is not sufficient to hold back the Rabbit who is essentially social and likes having people around him/her. While a Rabbit’s sociability is not driven by a need for external validation like perhaps in the case of the Rat, he/she is nevertheless extremely popular among friends and exes for their elegant charm, graceful manners and a unique ability to put people at ease. The Ox on the other hand likes nothing more than spending their leisure hours at their comfortable home, ensconced in a huge soft armchair or rustling up delicacies in a fully-equipped kitchen. To them, social gatherings and parties are a bore and if the occasion demands it, they would much rather host close friends and family members at his own place.

What could pose another problem for the Ox-Rabbit compatibility is the former’s need for emotional security and the latter’s indecisiveness where commitment is concerned. The Ox must know that a lover belongs to him/her completely in order for them to be content in love. However the Rabbit possess a curious detachment from the world of emotional entanglements and would be irritated with the unquestioning devotion demanded by an Ox partner.

In the end though, both the Ox and Rabbit are united in their tendency to think long and deep before taking upon any commitment; neither are rash and impulsive with their promises. This fact will go a long way in building up mutual trust since whenever the two decide to enter a committed relationship, both will know that it is for keeps.

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