Ox Female and Snake Male

Although the Snake man and Ox woman within the Chinese zodiac make great pairs in Shengxiao, they can come to find tension if they are not able to compromise. The Ox woman will pursue a Snake in order to settle down and to have a stable home life. The Ox woman also prefers to plan her schedule and life in advance, whereas the Snake relies on impulses and emotions to base his decisions, which can cause arguments to arise when dating and abiding by Chinese horoscope.

The Ox and the Snake make a wonderful pair as they both enjoy working hard and also value family and a stable home life in general according to Chinese astrology. Although from the outside, a relationship between a Snake and an Ox may appear boring, tame, or "normal", the relationship is often complete with plenty of passion and interesting quirks that make for a long-lasting connection with the pair.

Ox Female & Snake Male Compatibility

You are a good match that can stick to each other through all life’s ups and downs. Both of you are cautious, pragmatic and diligent, and have common belief, prime mover and excellent judgement. Your combination will create a happy marriage full of tenderness and sweetness. The male snake is calm, persevering and wily, capable of dealing with all the emergencies and hardships. The female ox is loyal, strong-minded and trustworthy, and can put all the household chores in order methodically.

The male Snake should take great care not to presume too much upon his partner the female Ox’s patience. Should he be too venturesome outside the boundaries of what the Ox considers their inviolable association, she will feel hurt and cheated and taken advantage of, with the result that she will put her foot down with finality upon the shattered husk of their mutual romance.

After this occurs, not all the wiles of the Snake’s clever tongue can conjure a way back into her good graces. The female Ox values her companion’s probing wit and vast knowledge of odd facts, and her practical streak will appreciate his assistance in her many projects. As long as he behaves, these two should be able to last a good long time together.

A common disposition in terms of recreation and socializing is what brings the Ox and Snake very close to each other. Both have deeply sensual natures and are fond of things and experiences which grant pleasure to the senses. Thus good food, fine wines, soft furs and pleasant things to see and hear may be only some of the interests that are likely to bring this pair together. Only a minor difference may be present though – the Ox is more partial towards creature comforts while the Snake is a greater connoisseur of high culture. And yet both are likely to move in the same circles and take pleasure in almost the same things. This is an important factor in raising the compatibility quotient of the Ox and Snake since when two people enjoy doing the same things with each other, they are more likely to stay together.

Then again both the Ox and Snake share rather similar views on socializing. Even though both enjoy meeting and hosting friends and family, neither is a social butterfly. Unlike the Rat or the Monkey, these two don’t feel the need for constant social interchange either as a way of exploring different thoughts and ideas or in order to seek personal validation. In case of the Ox, a cautious disposition is an overriding trait. In every aspect of life, they like to tread carefully – whether entering a business partnership, choosing new furniture or making new friends.

They like the way things are and are usually slow to warming up to the possibilities of something new. It is thus love of familiarity that leads the Ox to have a limited but extremely tight social circle. The Ox loves his/her routine, the known faces and familiar way of doing things and would be highly disconcerted to find an old one missing and replaced by something new. The same is true of the Snake as well but in their case, the love of the familiar arises from an essentially private nature.

Much like the actual snake of the animal world, this personality type prefers keeping to him/herself and is only glad to be left alone. The Snake could spend a perfectly happy day simply lazing about in the sun and reading a good book or listening to music indoors as it rains outside. They do not feel the need to surround themselves with human company and neither do they hanker for new and sensational experiences. As a couple thus, the Ox and Snake are likely to understand and appreciate each other’s preferences; neither is likely to the push the other into something that he/she is unwilling to do - each will let the other partner be.

Finally with a definite sensual basis to both natures, the Ox and Snake will have a satisfying physical relationship as well. Each understands the importance of sexual fulfillment and will go an extra mile to indulge each other’s amorous sides.

Ox Female and Snake Male Love Match

The Ox and Snake combination is a good one. The Snake is materialistic and will admire the Ox for what the Ox can provide. The Ox finds the Snake pleasant and observant. Both will complement each other; the Ox will look for the Snake as support and the Snake will be proud to have someone like the Ox.

The two are very selective and they will find that they made a good decision in choosing each other. They are both humble, and share the same beliefs and ambition. The combined strength of the Snake and Ox is much greater than each one on their own. The Snake will learn to trust the Ox, and they will support each other through any difficulty. Together, they can rely on each other in times of crisis. They will have a happy life together.

And yet the same calm approach to life and love can be a reason why the Ox and Snake couple can drift away from each other. At times they can be too alike, too quiet and subdued, to keep each other interested in the relationship. Their personal equation can lack fire and excitement which often goes a long way to provide an element of stimulation and even challenge to keep a relationship alive and kicking.

Then again one of the foremost requirements of the Ox in a relationship is emotional security. Just like the Ox likes to be associated with solid ventures in the material world, so too in personal relationships, he/she needs to feel that a partner is entirely committed and there is no scope for any ambiguity. However love is not such a straightforward matter with a complex character as the Snake. The latter prefers to keep several layers of his/her personality private and even a partner of many years may find out that there are aspects to this individual that are still a mystery. So while the Snake can develop warm relationships through life, he/she does not allow many people into their intimate circle and virtually no one into the deepest recesses of his/her heart. This can be a sort of hurdle in a relationship, especially with one so keen on mutual and exclusive commitment as the Ox.

Any relationship with the Ox is vulnerable to the negative effects a strong streak of obstinacy. The Ox much like the animal which symbolizes this zodiac sign can be extremely stubborn in nature and faced with different views may dig in its heels and refuse to budge or even consider an alternative perspective. This trait has a tendency to slide into arrogance when the Ox man or woman would expect a partner to fall in with his/her wishes and priorities. Whereas such a dominant streak might have been properly dealt by an adaptable personality like the Rabbit, it may fall foul of an intriguing and independent nature as the Snake. And yet the Snake is also equipped with keen psychological insight which in the end might eventually help him/her to understand the Ox partner better.

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