Pig Woman

The female Pig is a deep and true lover. She will not enter into a physical relationship until an emotional one has been well established. This can take a long time for the female Pig, but once she has found it, it is likely to last a lifetime. Adventurous in other areas of life but not the bedroom, you will find the Pig woman prefers to keep things tame in the bedroom.

She prefers a warm and trusting environment for her relationship to grow in. The Pig woman will nurture an open and honest atmosphere for the relationship to thrive. Sentimental by nature, it is easy for her to become too attached and emotionally smothering for her mate, so the female Pig must take care not to push away her companion with her constant attention and affection.

As a hostess the female Pig is well known for her hospitality and food. She is overtly polite and quite popular in all social circles. The Pig woman is quick to forgive and will not stay mad at anyone for any extended period.

Pig Woman – Personality and Characteristics

The Pig woman’s psychological fabric is highlighted by her great emotional instability. She may be overoptimistic and in an excellent humour at one moment, then sinks into deep pessimism and depression at the next moment. Constant fluctuations are part of her personality. As a reaction to such sudden changes she tends to overindulge in sensual pleasures, it is true, but it would be unjust to accuse her of hedonism.

She is even more suggestible and impressionable than her male counterpart. One could hardly find a more pliable person than this subject. Her passivity is such that she willingly lets herself be unduly influenced by others, particularly by the men in her life, even when her own vital interests are involved. This, coupled with her exceedingly naive and credulous nature, often induces her to take a kind of perverse pleasure in a martyr complex. However, when old age comes, she is likely to regret having been too self-effacing, too accommodating.

Reluctant to seek to distinguish herself, the Pig female can perfectly satisfy herself with mediocrity. She has little desire to make the effort necessary for accomplishment, and is keen on displaying an air of helplessness as a justification for her lack of motivation and ambition. But in place of willpower she is largely endowed with patience, tenacity, and resignation. Even more than the Goat native, this woman has a kind of sixth sense, and her intuition is insuperable. She senses everything with great delicacy and accuracy. There is no way to tell her lies, for her soft eyes possess a sort of laser that runs through her interlocutors.

Her sensitiveness verges on pathology. Too deeply afraid to suffer, she is fearful of almost everything, especially of anything new and surprises, be they good or bad. Any kind of criticism can hurt her profoundly and make her feel utterly miserable. For this reason she is not quite easy to deal with, and those who want to please her are often at a loss to go about it. Self-pity is not the least of her negative character traits. She cries her eyes out easily, sometimes for no apparent reason at all. She often feels sorry for herself when she does not have her own way or when she believes herself unfairly treated by life or other people.

There probably exists no Pig woman without a childish comportment, and this regardless of the number of her years. The problem with the native of the sign is that she never consciously wants to go beyond the girlish stage, which gives her a comfortable feeling of security. As a consequence she always strongly feels the temptation to evade reality and responsibility. Nothing would trouble her more than being confronted with the necessity to take decisions. Whether she admits of it or not, she constantly desires to be mothered and enjoy all the familiar comforts of home, trusting someone else to solve all her personal problems in her place.

Her Oedipus complex constitutes an inescapable part of her psychological make-up. It may sometimes proves devastating by posing as an insurmountable obstacle to her growth and inducing her to lesbianism. In any case her attachment to her parents, especially to her father, can be so strong that she never wants to leave home and marry at all. Indeed, the number of Pig spinsters is quite impressive! The Pig woman is possessed of a phenomenal memory for the simple reason that she attaches the utmost importance to gone-by things. Perhaps she subconsciously associates the past with the security and happiness of childhood. She loves to refer to her past, and an explanation for almost any of her likes and dislikes may be found in it. She treasures old pictures, old toys, old letters, and rarely discards old ties and friendships. It is quite understandable, then, that her conservatism equals anyone else’s.

Her interests are very domestic, which does not favourably predisposes her to the idea of the liberation of women. A talented and devoted home-maker she delights in entertaining people and shows herself an admirable hostess. She also has a deep love of all vulnerable beings – she becomes crazy at the sight of any baby she passes and fills her home with all sorts of strayed animals.

She dreams enormously and at all times. Many of her daydreams have a good chance of coming true, and some of her night dreams are distinctively premonitory. There exists in her an irresistible compulsion to deform, travesty, and embellish reality. In this context she loves to dress up and has a predilection for carnivals and fancy masked balls; she also tends to tell “lies,” which actually are not lies but only a manifestation of her need to give life a more romantic, more picturesque aspect.

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