Pig Female and Goat Male

When this pairing consists of a Pig woman and a Goat man, they will be quite happy. Any differences will be small. No matter what the cause for tension or upset, he will take the blame. Her good temper will help resolve any issues. While both may be inclined to feel down, eventually the sun comes out again and they regain their happiness. This is a very happy relationship in many areas and they will easily forgive one another.

The Pig and Goat signs work well together romantically and sexually, or when dating casually as well. The Goat and Pig are both dedicated and sensitive lovers, which can make for a long-lasting relationship according to the Chinese zodiac.

Pig Female & Goat Male Compatibility

You are a happy union that is deeply engrossed in family life. Both of you are willing to make concessions, so few conflicts take place in your life together. The male sheep’s romance and creativity bring much novelty to the female pig, while the female pig’s honesty and care make the male sheep more and more confident.

The male Goat and the female Pig will be more than happy to give each other the space to pursue their own interests, without being so distant that the relationship self-destructs in the starting gate. Both of these aesthetically gifted individuals appreciate the finer things in life and the arts and will find much to praise in each other’s company.

The female Pig is a fount of advice that may help to bring the male Goat back to reality once in a while, while he, in turn, can give her a broader perspective and keep their shared life interesting. The Goat’s occasional fits of temper, whether justified or not, can be calmed by the cheerful and pragmatic Pig, and she can always provoke a smile. This duo can be very healthy for each other, which explains its durability in the face of time.

The chief reason of the high degree of love compatibility lies in the fact that both the Goat and Pig are emotionally receptive to each other’s needs. As a result both signs are able to intuitively understand each other’s expectations in a relationship and do their best to meet them. Both the Goat and Pig are only too willing to reach out to each other emotionally and are happiest when sharing their deepest feelings of love with one another. Had one of the partners belonged to the ranks of the Tiger or Rat, he/she would have tried to intellectualize everything whereas in case of the Ox or Rooster, logic would have taken precedence over emotions. Instead with each other, Goat and Pig are assured of having their emotional needs understood and responded to.

Then again both Goat and Pig are keen to find emotional security in a relationship. Unlike the Horse or the Tiger, they are not fiercely protective of their personal freedom. And even though the Goat has a greater tendency to be jealous than the Pig, both feel reassured when they know that their love and loyalty are returned in equal measure.

Yet another meeting point of the two signs is in their common love of a peaceful way of life. The Goat is deeply attached to his/her home and is happiest when surrounded by domestic comforts and homely pleasures like good food, a lovely garden or even a bustling family. Though the Pig is not as domestic as the Goat, even he/she prefers quiet, intimate pleasures instead of jet-setting all over the town. Neither the Goat nor the Pig is particularly gregarious in nature – unlike the Horse or the Monkey they do not seek the company of strangers or the thrill of new pursuits in order to feel alive. Both the partners are the shy, retiring type and would be much happier socializing with a close circle of friends and family rather than making dizzying rounds of the social circuit.

Finally the Pig and Goat can complement each other quite nicely when in a relationship or sharing a home. While the Goat will ensure that their home is comfortable and nicely-decorated, the Pig will have no problem keeping a job and earning the money for the household. This is because for all their love of a quiet life, Pigs are actually sincere people and thus always complete a job that they once start.

Pig Female and Goat Male Love Match

Both have much in common and their union will result in a stable marriage. Neither of them needs to make major adjustments to their personality and both are very homely by nature. The sociable Pig is not as sensitive as the Sheep, who may take offense easily.

Where others may see the Sheep’s concern and mothering as possessiveness, the chivalrous Pig will appreciate the gentle Sheep as devoted. Theirs is a warm, intimate relationship between two generous and thoughtful individuals, who are only too happy to make one another the centre of their lives. Thus for once, the compassionate Sheep may do what she does best, without the worry of being viewed as being overprotective.

However even a pairing which a high degree of mutual similarity needs to watch out for potential hurdles. One could rise from the Goat’s penchant for lavishing a partner with so much affection that the latter is overwhelmed for lack of breathing space. Even a benign nature such as the Pig might feel suffocated and swim away for some much-required solitude.

The Pig in turn can be quite obstinate in his/her own way; they have a fixed quality which is unique in this astrological system so that once the Pig decides that this is what he/she is going to do – no matter how fool-hardy or difficult the course of action is – they will simply not be deviated from their intentions. This is hardly likely to go down well with the Goat who is quite capable of revealing his/her horns when pushed too far. Thus in case of a situation where interests and priorities clash, neither partner will be willing to give way and in extreme situations, the relationship may even come apart on account of lack of mutual adjustment.

A far more serious problem that the couple might face is an excess of subjectivity. Both the Goat and Pig are deeply emotional beings and are used to look upon a situation from the filter of personal feelings and emotions. This leads to an absence of objectivity in the relationship where everything ends up being about hurting or pleasing each other; an excess of emotionality can also prevent the partners from taking things in perspective so that minor problems of day-to-day living take on the proportion of huge disasters.

Finally the relationship could fail on account of a lack of material security. Neither partner is particularly financially savvy or even of a practical bent of mind. Thus issues related to expenses, investments and savings are likely to plague this couple. The Goat and Pig partners may especially find themselves spending more than they should on account of their shared love of the finer things of the world. Ideally there should be a trusted third party to guide their finances, in case of which the Goat-Pig couple would have the best of all worlds.

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