Pig Female and Horse Male

When this pairing consists of a Pig woman and a Horse man, he will gain quite a bit while she loses a lot. This will equal out as the years go by. She is vulnerable and suffers greatly to put up with his adventuring. He won’t pay much attention to her domestic skills. She won’t understand his need for freedom.

The Pig and the Horse signs work well together romantically and sexually when dating, as long as both are willing to compromise and put in a bit of extra work in order to keep both partners satisfied and happy at all times in the relationship according to the Chinese zodiac. The Pig and Horse are often attracted to one another at first sight due to the Horse’s sensual magnetism in addition to the sensuality the Pig possesses that responds well with the Horse in may situations.

Although the signs are quick to find physical and sexual attraction with one another, they can become somewhat difficult when living with each other under the same roof. Generally, the Pig prefers peace and quiet with a steady lifestyle, whereas the Horse finds this too constraining and will flee if he or she feels that they are being smothered by the Pig’s need for an emotional and sensual connection, even when it comes to sex itself. However, because of the deep passion and love the Horse has with being in love, he or she is often able to reciprocate the needs of the Pig, which can lead to a long-lasting partnership.

Pig Female & Horse Male Compatibility

You can tolerate each other, but are not able to fully accept each other. Being a typical leader, the male horse is self-centered and jealous. The simple, kind and mild female pig thinks much of the ties of friendship, and often make concession to her husband. However, the male horse usually returns her with his self-indulgence and coldness.

The male Horse is very fond of the accurate portrayal of his strong emotions, and these shall meet with enthusiastic reciprocation in the female Pig, who admires and respects candor in her chosen mate. The two are very fond of shared celebrations, and the Pig will never usurp the spotlight from the vain Horse, who needs to be the center of attention.

The inherent selfishness of the Horse can prove to be a bit frustrating for the ever-patient Pig, especially when he manages to forget occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, but overall she will continue to regard him with the same frustrated affection as that a mother might lavish upon a wayward child. Oblivious as the Horse is to condescension, these two should get along well together.

At the outset, the Horse and Pig are likely to be attracted to those qualities in a partner which neither possesses in him/herself. Thus the male Horse who is used to living and striving for himself alone will be impressed by the graceful feminity and the affectionate heart of the female Pig. Likewise the female Pig will be struck by the easy confidence and electric vivacity of the Horse boyfriend. On the other hand, the male Pig will romance his beloved with wine, red roses and long drives in the moonlight while the Horse woman will respond with an ardor and vivacity that will take his breath away.

The Horse and Pig being so radically opposed in terms of personality, any chance of a compatible relationship depends upon the couple’s ability and willingness to complement each other in the relationship. While the firebrand Horse is all about energy, vivacity and often aggression, the Pig is peace-loving, caring and rarely ambitious for material success. Even the symbol of the two zodiac signs are indicative of the differences that exist – the Horse indicating aggression, strength and a fierce independence while the Pig is associated with timidity and an inability to communicate what the heart truly feels and desires.

And yet there is a lot of potential in the relationship if only the two can learn a little from each other. Once the Horse is able to imbibe some of the Pig sensitivity and the latter in turn learns some of the self-reliance of the former, then a relationship between the Horse and the Pig can turn out to be one of the most beautiful and fulfilling in the zodiac system.

Pig Female and Horse Male Love Match

Nothing much can prevent this sociable, outgoing pair from having fun but both need to be aware that with so much pleasure-seeking taking place, neither may pay much attention to the future. The reliable Pig will be a good match for the imaginative Horse. The good-natured Pig is easily convinced by the persuasive Horse. The Pig is kind-hearted and enjoys social activities with the sporty Horse. The Pig craves for more closeness and affection, which is not readily given by the Horse. However, the Horse does appreciate the Pig’s integrity and loyalty.

The Pig and the Horse complement each other in a way where the Pig will stop the Horse from rushing into something without thinking while the Horse will encourage the Pig to seize opportunities at hand without thinking too much that they slip away. With mutual respect and understanding, there is plenty of room in this relationship for both partners to develop together and independently.

After the initial attraction, innate differences in how the two deal with relationship issues can prove to be a potential minefield. The aggressive Horse with an unflinching belief in the superiority of his/her own decisions is likely to make the Pig unhappy in case of a disagreement. Here the latter can respond in one of two ways – he/she will take either refuge into the innermost recess of his self or show an equal capacity for stubbornness which may surprise the egoistic Horse partner. In case the Pig retreats into passivity, the Horse partner will perceive this an attempt to escape dealing with relationship issues and after a while of knocking on unresponsive doors, he/she might even move on. On the other hand if the Pig digs in his/her heels and refuse to budge, the Horse will only be further infuriated and the relationship may come apart in ugly conflict.

Also neither will be comfortable with the other’s natural pace of living – while the Horse likes to push ahead and seize the initiative from others, the Pig likes to take it easy and is one the whole content to move with the ebb and flow or events around him/her. The Horse’s frenzied living may seem to rush and superficial to the Pig while the former may eventually get bored with the latter’s slow and deliberate way of life. even in terms of social inclinations, the couple may feel differently – thus while the Horse is gregarious and is often the driving force of a social or professional context, the Pig is something of an introvert and content to stay within the confines of a comfortable home.

Yet another sticky wicket in the Horse and Pig pairing is the respective importance that material success holds. The drive and initiative of a Horse does not have so much to do with making lots of money as with the thrill of taking up and winning a challenge. The Pig on the other hand might be more concerned with humanitarian causes where selfless work and sincere devotion is required. This is because, despite a love of sensual pleasures, the Pig is deeply compassionate at heart and their natural urge to help and serve often makes them some of the most ardent champions of the deserving causes.

Along with different values, the Horse and Pig may be further driven apart by conflicting expectations from a relationship. While the Horse thrives in an atmosphere of freedom and exuberance, what the Pig seeks in a relationship is a sense of belonging. Only when they feel emotionally secure in a relationship, can they really let go of their anxieties and give full expression to their inherent loving and generous natures. The Horse in turn might find this kind of emotional intimacy suffocating and infringing on his/her personal space. Thus while the Pig may be seeking a deeper and continuing commitment from the Horse, the latter may not be willing to or even able to satisfy such expectations of the former.

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