Pig Female and Pig Male

The one issue they may need to face is emotional instability. They are both so sensitive that when one is in a vulnerable place the other may be sucked in, too. They may act childish, get depressed or sulk to get their way. Physically, they are well suited for each other. They will still be physical with each other far into old age, still enjoying the love and attraction that they felt from the very beginning.

Pig and Pig compatibility within the Chinese zodiac is nearly perfect, and it appears that the signs are nearly made for one another, even when they date one another or are sexually involved in the relationship. Both of the Pigs in the relationship enjoy showering the other with love and affection in addition to luxurious and lavish vacations, gifts, and presents that are unexpected according to Chinese astrology. Pigs, when dating one another, are often in-tune with each other’s emotional thoughts and feelings, helping to create a strong and long-lasting bond between the two parties who are committed to one another.

The only major concern when two Pigs find love is that they are often frivolous spenders and may find themselves in financial debt due to their insatiable tastes and yearnings for all luxurious things. Pigs can also be fierce when they argue with one another, but their generally naive nature allows them to be forgiving and to fall back in love nearly immediately after an argument or disagreement with one another.

Pig Female & Pig Male Compatibility

You can be together for all of eternity. Both of you are mild, considerate, kind and willing to make concessions. However, your weaknesses are not complementary, which often makes you frustrated and disheartened. To adapt to the truth, one of you have to make great self-change.

One Pig can be a very good and comfortable match for another Pig, as these two will amply demonstrate. There will be many misunderstandings between the male and the female of the species, however, as each will bring out the worst, most selfish side of the other. The relationship thus engendered may also lack the regular sparks, sexual and otherwise, that are necessary to keep it viable for any period of time.

Not that these two will have a bad time together - Pigs can’t help but enjoy themselves - but there may a certain zest that each feels to be lacking, and that might cause the breakup of this couple. The search for true love should have an admixture of sincere pain, and if either of these Pigs wants such a thing, they will have to roam afar for it.

A defining characteristic of the Pig personality is their rich imagination which lends a many-hued creativity to their lives, including romantic relationships. Thus a Pig-Pig pair can be trusted to have a fantastic courtship, full of old-world romance and deep emotional intimacy. While such attributes can enrich any other relationship, it is all the more special between two Pigs since they are best placed to understand and appreciate their wanderings together through a dream world.

While the frequent imaginative flights of a Pig might appear escapist to the more practical sign like the Ox or even passive to their intense and energetic Dragon, it is the perfect way for a fellow Pig to spend time in each other’s company. They will write each other the most touching love letters, go for long moonlit drives and while making love, reach for the highest planes of ecstasy which they can rarely hope to achieve with anyone else.

A far more important consequence of the Pig’s vivid sense of imagination is an ability to reach out emotionally to their partners. The Pig is inherently capable of putting him/herself in a partner’s shoes and view a situation with their perspective. This makes a Pig lover naturally caring and sensitive to his/her partner’s needs and wishes, whether emotional or physical. While this kind of empathetic imagination is a blessing in any relationship, it is particularly crucial for the mutual compatibility of Pig lovers because of their innate shy nature and inability to communicate expressively.

The Pig has neither the Rat’s powers of communication nor the Horse’s supreme confidence to put forth their feelings and perspectives. Hence it is extremely important that a Pig be in a relationship with someone who can intuitively understand their deepest thoughts and emotions and who better equipped to do this than a fellow Pig? Thus when a Pig is feeling low or brimming with happiness, his/her Pig lover can be depended on, not only to notice it but respond in an appropriate way.

The most important aspect of the Pig-Pig love match however is a mutual ability to understand and respond to each other’s emotional needs. The Pig is exceedingly emotional in nature and holds the exchange of innermost feelings and thoughts with a partner as one of the primary conditions of being in love. Unfortunately not everyone can understand this compulsion; to a practical sign like the Rooster or Ox, the Pig’s expectations smack of sentimentality while to more independent signs like the Tiger and Horse, the Pig’s need for emotional security appears suffocating.

Thus the Pig can hope to be really understood by another emotional sign; even here the moodiness of the Dog and the hyper-sensitivity of the Goat are unlikely to make them ideal partners for the Pig. It is only with a fellow Pig that a Pig can hope to achieve complete understanding of their emotional needs as well as the reassurance that comes with emotional security.

Pig Female and Pig Male Love Match

Like anyone else who finds themselves with a person from the same sign, the relationship can move either way: the partners can both encourage and help develop each other’s good points, or bring out the worst in each other.

In the case of two Pig partners, both will be strong, brave and determined. They despise arguments, and would avoid conflict like the plague. They prefer to remain jovial and would never be seen to hold grudges between each other – why create war when love is an option? However, given that they lack perseverance and self-discipline; they may encourage each other’s bad points.

There is no doubt that the Pig is motivated by sincerity, but this motivation may cause them to do more harm than good, especially if there is a lack of organizational skills and planning. Their love for comfort and luxuries may be a deceiving downfall. While both pairs of eyes are fixated on sparkles and bedazzling opportunities, who’s taking care of the existing responsibilities? One of the two will need to exercise discipline so that they have the tenacity to meet with challenges head-on. Otherwise, love just may not be enough to keep them together.

This relationship is fairly compatible in that both partners are honest and dependable. They will continuously shower each other with love and adoration and most importantly, neither one will have to worry about infidelity. However, this is an area where problems may arise. Being highly receptive to gestures, if either one is sensitive and emotionally unstable; one is bound to get hurt.

However the emotionality of this sign also poses the biggest challenge to the Pig-Pig pair. In a relationship where both partners seek to view experiences through the prism of feelings, reality can get distorted and small issues often blown out of proportion. Since the Pig lacks the emotional detachment of the Tiger sign or the common sense of the Ox sign, it might be extremely difficult for them to cater to the practical demands as well as cope with the niggling problems of everyday living. A Pig dislikes being rushed to do things or fulfil responsibilities; while this is an endearing fault in highly creative personalities, it might make day-to-day living for a Pig couple rather chaotic and stressful, perhaps even leading to a breakup.

Then again the Pig tendency to shirk unhappiness and disharmony makes them take things, even unpleasant ones, in their stride rather than talk it out or adopt a proactive stance towards resolving them. Thus a Pig couple might continue with their unhappy lives and eventually succumb to depression or simply drift away from each other to avoid conflict.

Part of the reason why a Pig couple may suffer from a lingering unhappiness is because neither partner of this love match will have the capacity to initiate effective communication. The Pig needs to be with someone who has the ability to make them talk, to express their deepest needs. This can go a long way in helping the Pig to adopt a wider perspective and avoid internalizing situations. Thus two Pigs living with each other may never get around to expressing their true feelings with the result that misunderstandings and even bitterness may continue to build up, resulting in a major conflict sometime down the line.

Another area in their lives where the Pig-Pig pair may face problems is finances. Since this sign is highly sensual in nature, it is quite likely that both partners will freely pamper each other - and themselves - with sensual indulgences; in the process their finances can go haywire and may even cause instability in their lives. Thus the Pig couple should take care to stick to a plan that includes pleasure but in moderation so that their finances are as smooth as their relationship with each other.

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