Pig Female and Rabbit Male

When this pairing consists of a Pig woman and a Rabbit man, they have a gentle, tender relationship. She will be earthy; he will be genteel. They both appreciate what the other brings to the relationship. They will have a happy union free of material worries as long as he is careful in his finances. These two will be exquisitely happy together in all aspects of their life.

Pig and Rabbit signs are ideal for those who are members of the same family, good friends, and even lovers, sexual relationships and make good dates. The Pig enjoys helping others by providing protection, affection, and assistance to other loved ones, whereas the Rabbit always relies of family and friends for emotional comfort and support throughout life. This allows these two signs to find a balance of security and happiness in sexual-, or non-sexual relationships with the Pig and the Rabbit.

The Pig’s nature allows him or her to see the very best in other signs, so the Rabbit’s sensitivity and passiveness will be overlooked by the Pig and only the positive aspects of the Rabbit’s personality will shine through according to Chinese astrology. The Pig will not override the Rabbit’s sensitive nature, giving both of those involved equal opportunities to express themselves and to make future decisions.

Pig Female & Rabbit Male Compatibility

You are a close couple that both of you are very satisfied with each other and can arouse each other’s interests and sympathy. Your combination will benefit both sides and bring the other gospel. The male rabbit is intelligent with exceptional ability, while the female pig is tender, selfless and faithful. The male rabbit likes to be depended on by the pig, and the female pig always focus on her husband and admire his steadiness and elegance.

The male Rabbit and the female Pig have a stately and decorous approach to crafting the relationship of their dreams, and they generally succeed in remaining together for the duration. Both of these Signs prefer peace and quiet, and if the female Pig likes to go out on the town a bit more often than the stay-at-home Rabbit, it is perfectly all right with him - he won’t get bent out of shape.

The sensible Rabbit isn’t going to make a mountain out of a molehill, and should the Pig get into some sort of trouble, the Rabbit can usually jury-rig a solution in no time. These two enjoy their alone time to a great extent, and share a quirky sense of humor. Despite the odd annoyance, there is no better pair to be found in the Chinese Zodiac.

The secret to the romantic compatibility between a Rabbit and Pig is their undemanding, easy-going natures and ability to get along well with a variety of people and situations. In case of the Rabbit, his/her social and conversational skills help to form meaningful connections and to adapt themselves to others. The Pig on account of his/her emotional intuitiveness is again extremely loving, compassionate and willing to serve a partner. In a relationship therefore both signs can be depended to respond positively to each other’s unique compulsions. It is this willingness to adjust to one another rather than the tendency to force the other partner to follow one’s own dictates which forms the foundation of every successful romantic relationship.

Then again for both signs being in love means being bathed in the peaceful aura of romance. The intense passions of the Snake as well as the dizzying enthusiasm of the Horse are not for this couple. The Rabbit and Pig thrive when surrounded by a harmonious mingling of qualities like care, compassion and lots of affection. Any kind of stress and conflict are abhorrent to them and they would even like to stay away from competitive activities which the Tiger or Dragon partner might enjoy with each other.

The Rabbit and Pig would much rather take part in creative pursuits like music, dance, art and cuisine which gives them lots of opportunities to express their fertile imagination. Also the peaceable nature of both signs implies that a love of quiet home life and intimate family pursuits would keep them together. Here however there is a significant difference between the two; while the Rabbit is much more social and needs to interact regularly with their large circle of friends and acquaintances, the Pig is far less dependent upon company and in fact often prefers to spend time by him/herself when they can range free in the realms of the imagination. Even then, both signs enjoy mingling with close friends and like-minded people and this can act as a significant binding force between the Rabbit and Pig partners.

A love match between the Rabbit and Pig not only stands to benefit from the above shared traits but also from their ability to complement each other. The Pig on account of his/her emotional nature and occasional stubbornness is not an easy sign to understand, much less to come to terms with. However the affable and easy-going nature of the Rabbit ensures that the Pig feels loved and understood. Likewise the Rabbit for all his/her social and sensual charm can be rather skittish in a relationship since this character is perpetually attracted to new and varied interests.

The Pig with his/her deeper emotions is the apt partner to ground this relationship into a sense of emotional belonging. In this way, each can meet the other’s needs in the relationship. This potential to complement each other is true of their love-making as well. It may take a while for the couple to get intimate with each other mainly because of the shy nature of the Pig woman. Eventually however when they do make love, it will be an experience marked not so much by burning intensity or overwhelming flamboyance but by romance, creativity and tenderness.

Pig Female and Rabbit Male Love Match

This partnership makes a very happy couple. They love to stay at home, but their life is never dull. The Rabbit is clever and talented, able to negotiate his way out of trouble. It is these characteristics that the Pig is attracted to. The Pig is dependable and obedient; and the Rabbit will be grateful to have a devoted and unselfish partner. They do not look for each other’s faults, instead they count their blessings for having each other.

The diplomatic and peace-loving Rabbit makes a good match for the courageous Pig whose dedication to its partner will be reciprocated with an appreciated resilience. The Rabbit’s subtlety and cautious nature may contrast sharply with the Pig’s openness and warmth, but it only means the Rabbit is the perfect recipient for the affection and luxuries the selfless Pig is only too happy to give.

The highly emotional nature of the Pig could be a prime reason for a falling-out between this pair. For this creature, love often expresses itself in either of two extreme compulsions - a Pig can either become rather needy and wish to be pampered and taken care of or they can go all out to lavish emotional support on a partner who may not even be deserving of their largesse. On the other hand Rabbits, for all their sociable natures, do not like to wade into the intricacies of emotions and thus prefer to stay away from complexities of feelings and sentiments in a relationship.

In order to survive in the long run, the Rabbit and Pig will have to come to terms with their mutual differences. The Pig is highly sentimental and can be extremely upset at either an actual or perceived slight from a partner. On occasions that the Pig is hurt, he/she can withdraw into an inner world and refuse to let anybody, even a partner in. This attitude might be incomprehensible to the Rabbit who would much rather use social interaction and communication to sort out differences – a skill which the Pig unfortunately lacks.

In the end, if the relationship is to survive, the Rabbit and Pig will have to be a little more understanding of each other’s requirements. The Rabbit might need to be more demonstrative of his commitment to the relationship while the Pig would have to learn to be more expressive, self-reliant and confident as far as emotional validation is concerned.

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