Pig Female and Rat Male

When this pairing consists of a Pig woman and a Rat man, they may indulge a bit too much in the good life. They are a bit naive when together, and they may end up irresponsible or unrealistic. While he tends not to stray, it may prove difficult because she places so much trust in him that she never asserts her rights.

The Pig and the Rat signs are highly compatible in Chinese astrology, as both enjoy being around family and friends and are loyal to those they love. The pair is ideal in business, love, and even in friendship, regardless of the circumstances, even if the relationship is solely based on sex in its beginning stages. The Pig is very family-oriented and will always put their loved ones first, making them an ideal addition to the Rat’s social group, as the Rat is quite loyal as well.

Because of the Pig’s optimistic nature in the Chinese zodiac, he or she is never turned off by the Rat’s mind, scheming plots, or eccentric ideas, and instead, embraces new thoughts and various ways of life with ease. The Pig also appreciates kindness and a great sense of humor, which comes easy to a Rat sign who is in love or strongly connected with friends and family. The Rat may at times, become aggravated with the Pig’s laziness or need to live a bit more carefree, as the Rat’s mind is constantly working and thinking up new ideas and plots.

Pig Female & Rat Male Compatibility

You are a couple that can share each other’s pleasure, anger, sorrow and joy. Both of you are deeply immersed in the warm and harmonious family. You are attracted to each other both in soul and body. The male rat lacks a steady disposition, so he often can’t well control the process with enough calmness. The female pig is satisfied with the spiritual life and can bring much luck in making money.

The male Rat enjoys in the female Pig a depth of unequivocal support and admiration that he won’t find in a mate of any other Sign in the Chinese Zodiac. The female Pig, in turn, will have found herself a shrewd and highly motivated self-starter who is just the sort of entrepreneur she can rely upon to satisfy her basic material needs in this life.

The two will enjoy the luxuries that their hard work allows them to afford. The cheery Pig will be able to help the Rat laugh all of his troubles away into the gray limbo of a healthy perspective. As long as the make Rat doesn’t become too annoyed by his partner’s perpetually trusting innocence, this relationship will be as long-lasting as the very stars themselves.

The initial encounter between a Rat and Pig is likely to introduce each to a set of qualities never experienced before. The male Rat will probably sweep the female Pig off her feet with his verbal eloquence and his uncanny knack of reaching out to another through words. And he in turn will be bowled over by the compassion and the ethereal beauty of the Pig woman. likewise, the ever curious mind of the female Rat will be attracted to the highly creative pursuits and even the psychic abilities of the male Pig while the latter will be fascinated by the unflagging energy and the verbal sparkle of the latter who can talk herself into charming anyone and anything.

Then again despite the Pig’s tendency to keep some aspects of herself private, they are generally highly likable beings. Part of this is because Pigs often takes the line of least resistance and are amenable to all. They usually have a kind word and a soft glance for everyone and will often go out of their way to make others comfortable and at home. This suits the Rat very well since he/she too thrives on social exchange and networking.

More importantly the Pig likes to lead the good life and this also works very well when allied to the Rat’s inherent sociable personality. Essentially a sensualist, the Pig takes deep pleasure in good things to eat, drink, wear and feel and together with the Rat’s expertise in social exchange as well as communication skills, the two can make a highly popular pair – hosting friends, dining at exclusive places, going to the theater or opera and generally partaking of a busy social life.

In terms of finances too, the differing traits Rat and Pig can actually work together instead of working in opposition. The Rat is wizard with money and can be trusted to keep the juices flowing in – one way or another. The Pig on the other hand has a slight tendency to over spend, because they quite enjoy the pursuit of pleasure. However their finances are usually in a respectable order since Pigs would not sacrifice family savings for their own fleeting enjoyment – they are simply not that selfish. Also Pigs also have a lot of good fortune, in the sense that creature comforts often seem to fall into their laps. Thus a home made of a Pig and Rat partner will generally be loving, comfortable and well-off.

Pig Female and Rat Male Love Match

The Pig and Rat couple are vivacious and finds themselves attracted to each other both physically and mentally. However, their over simplistic outlook may be too unrealistic. There is a need for something solid to hold the relationship together as both of them do not provide a stabilising force to the relationship or marriage.

This partnership could see many a gathering at their home, given the social nature of both partners. The Pig and the Rat will be attracted to their shared outgoing and energetic nature, and appreciate that they have the same interests and firm beliefs. Although the Rat may be the more sensitive and sensible of the pair, the Rat’s intelligence will be appreciated by the Pig who may at times compromise far too much for his own good.

For this relationship to excel, the Rat can support the Pig by helping look out for the best interests of the Pig. The Pig is often too trusting and naïve and may get exploited. The Rat, on the other hand, does not trust easily and will often be skeptical of people until proven otherwise. If the Pig relies on the Rat’s uncanny intuition, this couple should easily maneuver around any obstacles to a great relationship.

And yet there are certain things that can go wrong in a Rat-Pig pairing – primary among which is the pull of opposing emotional traits and motivations. The Rat for all his gregarious natures is emotionally self-sufficient; though a Rat partner is attentive and caring, he/she would be unlikely to devote much time and effort in detailed exchanges of emotions and feelings. The Pig on the other hand looks for deeper emotional connections in a personal relationship. They are highly sentimental and attach great importance to feelings to the extent of becoming moody when not allowed to have their way.

This basic difference can greatly affect romantic compatibility of this pair with the Rat adopting a cool distance from emotional complexities while the Pig looks for deeper emotional intimacy in order to make the relationship more meaningful. Eventually it may compel the Rat partner to move away since he/she does not like being overwhelmed by emotional expectations whereas the Pig might feel hurt at the inability of the former to offer emotional security.

The female Pigs especially thrive best in relationships where they are certain to be cared for and looked after. Or else they usually fall for wastrels who exploit their credulity and empathy for selfish gains. And at times, this over-trusting nature of the Pig might seem ridiculous to the Rat who is far more astute and economical with his affections when it comes to giving in a relationship. Also a male Pig would be upset at the hectic socializing and external preoccupations of the Rat woman who is more interested in living new experiences rather than sitting at home and reading love poetry to her partner.

Then again basic differences in their life view might result in making the rift wider between a Rat and Pig pair. The Rat’s concern with personal success might seem superficial and selfish to the Pig who has a deep altruistic streak in her nature. On his part, the Rat might find the Pig’s concern with helping others, especially when there is nothing to be gained from the efforts, useless and self-destructive. Finally the Rat is likely to feel that the Pig lives in mystical realms which cannot be understood while the Pig may be inclined to find the Rat frivolous and self-centered.

In the end however, the Rat and Pig partners will have to call on all their resources of adaptability to better tune themselves to each other’s idiosyncrasies. The Pig will need to be more practical and display a firmer grip on life while the Rat will have to be more understanding of his/her partner’s need for emotional security.

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