Rabbit Woman

The Rabbit woman is overly cautious, and seeks emotional security and companionship over all else. In order to be intimate the Rabbit must be secure in her relationship and any threat to it may signal a cease in the lovemaking. She is fond of secrets, only sharing her secrets with one person who is very close to her.

In a relationship, she sets up distinct and definite criteria for her mates. The female Rabbit will accept nothing less than perfection. Once she has selected her companion, the Rabbit woman will mate for life, however it is nearly impossible for her mate to make her “knees go weak” as she is not a particularly affectionate companion.

The Rabbit woman enjoys company, but believes the best part is when they go home, so she can enjoy time with her mate. The female Rabbit does not want a large family and the mothering impulse is usually non-existent.

The Rabbit woman is usually well mannered and elegant, but carries a sharp tongue. She is fond of humor that is sarcastic and verges upon insult. Be warned that especially the female Rabbit excels in the mental manipulation of others and will often use others to server her own ends.

Rabbit Woman – Personality and Characteristics

The Rabbit woman has about the same qualities and drawbacks as her male counterpart. Nevertheless there exists one very significant difference between them: While he is essentially a die-hard egoist, she has the ability to forget herself and work for the welfare of others. She senses that she can dominate her anxieties only through devotion and find happiness only in self-sacrifice. But her tendency to remain centred on her own needs is as strong as her altruistic propensity, and she will have a hard time struggling against the capital of egoism which is shared by all members of the Rabbit family.

Despite her apparent tranquillity and surface sweetness, the Rabbit woman is a chronic worrier. She looks at life with scared eyes. Anything can frighten her. She fears frustrations, disillusionments, separations, the death of loved ones, and so on. She is anxious about almost everything concerning her own person – her health, her career, her relationships, her sentimental future. Even though she may enjoy great wealth, she never feels totally secure financially. It is not rare to see her show subtle but unmistakable signs of panic as if she foresaw a catastrophe which would shatter her existence.

Perhaps one of the causes of her worrying habit lies in her tendency to brood extensively. Her need for privacy and solitude is stronger than that of most people. As a consequence she is subject to frequent spells of introversion; her pessimism is well known to all around her.

Another cause may be her maudlin nature. Not only is she always too deeply affected by any misfortune happening to her or her loved ones, she also suffers vicariously from all the tragedies, real or imaginary, of the world. Over sentimental gushing, having a definite predilection for slush, she loves crying her eyes out at every opportunity and without much reason. While her pathetic appearance constitutes the supreme element of her charm for people she meets, her penchant for overdoing her mushy reactions may in the long run tire and offend those who share her life or are in close relations with her.

As can be guessed, This woman lacks moral fortitude to a marked degree. She can hardly bear pain or adversity without depression or despondency. Her every calamity can produce in her heart and soul a convulsion of unjustified proportions. She will never be prepared to brave the inevitable trials and tribulations inherent to life – unless she makes a resolute effort to learn and practice stoicism.

The native is totally uninterested in the struggle for women’s rights and prerogatives; all the feminist claims leave her quite indifferent. She is simply, perhaps smugly, satisfied with her present condition and does not see any need to change it. She sincerely believes it absurd to think of rivalling with men. It is surely not among people like her that the Women’s Liberation Movement could recruit efficient militants!

One of the vices of the Rabbit-born female is her irritating pedantry. She is very fond of displaying her erudition and tackling grave subjects without hesitation even in the most informal conversations. Her tone is often peremptory. Her knowledge and thinking, however, generally fall short of her pretensions, and she sometimes lays herself open to judgement without knowing it.

It may appear from the preceding that Rabbit woman is nothing but a bundle of weaknesses. In fact, the positive side of her personality is at least as important as her negative side. First of all, she possesses a rare quality that distinguishes her from other women: She is capable of drawing a clear line between love and friendship. The age-old allegation that true friendship is accessible only to men does not find its confirmation here. The Rabbit woman is unquestionably among the women of whom Madeleine de Scudery said, “There is in friendship a perfection of which very few women are capable”.

Just like the male half of the sign, the Rabbit woman is a person with numerous contradictions; her vices and virtues are closely intertwined. Apart from her pedantry, for instance, her general manner is no less than delightful. She is shy, modest, quiet, unobtrusive, courteous, and punctual. She is keen on showing thoughtful consideration for others. Her friends can always count on her for help and advice – whatever the circumstances, she never lets them down. Not seldom does one recognize the eager matchmaker in her as this is one of her ways to carry out her desire to see everybody happy.

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