Rabbit Female and Monkey Male

In search of a quiet and obedient partner, the monkey man will find the Rabbit Woman pretty apt. Even if he comes home in a bad mood, seemingly looking for a fight, most likely, she will back away. She gains pleasure from order and quiescence, while he is more inclined to keep things as bustling as possible. By resolving their differences, it is possible for them to build a lasting relationship.

Monkeys and Rabbit signs in the Chinese zodiac are quite opposite in their personalities, but they can also work together to make a balanced, amorous, or platonic relationship with enough commitment from both of those involved. The Rabbit, when dating and involved sexually, is often more giving in a relationship than the Monkey, especially in the beginning of any type of relationship, sexual- or nonsexual. This can cause the Rabbit to feel under- appreciated or even unloved in some cases, so it is essential that the Monkey takes time to be more compassionate and understanding for a romantic relationship to work between this couple.

Rabbit Female & Monkey Male Compatibility

You can be a cooperative and harmonious couple finally although you may often reach the same goal by different routes. You have totally different family background and different views, but both of you can face the truth, cherish and understand each other, and look for a proper way to solve the problems between you with a positive attitude. The male monkey is wise, practical and active, and strives for a brilliant career through unremitting fighting. The female rabbit is gentle, cultivated, charming and good at making others follow her mind. The male monkey wants to be in the spotlight, while the female rabbit yearns for an easy life.

The devious male Monkey may by his very nature bring out the worst side of the cunning female Rabbit in what amounts to emotional self-defense against his constant barrage of cutting witticisms. This couple may not be able to go the distance romantically, as the Monkey will find the Rabbit’s company somewhat dull, while the Rabbit in turn will require someone more supportive.

When the Monkey gets bored and decides to see what’s around the next bend in the road of life, he’ll ditch the female Rabbit without a second thought. She probably at that point will be happy to be out from under his scathing gaze. This couple just was not meant to be in the great scheme of things, and neither party will take events too much to heart.

A love of socializing is perhaps one of the strongest reasons for attracting the Rabbit and Monkey to one another and even keeping them together. The Monkey is a master of the social situation, impressing people with their ingenuity, knowing the right things to say to the right people and on the whole, giving full expression to their far-ranging wit and sophistication. Apart from this, the Monkey is fashion-conscious and makes an attempt to turn out smart and appropriately for every social occasion. These traits together with the fact that the Monkey is a foodie as well and likes to cook and host, makes him/her a highly sociable character.

Likewise one of the foremost traits of the Rabbit is his/her popularity in their social circle. This owes a great deal to the Rabbit’s intrinsic ability to get along with all kinds of people, their almost uncanny knack of putting people they meet at ease. Thus whether at a work or social environment, friends and acquaintances gravitate to the Rabbit’s gentle pleasing nature and their benign affability. Thus though the social disposition of each animal sign emerges from separate psychological compulsions, in the end both the Rabbit and Monkey love to be among mutual friends and like-minded people which can go a long way in promoting romantic compatibility.

Then again both the Rabbit and Monkey are attracted to varied interests and are sure to keep each other entertained in a relationship. The Monkey is especially known for his/her versatility - they can put their minds to almost any task under the sun, and that too with apparent equal ease and expertise. Even though lacking the Monkey’s wide-ranging resourcefulness, the Rabbit too is always on the lookout for variety in experiences and this makes them highly enthusiastic and interesting as a partner. Thus both partners in this romantic equation are likely to keep each other interested by offering ample amounts of stimulating experiences and activities.

The Monkey and Rabbit are again quite compatible because neither is given to excessive emotionality. Both Monkey and Rabbit are perfectly content to allow ample breathing space to each other and are not driven by intense feelings and passions. While the Goat might look for emotional intimacy from a partner and the Ox seek definite proof of unwavering loyalty, both Monkey and Rabbit are likely to let each other be. To others they might appear casual and emotionally distant but with each other they know that there are no excessive emotional expectations and high standards of commitment to strive to.

Rabbit Female and Monkey Male Love Match

Hostilities may develop in this relationship. The Monkey’s self inflated opinion of himself may make the Rabbit feel put down; on top of that, the Monkey is always irritated by the Rabbit’s anxiety and brooding. They are both able to look through others, which may put their relationship on the rocks as they may not find anything interesting in each other. These two are not a desirable match unless there is something to gain from the commitment, which will encourage both of them to cooperate. Although they make excellent friends, when it comes to romance, everything that made them the best of friends is what pulls them apart.

Both sides in this relationship have a totally different attitude toward life. While the Monkey is an innovative thinker as well as a captivating performer in life, the Rabbit may be somewhat superficial besides being polite and friendly. The Monkey very often needs a lot of care and praise in order to be charming and in love always. The Rabbit in contrast is reserved in nature rather than actively searching for pleasure. The Monkey enjoys a life filled with dispute and controversy while the other dislikes rebellion. However, both are realistic and willing to take the step to make changes to keep the flame alight.

One of the most significant sources of trouble for this pair may rise from the Monkey’s excessive pride. The Monkey has an ego several times its size and does not respond well to being crossed or corrected which he/she will almost inevitably take as a personal attack. Though the Rabbit is one of the most understanding and adaptable of zodiac signs, he/she is also highly sensitive in nature. The Rabbit cannot bear the least amount of stress in life and will either run away from the difficult situation or get upset and depressed. Thus if the Rabbit has to bear the brunt of the Monkey’s ego repeatedly, the former may be too emotionally bruised to remain in the relationship and before long will be seeking a way out.

However the couple could face problems as they get on with their relationship. The Rabbit needs a peaceful and harmonious environment to bring out the best in her; as a result her Monkey partner’s excessive restlessness and impetuosity might not seem attractive for long. Add to this a Monkey’s tendency to stretch an argument and he might find his partner walking out of the door to soothe her frayed nerves.

Another hurdle that could this pair could face is an inability to address serious issues, should they affect the relationship. The Monkey is too restless to be concerned with feelings and emotions while the Rabbit has a natural abhorrence of bringing up unpleasant matters. Thus if finances need to be straightened or if the Monkey’s flirting is creating problems, the couple might find themselves drifting apart instead of facing facts.

Finally both the Rabbit and Monkey have a tendency to wander away in personal relationships. They are attracted to variety in experiences and when bored, are likely to given in to their natural curiosity so that what may have begun as only good-natured flirting with a member of the opposite sex may quickly lead to infidelity. This brings in an element of instability in the Rabbit-Monkey pairing and the two may feel a lack of belonging in the relationship.

In the end though, things may work out if only because of the pull of common friends and shared interests – and once the Rabbit and Monkey have found a way to anchor their relationship into something deeper.

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