Rabbit Female and Rabbit Male

Rabbit Woman and Rabbit Man enjoy tranquility, everybody needs to cut loose now and again, but they will not find the initiative to do so in their partners. Since it is not typically within the realms of the Rabbit’s character to look after his/her partner closely, nor to nurture the other’s needs and wants, both of them may discover a void within them that could remain unfilled for the life of this match.

Rabbit signs in the Chinese zodiac work well together, with enough communication and the ability to reflect on the relationship and its needs over time. Rabbits are both sensitive, shy, and compassionate, making for a truly loving and committed relationship.

However, any conflicts that arise in a Rabbit and Rabbit relationship may cause a quick upset between the pair, even sexually, as Rabbits tend to feed off one another’s emotions and feelings. Both Rabbits will be extremely emotionally involved in the relationship while also being artistic and idealistic about the future and the present.

Rabbit Female & Rabbit Male Compatibility

It’s easy for you to live a quiet and peaceful life together, but it’s hard for you to go further. You have much in common and enviable understanding in between, but you are too realistic and rational to make moderate concession and extra efforts to accommodate each other. Rabbits are usually selfish, so you may easily pull away from each other when meeting difficulties.

The happy conjunction of two members of the Rabbit Sign promises unlimited harmony, peace and prosperity for both parties. No fiery arguments here - these two like to keep everything on an even keel and run a tight and dignified household. They consider discord beneath them, and will do their best to smooth any ruffled fur that may arise.

The two Rabbits will attempt to retreat from an unpleasant world into a safe environment of their own making, but they should keep one eye on the skies of reality so as not to be caught unawares by any horrific eventuality that may arise to threaten their artificial paradise. Few couples are so well matched as this one, and it will only strengthen as time passes.

The biggest advantage that two Rabbits bring into a relationship is a mutual understanding of each other’s personal compulsions. A Rabbit must have balance is his/her life - extreme emotions and hasty actions are not just their cup of tea.

Thus for a Rabbit being in love means surrounded by the rosy, peaceful aura of romance. Not for them the dizzying roller coaster of the Horse or the psychological intensity of a Snake; they dislike both the overwhelming emotionality of the Pig as well as the arid materialism of the Ox. For all these reasons, two partners of this same sign stand perfectly placed to balance and support each other in a relationship.

In fact the Rabbit has a tendency to idealize relationships - a quality that can be a problem for other practical signs but in a Rabbit-Rabbit pair, this only serves to heighten the sweetness and compatibility the pair. Each recognizes and appreciates the other’s need for harmony and poise and will be extremely unlikely to do anything rash and extreme enough to upset the equilibrium.

Then again Rabbits are noted for their charming sociability. The elegant manners, graceful personality as well as conversational skills allow them to make friends easily. They are usually extremely popular and often possess a large circle of friends, acquaintances and family. This is another point establishing the compatibility of a Rabbit-Rabbit match since both enjoy company and wouldn’t mind spending an evening amidst mutual friends. Unlike a match like the Rat-Ox where both will be pulled apart by different social inclinations, in case of two Rabbits that is unlikely to be an issue.

One of the best things about both partners being Rabbits is that they will enjoy the same interests and activities. This zodiac is noted for their indulgence in the finer things of life. Thus both partners will indulge each other’s discriminating tastes and a fondness for aesthetic pleasures. For instance a perfect date for the Rabbit couple will probably love going to the opera, visiting the museum or indulging in fine dining. That this similarity of interests goes a long way in promoting compatibility is evident when compared to couples like the Dragon-Rooster who barely have anything to hold them together.

Rabbit Female and Rabbit Male Love Match

The Rabbit pair can live together peacefully as both have an identical personality, enabling them to be perfect partners, friends, and companions. They are both intelligent and would do whatever that is necessary for the relationship to work. However, due to the Rabbit’s selfish personality, neither one of them would do more that what is required, making their relationship gratifying only up to a certain extent.

Rabbits tend to idealize relationships and not see the real picture, so when the spark of the relationship has dimmed, they tend to look to others for support. It is also due to this personality trait that matrimony between these two should be thought of carefully and equality is practiced. While the relationship thrives in all troubles, the weak point of the relationship appears when one partner feels he/she is bearing more responsibilities than the other. They are both perfectionist and have a difficult time overlooking defects in their partner. If they can overcome this, they will lead a happy life together.

Curiously enough the same trait that serves to bring a Rabbit-Rabbit couple together might become a cause for worry later on. The love of harmony that characterizes a Rabbit also compels them to avoid topics which might bring about unpleasantness and disagreement. Rabbits get extremely stressed out by disharmony and quarrels and will often go to great lengths to take things in their stride instead of confronting ugly truths or discussing uncomfortable issues. This method of avoiding conflict might seem to work well as long as everything is going fine in a relationship. However every couple needs to discuss serious issues now and then and it is unlikely that they will always adopt a similar stance on them.

While the mature way of dealing with potentially difficult issues is to talk about them and then find a workable solution jointly, a Rabbit-Rabbit couple would probably simply avoid bringing it up. This might lead to important issues being kept on the backburner and if things are already on shaky ground, neglecting to talk about or deal with relationship issues might send the two even further away from each other.

Then again for all their social popularity, Rabbits are rather emotionally detached people and this might prove harmful for a relationship. they tend to keep away from the messy world of human emotions and feelings. Thus the Rabbit-Rabbit pair might be highly popular, be trend-setters in their social circle and keep an elegant house but then their relationship might be lacking in emotional warmth and spontaneity. Unlike a Goat or a Pig who might have been able to root the relationship in a sense of belonging, both Rabbit partners might be too cautious and emotionally distant from each other to feel connected at the deepest level.

Since maintaining the equilibrium in life is so important for the Rabbit, any upset can affect both partners in this relationship quite badly. As long as things are hunky-dory, the Rabbit couple would exude sweetness and intimacy. But the least turn of the scale, could create stress for the Rabbit couple. On such occasions a more carefree partner as the Horse or even a stolid one as the Ox would have been able to put things in perspective but in case of the Rabbit couple, the two would together feed off one another’s emotions, heightening pessimism and anxiety.

In the end, the Rabbit partners need lots of support and encouragement from each other in order to maintain equilibrium. Both should take care not to bring one another down when anxiety sets in and pay greater attention to building the practical foundations of the relationship.

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