Rabbit Female and Rat Male

Since both the Rabbit woman and the Rat man tend to look out for themselves before taking care of others, they both might get tired of fulfilling their own needs in this relationship. Too much time spent together is bound to create serious rifts between them. He expects positive feedback when he performs genuine deeds for her, but she is likely to take advantage of him and not show her appreciation for his actions. After time, he will lose motivation to impress her, and she will, in turn, nonchalantly move on to the next saga of her life, without looking back.

The Rabbit and the Rat are compatible when dating according the Chinese zodiac, yet it is a strange match for some. Because of the Rabbit’s timid, sweet, and subtle nature, he or she may feel lost or distant from the Rat at times with his or her energetic, brash, and extroverted personality. Rabbits and rats are also compatible as they are both generous, and the Rabbit is easily able to comfort, nurture, and protect the Rat from any potential threats or upsetting matters in life. The Rat enjoys being loyal and the Rabbit is all about loyalty, helping to create strong long-lasting bonds in the pair.

The Rat will always protect a Rabbit sign, as long as the Rabbit is considered close to them in anyway. Additionally, when rats and rabbits are in relationships, the Rabbit can easily learn about being more optimistic and open-minded when it comes to the world around them from the Rat’s charm and wit. Although it is easy for the Rabbit sign to be taken advantage of within the Shengxiao, especially by someone who is a Rat sign, it is not likely if the Rat is truly committed with the relationship or interested in the person who is a Rabbit sign. Instead, the Rat is more likely to be understanding and to help with communicating and effectively solving issues between the two.

Rabbit Female & Rat Male Compatibility

You will live a less happy marriage life. Your personal conditions are good and enviable, which makes you pay too much attention to yourselves, but be unwilling to pay more attention to the other party. You can treat each other honestly, but may also be tired of the monotonous and uneventful life easily. In love, The male rat is jealous, while the female rabbit may be as changeable as the weather.

Female Rabbits are peace-loving entities, and the energy of the male Rate in pursuit of his narrow goals may upset his intended’s sense of interpersonal harmony. Rabbits that can’t jump to the Rat’s tune may find themselves in for the sort of vicious tongue-lashing that they really don’t bear up well underneath.

The male Rat may wish to keep the couple together under his absolute authority, but the female Rabbit may be unsettled by the intensity of his pursuit and refuse the engagement. The Rat pursues and the Rabbit retreats, until both are convinced that they are wasting each other’s time with a relationship that never was. This pairing is probably not the best idea that either of these two mismatched personalities ever had.

Both the Rat and Rabbit are exceedingly social and enjoy being among people. This couple will be highly popular among friends, family, acquaintances and will share a love of socializing. The Rat and Rabbit will probably meet at a common friend’s party; and despite being the life and breath of many a gathering, the male Rat will not be able to take his eyes off the female Rabbit who will seem to be oozing charm and style from every pore of her slender body. Their social life will be brimming with get-togethers, soirees and intelligent gatherings while their shared private space is likely to be elegant in form and vibrant in spirit.

Yet another factor which could work in favor of a Rat-Rabbit pairing is that neither is given to excessive emotionality. Both Rat and Rabbit are perfectly content to allow ample breathing space to each other and are not driven by intense feelings and jealous passions. They can best understand the other’s casual approach to romantic relationships.

While the Pig might look for emotional intimacy from a partner and the Ox seek definite proof of unwavering loyalty, both the Rat and Rabbit are likely to let each other be. To others they might appear casual and emotionally distant but with each other they are able to understand the distance they need to keep between the life they are leading and the observing mind. Both make sense of the world in terms of thoughts and language rather than emotions and material possessions and this shared approach in engaging with the world goes a long way in keeping them together.

Rabbit Female and Rat Male Love Match

This couple may not work out as expectations might not be met and this combination does not bring out the best in either partner. The Rat is possessive and romantic while the Rabbit is quite passive. Although they are both charming, rarely would they be dedicated or giving enough to work it out.

The Rat is sociable, active and cunning by nature, while the Rabbit on the other hand, has a mild temperament and can be a little dim when it comes to strenuous activity and socializing; these differences may seem like a mismatch. However, there are advantages that lie in their opposite personalities, and also in their similarities. Both Rat and Rabbit like being around family and set realistic goals in life; they are also both good with finances.

If both work hard and understand each other in their relationship, these two can be an excellent match. The Rat should appreciate the calmness and diplomacy of the Rabbit, and be careful not to criticize the Rabbit too much as the Rabbit will hop away! The Rabbit should realise that the Rat tries to do too many things at the same time, and can get stressed. Calm the busy Rat down and help the Rat prioritise so the Rat can be less stressed and in turn be a better partner!

The chief hurdle to a Rat-Rabbit pairing may lie in certain basic differences between the two personalities. While the Rabbit does enjoy being with friends and family, he/she is not as gregarious as the Rat who regularly looks forward to frequent outings with friends and acquaintances. This is because the Rat thrives on varied interests and experiences and his/her large network of friends and acquaintances provides the ideal context for all recreational activities.

The Rabbit on the other hand is quieter in nature and over time can find the frenzy of socializing not to his/her liking. Then again the Rabbit needs a peaceful and harmonious environment to bring out the best in him/her; as a result a Rat partner’s excessive restlessness and impetuosity might not seem attractive for long. Add to this a Rat’s tendency to stretch an argument and Rabbit might just head to the door to take a walk and soothe his/her frayed nerves.

Also the slap-dash lifestyle of the Rat may annoy the Rabbit since the latter likes to spend time in a luxurious and relaxed pace. The Rabbit dislikes abrupt changes in their routines and disorganization as much as the Rat revels in novelty and unpredictability. Such inherent personality differences could make it difficult for the Rat and Rabbit to live together even if they are able to get past their initial attraction. Yet another cause of a failed romance between the Rat and Rabbit could be a kind of temporality in their relationship.

Neither the Rat nor the Rabbit are particularly emotional beings; while the Rat still makes for an enthusiastic companion once they settle down in a committed relationship, the Rabbit is definitely not the touchy-feely sort. And even though their relationship will have not have to contend with the excessive sentimentality of the Pig or the fierce possessiveness of the Snake lover, the pair might feel a lack of belonging in their relationship.

This lack of emotional grounding may further lead to an inability to address serious issues, should they affect the relationship. The Rat is too busy and flighty to be concerned with feelings and emotions while the Rabbit has a natural abhorrence of bringing up unpleasant matters. Thus if finances need to be straightened or if a partner’s wandering eye is creating problems, the couple might find themselves drifting apart instead of facing facts.

In the end if the relationship is to survive, each will have to give a little; the Rabbit will have to learn to be more assertive while the Rat will have to slow down as to match steps with his/her partner. Once they can get above their mutual differences and prioritize their relationship, they might be able to make it work after all.

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