Rabbit Female and Rooster Male

The Rooster man is far too abrasive for this fragile Rabbit. Not only is she a frail individual, unable to let negativity slide off her back, but she is too self-serving to please the demanding Rooster. She has a difficult time expressing herself, and when she tries, she often breaks-down. This frustrates the hot-headed fowl, and since he is not the candid type, he will end up saying too much, resulting in damage to her self-esteem. With this match, neither is likely to flourish.

The Rooster and Rabbit’s relationship in is often marked with plenty of friction, as they are opposite signs in the Chinese zodiac. In order for the relationship to work, the two signs must come together to understand each others motivations and needs for future plans and goals as well as for living in the present.

The Rabbit views life subjectively, whereas the Rooster prefers to live the world in order and with laws, rules, and other details in place to help with being as practical as possible. The Rooster may have a hard time understanding the views of the Rabbit and may view the sign as careless or too dreamy and idealistic. Although this may hurt the Rabbit emotionally, the Rabbit may be too timid to speak up, even when he or she feels upset or criticized by the Rooster.

Rabbit Female & Rooster Male Compatibility

You have difficulties in enjoying love due to your distinct personalities. Your marriage life will be full of conflicts. The male rooster is out-going, enterprising, efficient and demanding, while the female rabbit is gentle, knowledgeable and sensible, but somewhat lazy. The male rooster could not get accustomed to the female rabbit’s noble behaviour, and often gives rude and inexorable criticism. After a long stay with the male rooster in a state of conflict, the female rabbit may feel that she makes many sacrifices, but gets hurt.

On no account should these two Signs attempt any sort of serious relationship. The male Rooster’s tendency to voice criticism without thinking beforehand will send the female Rabbit running in no time, while in return she will prove unsympathetic to his problems, which she will view as essentially trivial.

This lack of respect for what he will see as major setbacks will not encourage the male Rooster to stick around and work to salvage things. These two fail to see each other as viable personalities all around, and maybe they both need a little more time to grow as people before committing, at least to each other. They each desire what the other lacks, and nowhere is this lack felt more keenly than in the bedroom after hours. The match is fated to end badly.

Despite many overt differences, the Rabbit and Rooster share a few common characteristics which offers them a decent chance of success with each other. Both the Rooster and Rabbit must have order in their lives. Whether at home or the workplace, they cannot tolerate a messy or shoddy environment. This trait which might appear eccentric others will be mutually understood and appreciated in this relationship. Thus a home made of Rabbit and Rooster partner will be neat and pretty – the former will ensure that vases are always filled with flowers and the wallpaper goes with the carpet while the latter will take care of plumbing and heating issues.

On the other hand, had the relationship included a partner like the carefree Horse or the superior Dragon, the practical and mostly boring details of running a house would have been largely unattended to. In case of the Rabbit and Rooster, both will be grateful for the other’s input in running a home tidily and harmoniously.

Then again, the Rabbit and Rooster may have roughly similar expectations from a relationship. This is because neither of them is exceedingly emotional like a Goat or Pig nor do they seek deep seated-exchange of feelings and sensations. In their own ways, the Rabbit and Rooster are united in keeping a wary distance from complex emotional involvement – while the latter places a higher value on practical sense, the former would rather make use of diplomatic and social skills to achieve harmony in relationships.

As the two get to know each other better, the serious-minded Rooster will be impressed by the Rabbit’s deep sense of justice and fair-play which gives substance to the latter’s social charm. The Rabbit on the other hand will appreciate the sense of service which lies deeply embedded in all Roosters and which along with their responsible natures makes the Virgin highly committed partners. The two signs have thus enough qualities to attract and appreciate in each other which can surely create the foundation of a happy and lasting relationship.

Rabbit Female and Rooster Male Love Match

The Rooster is too straightforward, perfectionist and efficient to entertain the Rabbit’s playful character. They are both knowledgeable but in a uniquely unusual way. The Rabbit values solitude especially when worried over something; the Rooster on the other hand would not take the Rabbit seriously and instead of support, would make the Rabbit’s faults known to others. The two of them can make life very uncomfortable for each other.

The relationship is highly unlikely to work. Both individuals are poles apart from each other. The Rooster is proud, conceited and considers himself superior to others, whereas the Rabbit is sensitive, artistic and potentially vulnerable.

This conflict will be particularly apparent during arguments. The Rooster’s lack of skillful means will cause nothing but pain to the Rabbit’s heart. The Rabbit will not stay for long, as the Rooster’s response will be to retreat and remain in silence.

The biggest obstacle to a Rooster-Rabbit love match lies in their different ways of engaging with the world. The Rooster is nothing if not a perfectionist; and whether it is a job or a relationship they are entrusted with, they will ensure that their efforts meets the highest standards. This makes the Rooster often rather critical of others who cannot match their own norms of perfection. The Rabbit on the other hand is much more accepting of the weaknesses of their fellow humans.

It is in the nature of the Rabbit to consider all aspects before passing judgment which the Rooster is only too ready to do. More importantly the Rooster’s penchant for criticism might make for a stressful atmosphere which turn might drive away the Rabbit since they abhor disharmony and negativity. Thus this difference between the two signs holds potential for conflict in a relationship. The Rooster might think that the Rabbit is too casual and forgiving in their approach to life and people while the latter might consider the former too exacting and often harsh.

Yet another obstacle to the Rooster-Rabbit compatibility may lie in their different social compulsions. The Rooster is a rather reserved creature; they take time in opening up to people and in fact their workaholic natures leave them with even lesser inclination for socializing. The Rabbit on the other hand is exceedingly social. They love being surrounded by friends, co-workers, acquaintances and even virtual strangers find it easy to warm up to the easy charm and sparkling conversation of the Rabbit. Under such circumstances, the Rooster-Rabbit match might find itself being pulled in different directions with one wanting to stay at home or even put in a few extra hours at the workplace and the other wanting to go out to have a pleasant evening with friends.

In the end, the only possibility of a successful Rooster-Rabbit love match lies in each being able to complement the other. While on one hand the Rooster is more than capable of providing material security to the relationship and grounding it in practical sense, the Rabbit on the other hand is the perfect person to help her partner lighten up a little and enjoy the fine things of life.

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