Rabbit Female and Snake Male

Snake Man and Rabbit Woman have the prefect synchronization in this relationship. As they search for self-indulgence, this could make them stray from their partnership duties, from time to time. The Rabbit has enough self-assurance to let her Snake roam, as long as his ultimate goal revolves around her. Their relationship consists of concessions, which both are more than happy to make.

Although Snake and Rabbit signs in Chinese astrology are traditionally opposites socially, they can mesh well with enough care and consideration of one another when romantically linked or even with a good friendship. Many Rabbit and Snake signs in the Chinese zodiac are originally attracted to one another on a mental or cerebral level, as the Rabbit is able to provide an internal view of the world whereas the Snake enjoys sharing his or her own philosophical views and opinions with the charm they possess as well. Even though Rabbits prefer a night at home, Snakes can easily adapt as long as they have an audience to charm and to interact with using their intelligence and the wisdom they possess according to Chinese horoscope predictions.

Rabbit Female & Snake Male Compatibility

You can be a peaceful and harmonious match, but you are both narcissistic and pay attention to self expression and personal desire. As a result, you may often ignore each other. The male snake is intelligent, self-centered, jealous and with strong possessive desire. The female rabbit is generous, practical and easy to accept the snake’s weird ideas. Although the male snake lays more stress on his career than the family, but the female rabbit doesn’t care it at all.

The male Snake may soon grow frustrated at his mismatched companion’s aura of practicality, while the female Rabbit will in turn experience dismay at her partner’s divergences into realms of pure fancy. The Rabbit will feel threatened at her basic level of security, and will react by nagging the Snake into toeing the line.

Nagging is never a good strategy, and in this instance will chivvy the mind-proud Snake into denouncing her as his intellectual inferior and slamming the door on his way out to the nearest Mensa meeting to cruise for a new squeeze. The female Rabbit would be better off with a man who shares her material concerns with regard to the future. The male Snake’s disregard for their shared future is indeed the cause of this couple’s quick collapse.

The two are likely to come together in a relationship drawn by the sheer force of opposites. The Rabbit will be intrigued by the promise of secret depths in the Snake while the latter will be charmed by the pleasant manners and the sparkling conversation of the former. One of the chief ways that the Rabbit and Snake will find pleasure in each other’s company is through a shared love of the finer things of life. An essential aspect of the social life of the Rabbit is the guiding principle of beauty and harmony. They like to be surrounded by beauty which is soothing, aesthetic and comes from a harmonious mingling of qualities. All this makes The Rabbit cultured and, refined, someone who would love to spend an evening at the ballet and later dine at a fancy restaurant where there are likely to be beautiful, smart people about him/her.

The adherence to elegance and beauty can be witnessed in their domestic space as well which are usually tastefully decorated and reveal a discriminating eye. The Snake while being less bothered about interior decoration is nevertheless, a connoisseur of the finer things of life and he/she owes this to an essentially sensual nature. They take great pleasure in appeasing their senses and good food, fine wine and high culture are among the things that he/she finds worth living for. In this way, a Rabbit and Snake couple might themselves enjoying doing the same things – their dates will most likely to structured around fine dining, art shows and concerts and they will take immense pleasure in exploring as well appreciating these pursuits.

Then again both the Rabbit and Snake are rather private people at the core. Even though the Snake appears to be brimming with social courtesy, he/she is actually adept at concealing many layers of their personality from others. Rabbits too, for all their popularity, do not wear their hearts on their sleeves – they are not very comfortable exhibiting deep emotional intimacy with another human being, no matter how well they appear to hit off together. Thus in a relationship, both the Rabbit and Snake will let other be most of the times. Because of their inherently self-possessed natures, the demands that they will make on each other will be quite limited. Their home is likely to be a peaceful and elegant one, where each is pretty much content to the let a partner rest, relax or potter about the kitchen and garden.

Rabbit Female and Snake Male Love Match

These two are compatible to a good degree particularly due to the couple’s common preferences which hold the relationship together. They also tend to enhance each other’s stronger points by means of encouragement, however, at times the snake can be too demanding. The disadvantage lies in the egoistic and insecurity tendencies of both partners, and should they decide to lean on a negative mindset, it would put their relationship in jeopardy. Money is another issue, as both enjoy buying beautiful things but the Rabbit will worry over money continuously. If they overcome these issues, they can have a happy relationship.

The two signs form a peaceful combination. The Snake is forceful and dominant while the other will be open to his way of thinking. However, both these signs are not very accommodating and they may tend to neglect each other for their personal achievements. Fortunately, the Rabbit will not be too upset if its partner is busy with work and pays little attention, so long as the partner is able to provide for the family. They share very similar preferences, thus these two can achieve harmony both mentally and romantically.

Even when the Rabbit and Snake seem to be at their easy-going best, their relationship is likely to suffer from a lack of spontaneity and excitement. Both the Rabbit and Snake can be rather passive and not really the kind to take the initiative to plan a quick vacation or an impromptu date. At its worst, this lack of drive may lead the partners to drift away from each other in case they do not find themselves bonded by common values and interests.

The Rabbit and Snake differ in their levels of social disposition and so problems between this couple will probably start over conflicting views on how to spend an evening together. The Rabbit will want to hang out with mutual friends or even go to the theater with a like-minded couple while the Snake partner might have more intimate plans in mind. He/she may want to have a go at playing strip poker with their partner or have an intimate dinner together. Even though the Snake does not shun company as much as the Ox or Rooster, still they are wary of too much social mingling and any way they prefer to keep their own counsel. This deep secretive personality of the Snake man or woman while appearing initially attractive might clash with the open, sociable nature of the Rabbit till the two find they are fighting more and loving less.

Then again the Snake is known for its capacity for intense jealousy. Confronted with the Rabbit’s partner’s popularity among members of the opposite sex and their tendency to respond good-humoredly to flirtatious overtures, the Snake may be goaded to depths of jealousy. This in turn will upset the Rabbit who cannot cope with any unpleasantness or stress in a relationship.

In the end what can save this relationship from breaking apart is an effort on both sides to be more adjusting. This in fact is quite easy for the Rabbit which is a casual, easy-going sign and is capable of getting along with a wide variety of personalities, including a complex one such as the Snake’s. The Snake on the other hand possesses a deeply intuitive nature which can see right through appearances into the heart of a person. Thus the Rabbit’s romantic and essentially loyal nature will be evident to their Snake partner who in turn will respond with the depths of their passion and commitment.

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