Rat Female and Goat Male

The Rat woman is often better with finances than the Goat man, which can help with keeping the relationship balanced and fair, especially if the Goat man generally contributes less financially, due to his dreamer and artistic personality. Because both the Rat woman and the Goat man are pessimistic by nature, this can lead to trouble when dating one another due to the inability to emotionally support and boost each other in times of need.

Goats are extremely committed lovers, just as the Rat sign is quite loyal in all relationships according to the Chinese zodiac and Chinese horoscopes. This helps with allowing the pair to be compatible in friendship as well as in a romantic or sexual relationship. Although goats are often insecure in relationships, Rats have the ability to use their wits and charm to boost the morale of the relationship, strengthening trust and the bond the Rat and Goat have with one another over time.

Goats in Shengxiao, take pride in their appearance and in their homes, which is compatible with the Rat’s want and need for attention and praise. Because Rat signs are committed to family and enjoy being intellectual providers, they are compatible with goats who also enjoy peace and prosperity with a stable and steady family life. The relationship when Rat and Goat signs date is not always sexual and in many cases, it can be a deep mental connection according to Chinese astrology.

Rat Female & Goat Male Compatibility

You are a match that lacks in-depth understanding and communication. Both of you are gentle and outgoing, but the marriage won’t make you a harmonious couple. The male sheep is romantic, but absent-minded, passive and impulsive. The female rat is smart, careful and calculating. Thus, the male sheep may feel self-abased in front of the female rat, and the female rat may also be disappointed with the male sheep’s immaturity.

The male Goat likes a spot of calm in which to pause and reflect, and he can often remain there for far longer than is necessary. The female Rat is there to yank him back to good old terra firma against his will. The Goat is wise enough to know that he needs this sort of hands-on treatment every now and then, and will not mind being prodded into action by his prosaic counterpart.

The female Rat in turn will be pleasantly surprised by the astonishing new perspectives the Goat can provide when he lets his mind wander, and these will in turn please her pragmatic soul no end. She will therefore withhold the rough side of her tongue, unless of course she’s having a bad day. These two are circumspect enough to sweat out each other’s bad patches. The prognosis for this couple is not good, but they may be tempted to give it a try anyway.

On their first encounter, it is highly possible that the male Rat was attracted to the bewitching beauty of the female Goat. Women of this animal sign usually possess a highly feminine beauty; they have a light seductiveness, the appeal of which is in fact heightened by their affectionate and caring nature. At the same time, the female Goat is likely to be enchanted by the Rat’s eloquent and lively nature. He will woo her with romantic words and love poems until she is swept away by a wave of strong emotions. Their courtship will probably culminate in fantastic lovemaking into which the Rat Gemini will bring the full power of his energetic and ingenious self while the Goat will make it an emotionally charged experience.

Over time if the two signs can agree to make their relationship work, their very differences can complement each other beautifully. The domestic tendencies of the Goat as well as the wide-ranging resourcefulness of the Rat make for a perfect division of labor – if each is left to follow its natural inclinations the couple will benefit from the Rat’s financial ingenuity and material success while their home will be redolent with the comfort and belonging induced by the Goat’s caring and nurturing personality.

Even when the two are working on a project or business venture together, each partner can support and uplift the other. Met with the energy and vivacity of the Rat, the Goat partner can find him/herself lifted to exhilarating levels, if only temporarily. On the other hand the detailed and careful nature of the Goat will ensure that the ideas and concepts of the Rat are translated into real projects with material goals. This way each can offer inspiration and substance to the other and thus come together in a relationship to create a complete whole.

Even more importantly, once the Rat and Goat consciously agree to bring their respective traits to strengthening the relationship, things can work beautifully. The Goat will bring about an emotional connection in the relationship which had it been left to a sign like the Horse would have been too temporal and superficial. The Rat on the other hand will help a Goat to lighten up; their wit, humor and chatter will drive away the moodiness of the Goat and both will be ready for a fulfilling relationship.

Rat Female and Goat Male Love Match

This combination could be frustrating and couple might end up dissatisfied. The Rat will not be sure about building a family with the often oversensitive and unrealistic Sheep. In financial matters, the Sheep may think the Rat is too shrewd and greedy while the Rat thinks the Sheep is too expensive to keep around him. Moreover, the Sheep is only responsive when pampered.

They are both charming and capable of great warmth and tenderness; however that’s where the similarities end and the differences begin. Unfortunately, the differences tend to eclipse the similarities between these two signs, which makes it difficult for either one of them to understand the other.

The Rat is resourceful and hardworking while the Sheep has an easygoing attitude. The Rat is thrifty and skillful in saving money, but the Sheep spends lavishly without much thought. The Rat is calm and practical, but the Sheep is governed by Sheep’s emotions and laziness. When irked, the Rat can be fussy while the Sheep finds the Rat too cunning and scheming to deal with. Because they find it difficult to understand each other, they may not compromise with each other.

To even give this relationship a chance, the Rat should not have too high expectations of the Sheep and be willing to accept the self-indulgent nature of the Sheep. Both Rats and Sheep also tend to be pessimistic, so they should both work on being more positive and support each other accordingly.

However the basic thrust of the each personality lies in a different direction which is why a relationship between the Rat and Goat may have to face several hurdles. Primary among these is the possibility of a clash between the gregarious nature of the Rat and the shy personality of the Goat. While the Rat delights in his/her large network of friends, family and acquaintances, the Goat is uncomfortable mingling with a lot of people or meeting new people on a regular basis. They have a natural reserve and like to keep their deepest thoughts and feelings to themselves. The Rat on the other hand thrives in an atmosphere of social exchange and discourse; he/she loves going out, meeting old friends and making new as well as engaging in varied and interesting experiences. The Goat, on the other hand, would much rather stay at home, doing up the living room or pottering about in the garden.

Once the initial attraction is over, the Rat and Goat may find it difficult in the daily business of living. The reason for this is that each has a different view of how a home and hearth should be. The Rat is a kind of hoarder and he/she would be happy picking up things from all over the world and stashing it in his/her home. The fact that this can appear like clutter to someone as decorous as the Goat would not occur to the Rat at all. The Goat on the other hand has a keen sense of beauty as well as an inherent trait to arrange things prettily. This personality has a natural flair for making things look good and may not take too kindly to the hoarding and cluttering tendencies of the Rat.

Far more important problems may crop up with the Goat looking for greater emotional intimacy which is simply not in the nature of the Rat to offer. The latter needs to be able to interact with a wide variety of people and immersed in a wide range of interests to feel alive. Remaining closeted with one person may soon drain away her all his/her spunk and vivacity. The Goat on the other hand is likely to feel extremely insecure when he/she finds their partner unable to return his emotional commitment and may even be goaded into a simmering jealousy.

The only way forward for this couple is to be ready for some substantial adjustments. The Rat will have to learn to lavish on his/her partner some exclusive time and attention so that they feel secure in the relationship. The Goat will on the other hand need to take a more adventurous approach to life; it is best he/she find other objects of emotional investment so that he/she does not pin all his/her hopes of emotional validation on the Rat partner. Once they learn to adapt to each other’s personality traits, their relationship will benefit from the emotional bonding as well as the intellectual vitality brought on by both partners.

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