Rat Female and Monkey Male

The Monkey man and Rat woman in Shengxiao are not always compatible in the dating world, depending on how serious the Monkey feels for the Rat woman. The Rat woman is dedicated to her families, home lives, and also being successful financially and happy emotionally and with her sex live. The Monkey man, however, dives deep into romance at the beginning of the relationship, but shortly after may become bored and uninterested in the relationship. This has the potential to truly devastate the Rat woman, who is loyal and will try to protect the Monkey at all costs.

The Rat and the Monkey are extremely compatible as they are both energetic and fun and enjoy being social, getting attention, and spending time with one another within the Chinese zodiac. The pair may both have an ego, but they both enjoy competitive arguments, debates, and mental challenges that each has to offer for one another. Because the Rat and the Monkey often feeds off of each others energies, this couple may be viewed as a favorite by friends and family, even when in public together. The Rat and the Monkey are ideal when dating as they both have a sexual energy that works well together in Chinese astrology.

The Rat ideally enjoys freedom and is often working to his or her own advantage, but this works well with the Monkey sign who is frequently on a quest for happiness and freedom themselves. The Rat often understands the need of freedom and pursuing new adventures and conquests in life, and generally enjoys tagging along and supporting the Monkey along the way. Business partner opportunities for the two signs of the Rat and Monkey are ideal. Working in business together in Chinese horoscope, allows the signs to work well intellectually with one another while also controlling power equally and putting their talents and skills to use properly to help with boosting sales and staying focused.

Rat Female & Monkey Male Compatibility

You are truly a match made in heaven and will have a lifetime of happiness together. In life, you are active to explore and inspire each other’s potential. The male monkey has a nice thinking head and can always devise strategies without going outside and win in a remote distance. The female rat, a good home keeper, arranges everything in good order. The male monkey admires the female rat’s diligence and thrift, while the female rat often brings pleasant atmosphere to the family.

These two Signs make an entertaining pair of cunning minds. On the whole, this combination has staying power because they have so much in common upstairs. The female Rat may have to accept the male Monkey’s dominant position, but since she prefers to lurk in the shadows, she won’t mind so much - it’ll give her more leeway for string pulling.

The male Monkey is sharp in his own right, and will enjoy the resultant intellectual jousts. These two will be better off outside the bedroom altogether, but they should enjoy great fun together regardless. Whether this constitutes a love relationship or not is for others to decide, but these two may not be in the mood to admit to themselves or each other.

The Rat and Monkey are both highly versatile and ingenious. They can put their minds to almost any task under the sun, and that too with apparent equal ease and expertise. There is no situation or project that seems too difficult or intractable for the either the Rat or the Monkey. Thus the two are likely to be attracted to each other in the same way that birds of a feather flock together. In a relationship they will enjoy pursuing arts, culture, sports and travel.

They will keep each other interested with new things to do, different places to go to as well newer experiences to engage in. The love of variety that these two signs share is perhaps only matched by their resourcefulness in bringing things about and winning over seemingly difficult odds. The energetic lifestyle and novel experiences that these two signs are attracted to would have been difficult to share with a homely sign as a Goat or a reclusive one as a Snake. The Rat and Monkey though are perfectly suited to accompany and challenge each other onto wider interests and intellectual stimulation.

Then again both the Rat and Monkey are highly sociable and delight in their large network of friends, family and acquaintances. The Rat in Chinese Astrology is the supreme embodiment of social charm and conversational skill. He/she is affable, friendly and capable of disarming even the shyest individuals with their inherent charm. The Rat is often at their best in social settings and usually figures at the heart of a party or get-together. Likewise the Monkey is a master of the social situation, impressing people with their ingenuity, knowing the right things to say to the right people and on the whole, giving full expression to their far-ranging wit and sophistication.

Apart from this, the Monkey is fashion-conscious and this together with the fact that he/she likes to cook and host, makes him/her a highly sociable character. Thus a Rat and Monkey pair is likely to one of the most popular couples in town, a highly popular host and hostess and generally, the darlings of the social circuit. And even though this may not seem a particularly good reason for mutual compatibility, common friends and a shared love of socializing have been known work as important bond between long term partners.

Best of all, neither the Rat nor the Monkey is particularly emotionally insecure – they both have enough interests and people to occupy their attention and like to lead busy lives. This is not to say that the duo is not capable of forging a deep meaningful relationship. The Rat once it decides to belong to a person will shower love and attention wholeheartedly while the Monkey can be assured to infuse a healthy degree of passion and keep the fires burning, even in long term relationships.

Rat Female and Monkey Male Love Match

The Monkey and Rat partnership is one of the best combinations able to work structurally together. The Monkey is an outstanding thinker, which the Rat will be very proud of, while the Rat will be a competent and cheerful partner. The Rat will be able to get the delightful but wandering Monkey to settle down and the Monkey will adore the Rat’s attributes dearly. These two partners will be always looking out for desirable qualities in each other, and their life together will be fulfilling, satisfying and financially prosperous.

The Rat and the Monkey may find it difficult to focus because of the Monkey’s short attention span and the Rat’s constant multitasking, but the Monkey’s optimism will be a good balance to the Rat’s pessimistic outlook. If these two support each other through thick and thin, they will both be able to reach new heights and enjoy a sparkling relationship.

One of the biggest sources of conflict in a Rat and Monkey pairing could arise from their clashing egos. In the Chinese zodiac, the Monkey is known for its egotism - no matter what anybody says, the Monkey thinks he/she knows better; no matter what anyone can do, this individual will end up doing the same job twice as better and in half the time. It is this sense of a superior ability, especially in matters of communication and exchange of information, that can not only make the Monkey somewhat unpopular in the social circuit but also make him/her difficult to get along with.

And this is particularly true when the partner is Rat, a character who has his/her own sense of importance. The Rat is not only aware of their own degree of social popularity but is keenly conscious of their ingenuity and practical intelligence which has helped it to climb the ladder and be an all-round success. Thus it may become quite difficult for the Rat to stomach his/her Monkey partner’s over-arching egoism with the result that the relationship will see more than its share of arguments and fireworks.

Then again the Monkey is not always the most faithful of partners and though the Rat is not particularly emotionally insecure, his/her partner’s straying habits may not make for a congenial relationship. In early adulthood especially, the Monkey may be promiscuous due to a natural curiosity in various kinds of experiences. However later on they are unlikely to stray very far from committed relationships and if the Monkey and Rat are able to pull through initial hiccups, there are enough meeting grounds to make for a compatible relationship on most levels.

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