Rat Female and Ox Male

Because oftentimes the Rat woman in Chinese astrology prefers to work from home or spend time raising the children, this works well with an Ox man, who enjoys working throughout each of his days to provide for his loved ones with ease. With adequate respect, the Ox man and Rat woman are nearly perfect for one another.

Rat and Ox relationships are interesting as the pair is considered to match the phrase "opposites attract" in the Chinese zodiac and horoscope. Because the signs are quite different indeed, the Ox may find him or herself attracted to the Rat’s light and go-lucky way to life, whereas the Rat may be attracted to the Ox’s trustworthiness and even his or her honor. Ox signs enjoy stability and find comfort when they are with family and friends, helping to create a long-lasting bond when in a relationship with a Rat sign. Rats are capable of getting Ox signs to "lighten up" and to break away from seriousness, which can help with bringing a balance that is needed to the relationship.

The Rat and the Ox make for an interesting and never-dull relationship, especially sexually, and can work well as business partners. Ox signs work well in business with their honor and ability to consider and contemplate, whereas Rat signs often use their wits to attract new potential clients and customers.

When in love and abiding by Chinese astrology, the Ox from the Shengxiao is quite stubborn, which can cause mild arguments when involved with a Rat. An Ox man is quite dependable, which allows the Rat woman to feel secure, making the Ox an ideal target for marriage or a long-term relationship. Because of the Rat’s hardworking nature, the Ox man will appreciate this as he is not a fan of receiving too much attention and understands loyalty and love for family and friends. Because of the Rat woman’s emotional instability at times, the Ox man is an ideal match as he has a way of soothing and calming the Rat woman during tough and high-stress times.

Rat Female & Ox Male Compatibility

You are a mutually-beneficial couple that each takes what he/she wants according to one’s needs. Both of you are satisfied with the combination. The male ox is usually strong and steady. Although he is inarticulate, but he is reliable and willing to be admired by his wife. The female rat is immensely charmed with the male ox and always arrange everything in the family in the way of the male ox’s preferences.

The male Ox may find the more outwardly mobile female Rat to be somewhat trying in her more emotional moods, but this couple has much to recommend it in the long run, and should prove to be exquisitely stable. The Rat lends a streak of ingenuity with which to further the material designs of the Ox, and he will be hugely thankful for his partner’s input in times of stress.

Should either partner feel the need for some personal time off, jealousy will not be an issue, as these two are all about mutual trust. They understand and cooperate with each other to a degree that other Sign combination couples might justifiably envy. These two will be the first to admit that marriage is just around the corner for them both.

Opposites attract, goes the ever-popular maxim. And this can well be the case in a Rat-Ox love match. The quicksilver, effervescent and sparking sociability of a female Rat will more often than not floor the stolid and practical male Ox. And despite the fact that the Ox woman is slow to open up to strangers, she might find herself giving in to the charms of a male Rat’s sparkling conversation. Sexual intimacy might not result immediately primarily because of the Ox’s cautious nature which likes to be sure about something before getting himself to commit to it. However when it does happen, the Ox lover is likely to surprise his/her Rat partner by the depth of his/her passions. The Rat lover on the other hand will bring a light-heartedness and variety to the experience which will make it fully satisfying.

Even in case of a long term relationship, this pairing has the potential to come through if the partners decided to use their individual traits to complement each other. The stolid, practical nature of the Ox can be a useful way of grounding some of the Rat’s high-flying qualities. From his/her Ox partner, the Rat can learn the benefits of thinking out a plan carefully instead of jumping headlong into it. At the same time slowing down will allow the Rat to focus better on the important things of life as well as get much needed-needed periods of relaxation in order to avoid burnout. The Ox on the other hand can discover the joys of socializing more and with his/her Rat partner, will learn to be more adventurous and outgoing. Influenced by the Rat’s vivacity, if the Ox learns to be less serious and more open to change, he/she might find that being in love also means having fun.

Rat Female and Ox Male Love Match

This is a good match as they will appreciate each other’s qualities and put in more than what is needed in the relationship. The Ox is security-conscious and a good provider. Hence, a dutiful, competent and reliable partner like the Rat is very attractive to the Ox. The Rat is attentive, and will keep the household in perfect condition.

This is a fulfilling relationship for both. The Ox is a reliable partner and the Rat is loving in return. The Rat is outgoing and sociable, hence is contented with the security the Ox provides. The Ox is strong, quiet and likes the extra attention from the Rat.

For this relationship to improve, the Rat should be mindful of the Ox’s lack of social skills and the Rat could help the Ox to be more communicative. The Ox can also be aware of the Rat’s constant worry about danger and possible emotional mood swings and assure the Rat of a secure environment.

In the light of the inborn personality differences, love compatibility between the Rat and Ox appears to be a tough proposition. Perhaps the greatest obstacle to their romantic compatibility is posed by the Ox’s preference for long-term committed relationship while it is practically impossible for a Rat to be tied down. The Rat had come to acquire a dubious reputation as being fickle and prone to cheating on their partners. It is simply that their hugely inquisitive minds need external stimuli in order to feel alive and this is best provided by meeting new people, communicating with them and trying out new experiences.

This sometimes does take the form of brief flings but it is not true that Rats are entirely incapable of serious relationships. They simply need to be reassured of their personal freedom to be able to commit themselves in a relationship. Unfortunately this is often difficult for an Ox to understand who being staunchly loyal themselves expect the same degree of commitment from their partners and when this is not willingly given, can often turn out to be jealous and possessive.

Then again as far as social behavior is concerned, the Rat and Ox are poles apart. The Rat is a highly social creature and thrives on endless rounds of partying, nights at the dance club, Sunday picnics and office lunches. The Ox on the other hand is a staid personality who would much rather spends a comfortable evening at home and whose idea of socializing would perhaps be limited to having a hearty dinner with close friends and family. So after a period of being together, the Rat might get bored of the same routine while his/her Ox partner might be suspect of his constant need for novelty. This basic difference might prove to a hurdle in a Rat-Ox match in the long run.

Yet another aspect of the Rat that is likely to irk his/her Ox partner is the former’s inability to take responsibility of a situation and then fulfill it. A female Ox might look forward to her partner’s promise of taking her on a moonlit boat ride or out shopping only to find out at the last moment that he is taking her to a game because he has got front row tickets. This flexibility in which the Rat prides himself on usually does not go down well with Ox partners who might view it as yet another evidence of their changeability and impetuosity. The Rat on the other hand might be irritated at the Ox’s rather fixed notions in life and his/her inability to take delight in the lighter side of life.

Despite basic personality differences, no one can claim that a love match between a Rat and Ox is bound to fail. Far from it, in fact. The easy adaptability of the Rat which seems so incompatible to the Ox’s determined nature can at times be a boon in the relationship; since the Ox is known for their stubbornness, the flexibility of a Rat partner can do wonders to ease a particularly sticky situation. The key word to their dynamics of their personal relationship will have to be adjustment. Once the two make allowances for each other’s personality traits, the relationship will benefit from the energy and flexibility of the Rat as well as the solidity and responsibility of the Ox.

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