Rat Female and Snake Male

In the beginning of a relationship between a Rat woman and a Snake man, both may be wary of one another as the signs have trouble trusting one another. The Rat woman cares most about her family and will ensure that her partner and her children are provided for, safe, and happy at all times. This allows the Snake man to gain trust for the Rat woman in a shorter amount of time.

The Rat and the Snake, although they have their differences, may work well as a couple when in a relationship, (depending on how committed they are to one another) sexually and even as friends within Chinese zodiac. The Rat can often feel frustrated or turned off by the Snake’s lack of ambition or his or her pace at overcoming obstacles in life. Because the Rat is much more energetic than the Snake, it can be hard to keep up with one another with life goals, plans, and future commitments. The Snake, however, is very intuitive and often philosophical, and can often grow bored or even tired of the Rat’s wit and verbal communication skills (which can sometimes be used to manipulate). However, the Snake and the Rat make ideal lovers in many cases, as they both have charm and the ability to appear attractive with cleverness and intelligence from both signs.

Although the Snake may have a possessive and jealous nature, if the two are committed they are often both intensely loyal to one another according to Chinese astrology, allowing them to date one another. Working in business together with one another is recommended with the powerful minds of both the Snake and the Rat.

Rat Female & Snake Male Compatibility

You have to make great effort to be a good couple. Both of you have specific and lofty goals and will work persistently towards them. The male snake appears silent, but has aspirations in his deep heart. The female rat is charming and resourceful. Your marriage should be based on mutual trust and understanding. Do not envy the other’s achievements or haggle over personal gains or losses.

The male Snake is a repository of strange and tantalizing knowledge that will whet the female Rat’s curiosity long enough for these two Signs to get to know each other a little better. Once the awkward initial phase is past, it should be smooth sailing for these two highly cerebral Signs. The female Rat is by far the more pragmatic of the pair, but the male Snake has an agenda of his own, and they combine to serve a dual interest.

They will respect and admire each other’s drive, even if they do not quite understand their final goals. It is in this shared respect of the mind that this relationship will thrive. These partners should find enough in their respective viewpoints to keep each other enthralled forever, or nearly so.

Both the Rat and Snake are comfortable in social surroundings – though the former is likely to have a far wider range of friends and interests, the Snake is one of the most socially sophisticated signs of the Chinese zodiac. The Snake according to this Oriental system is a purveyor of the finer things of life and he/she owes this to an essentially sensual nature. They take great pleasure in appeasing their senses as a result of which good food, fine wine and high culture are among the things that he/she finds worth living for.

At any party or social gathering, the Snake is likely to be the one who is most elegantly dressed and who can best appreciate the finest Champagnes and gourmet cheeses. He/she is apt to engage in polite social discourse and impress others with their high level of sophistication. This suits the Rat very well since he/she too thrives on social exchange and discourse. The two are quite likely to meet at just such a gathering and then hit off instantly. The quick-witted and mentally agile Rat will be charmed not only by the Snake’s personal appeal but also by his/her acute intelligence.

Best of all, a love match between the Snake and the Rat is likely to bring together the best of both personalities. They both are charming and possess a high degree of personal appeal. The relationship will have oodles of fun, thrill and variety, thanks to the curious and quicksilver personality of the Rat. At the same time, it will sizzle with the physical passion induced by the Snake. In this way while the Snake’s intensity will provide focus to the relationship, the Rat will bring about fun and energy. If they decide to live together as a couple, the two should ideally use their respective traits into complementary relationship rather than try to score a point over each other.

Even though at the outset, the Snake’s intuitive, philosophical approach to the world seems opposed to the Rat’s verbal games and cunning mind, these apparently contrary kinds of intelligence can actually work well to cover all the bases of their collective understanding. The Rat as the primary earner would be best placed to look after the material and social interests of the couple on account of his/her financial acumen and practical ingenuity. The Snake with his/her deeper intelligence and intuitive insight would be the one providing depth and focus in the relationship.

Rat Female and Snake Male Love Match

This can be a great partnership. The two controlling yet realistic partners will make necessary compromises in order to achieve success in their relationship. The Rat will appreciate the Snake’s intelligence and perseverance while the Snake admires the Rat’s success-orientated attitude. The Rat is more flexible and easy-going although both are materialistic and result-orientated. The Rat likes it that the Snake is cautious and likes the Rat’s devotion.

This materialistic pair will never stop advancing themselves, making their union a successful and profitable one provided they have the right attitude and have a mutual agreement on their priorities. Although they may have a similar view generally, the Rat craves more togetherness, which is sometimes not readily given by the Snake. Both the Snake and the Rat are naturally suspicious and have a severe lack of trust so they should learn to communicate better with each other. They should take care not to allow jealousy and secrets to obstruct their progress or wreck their relationship which can be very beneficial to each other.

The prime point of conflict between the Rat and Snake could emerge from the opposing social inclinations of the two personalities. The Rat is a highly social creature – he/she needs the company of a vast and varied group of friends, family and acquaintances in order to facilitate the exchange of words and ideas which they thrive upon. The Snake for all his/her social sophistication and polished demeanor is essentially a very private person. He/she would be only too happy to be surrounded by the familiar and the pleasurable and would simply not understand the hankering after novelty and variety which drives the Rat.

Much like the actual snake of the animal world, this personality type prefers keeping to him/herself and is only glad to be left alone. The Snake could spend a perfectly happy day simply lazing about in the sun and reading a good book or listening to music indoors as it rains outside. They do not feel the need to surround themselves with human company and neither do they run after new and sensational experiences. This is the primary reason why the Snake and Rat are likely to be incompatible as romantic partners.

One would want to lounge at home and listen to Mozart or rustle up an exotic dessert while the other would much rather go bowling or attend a performance at the theater with friends. Thus after a while of living together, the frantic pace of life that the Rat is used to would begin to get on the nerves of the Snake. In his/her turn, the Rat would hate to be slowed down by the Snake and would consider him/her lazy and uninterested. Also the Snake is conscious of beauty and elegance and may be far from happy sharing domestic space with the Rat who has a tendency to clutter and throw things pell-mell together.

A far more serious site of difference between the couple could their respective life goals. The Snake is calmer and far more philosophical than the practical and busy Rat. The latter is geared towards looking after his/her own interests and thus may be unable to fully understand the intuitive intelligence of the Snake. Also the latter’s tendency to veil many aspects of his/her personality may smack of lack of mutual trust to the Rat. Snake is essentially a reserved creature and even a partner of many years may find out that there are aspects to this individual that are still a mystery.

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